I've always liked to talk to people I've always been curious about people in their lives and I think a lot of nurses would say particularly mental health nurses that will initially sparks them and their interest in mental health nursing is an interest in people [Music] I chose myself nursing because it was the branch that most interested me it tied into some of the experience that I'd had before and so I prior to coming into man to have nursing I work with adults with autistic spectrum conditions and so I could potentially have gone into learning disability nursing but actually within mental health nursing you do cover that too so it's really wide ranging that's the fantastic thing about it so you end up essentially doing a bit of social working as well as mental health nursing I think it's about really spending that time with people and I know other types of nursing you'll do that if you're an adult nurse you will be engaging and interacting with people but for me it was that that opportunity to build that relationship whether it be over a short six-week stay or over a period of years you really get to develop a relationship with somebody and it's really based on trust and it's a privilege really I remember seeing a poster advertising mental health nursing and it was it was a broken violin there was this image on the poster and the via that broken fractured violin was meant to be a picture of what it's like when people are experiencing mental distress and would I as a nurse have the ability to help reconstruct with the person I'm working with this sort of very delicate concept of the mind and I thought yeah you know there there's something here this hidden world of health that maybe I can play a part in it provides that insight for me like I said earlier I came from Nigeria to England and I had a different understanding different believes and different expectation of mental health condition so by the time I started work as HCA and then they decided to actually get into professional practice of been exposed professional practice of mental health nursing then I changed the old perception and belief that I had around mental health and then I decided to I began to appreciate the psychology of how people behave what do you know the general society aspects of one another and that is what actually brought about the fascination I thought was gonna be an adult nurse a general nurse that was my intention and I fairly quickly realized that the bit that I enjoyed most about the job and I found most fulfilling and interesting was understanding people's experiences so talking to them and understanding what it was like for them to be in hospital and speaking with their families and really getting to know somebody and I remember I did a placement in oncology and where the emphasis very much was on doing just that and that was the placement I enjoyed most so I spent more time with people providing them emotional support and that was very much expected so then when I had my first mental health placement I had a fantastic placement with a community mental health team where our whole time was spent talking to people understanding their previous life experiences talking to them about their life now and their difficulties and problems and working with them to find a way forward and doing that through communicating and so immediately I thought yeah this this is the area of Nursing that I want to go into we will all experience some difficulties with our mental health some challenges with our mental health during our lifetime without doubt so the ability to empathize and get on board as people and understand where they're coming from I think if you feel that you're the kind of person who can do that and has a curiosity about people and a desire to really help them then I think mental health nursing is probably for you



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