i will talk about depression in this video you should know that before you decide to watch this video in the video description you will find counseling centers people when i look at the past two years i have the feeling that somehow everything just passed me by the pandemic has dominated the whole world and made many people feel lonely there is also the climate catastrophe and wars all over the world i have to say that everything in combination is killing me and if you feel the same way you are not alone according to a large health study rose In the first corona pandemic lockdown in 2020 alone, the proportion of people with depressive symptoms in Germany increased from 6.4 to 8.8 percent. I know that doesn’t sound like much at first, but if I calculate that for 100,000 people, for example, that’s 2,400 people more than in According to this study, young women in particular report anxiety and depression parallel to the death , according to a projection by statista, the number of health app downloads in the app stores of apple and google for corona weddings worldwide has increased by 30 percent . the health apps also include depression ceps, but what can they do and what can they not are helpful and which ones are available on prescription we have shown it and are introducing you to the three applications sap ii b practice and novo today we have decided on these three apps because they are listed as digital health applications called the gas by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices have checked lpd praxis and novo in four categories time content use and data protection and we ask an expert what she says about such so close all other tabs subscribe to our channel and let's go whoever is affected by depression and wants to seek help first has to face several hurdles overcoming the first hurdle is often easy n to get up at all to seek help and to orientate oneself where and how do I find support where do I have to go and when that is done the next hurdle follows there are fewer therapy places than there is a need for some people wait for months for a place so if it’s really right for me bad and i ask someone for advice and help and then someone says sorry please wait another five months that would be super frustrating for me and therapy apps should help here they could bridge the waiting time until therapy meanwhile there are already many digital applications the market some are available free of charge such as depression or courage on the other hand there is a prescription from all statutory health insurance companies such as self npd practice and only how well we test today and yet others are not covered by all statutory health insurance companies hello becker or means our current ones three test applications called the ga s the advantage all three have been tested for effectiveness, safety and quality by the federal institute for medicinal products and medical devices and meet the requirements of the respective eu guidelines and they are accepted by all statutory health insurance companies and usually also by private health insurance companies the very first question i ask myself is how quickly can i get access when can i get started there are two options for accessing such a therapy application option 1 get a prescription doctors and psychotherapists can issue this for you the health insurance companies will check this and issue an activation code with which you can then use the applications directly use option 2 maybe you already have a diagnosis proof of mild to moderate depression depending on that you can apply directly to your health insurance company if you don't have a diagnosis yet you can also use a digital consultation hour within two hours to get an online one talk to a doctor or an online doctor that means you can make an appointment and then talk to a doctor and start one of the therapy apps you applied for in a few days so far so good but how can I imagine the apps what are they up to offer i am testing the three apps novagold the practice and self apple now sell fathi and niko are prescribed for mild to moderate depression the practice can also help with severe depression but maximum therapy accompany let's start with self the course has twelve lessons each lesson lasts one week and is dedicated to a specific topic, for example self-esteem, new content is automatically released when you have worked on the previous ones, which i think is pretty cool here, female psychologists monitor the progress of their course, if there is an acute need, a psychologist can be reached via the message function in the standard program one twice per month in the intensive program four times a month make 1 30-minute phone calls to a psychologist an sos function with emergency numbers is also available at self api there is also a mixture of attentiveness exercises enjoyment training thoughts observation and much more in five categories reflect observe become active the answers can be entered in free fields sl tb has a clear design with a mixture of text, audio and video there is also a forum where you can exchange ideas with other users you can eleven which is also available as an app on your cell phone using ios and android we come to the next therapy program the practice the practice is a web application, which means you can access it via any browser you can imagine the practice as a dialogue in which you are given possible answers the program is individualized according to your own preferences and has a clear structure ed and quite simple the practice is also available in nine different languages you get thoughts for t e day sent by mail or sms on the first day i got this message even f it is difficult the more active you are in your ay the less the b ooding trap snaps it's quite nice that you get a message like that sounds a bit like a saying from someone who says it'll be fine again just link you as a third person i just looked at ways also a web application with an extensive program new material is released every week switched on there is material to download relaxation exercises protocols notes and questionnaires nur weg offers online therapy and advice here too you have the option of contacting psychologists once a week by message and always in acute cases there is a 24-hour crisis hotline for this purpose only where a sms s service for reminding me of appointments with the psychologist the applications all seem really cool to me, but whether they really do anything for that we will look at a huge study right now and then we will talk to kerstin sude, a psychotherapist, she has her concerns about the therapy apps and that brings us to chapter 3: what are the apps good for? in january 2022, the large evaluation of more than 145 studies on digital therapy options came out and it showed that yes, mobile phone apps can reduce depression symptoms to a certain extent, which the study also confirms to us mobile phone apps can be useful for the prevention and short-term treatment of mild to moderate depression or you can supplement a therapy what you cannot do, kerstin sude makes it clear that an app can not replace psychotherapy it can perhaps be used in parallel and can support a treatment but i would not do that psychotherapy e learning and it takes place in the relationship between two people the study also showed some disadvantages of therapy es with the first point i can only agree with leighton the dropout rate i mean how many of you have downloaded any language apps before Then I learned Italian for three days or something and then forgot the app forever I'm one of them like oh then I wo n't just go Italiano but depression is a real illness and staying tuned is very important for depression saps to tell a positive effect another criticism is that there is no physical control authority so what happens if things go wrong and how honest are you with the app? kerstin su warned there could be a danger of solidarity and maybe the young woman doesn't say that now the ebwo there's also a social one desirability of questionnaires we may not give our opinions quite honestly social desirability means that people in surveys tend to give answers that they believe they will meet with social recognition as the true answer where they fear social rejection let's come to the last topic of data protection i know it sounds dry at first but i want to stop not that any hackers in buxtehude or anywhere else know what fears and worries i have that's why data protection is super important even with such applications all three offers are listed as winners i.e.

Digital health applications in the directory of the federal institute for medicinal products and medical devices this means that they meet the strict data protection requirements of the eu are subject to all three tested apps so you should be sure that your data is protected this chapter was very short but there is nothing more to say what is good in this case what can online therapy offers and apps do they can be used well for mild to moderate depression or depressive phases and can at least reduce the symptoms i can imagine that the hurdle is quite low because you can do everything anonymously from home you can start right away with a medical diagnosis and such bridge the long waiting times for the therapy place you don’t even have to force yourself to see a psychotherapist your family doctor or an online doctor can prescribe the therapy apps for you you need a prescription from your doctor otherwise you have to pay for everything out of your own pocket of course There are also free offers, but experts recommend that you first seek medical advice before you start a self-diagnosis and download any free apps.

In addition, you often pay for free apps with your data, and it doesn’t matter what kind of illness it is always better to see a doctor or he should talk to a doctor also you should not approach the matter with too great expectations there are various studies that say that therapy applications and apps can alleviate depression symptoms but just emphasize on alleviate and can be honest with myself you have to stick with it the courses are also worthwhile if you don’t like using your cell phone anyway, then no app will force you to replace the apps, no therapy can be used to bridge the gap until the start of therapy and you can use them during and after therapy which app is most suitable for you discuss it best with your doctor how do you see the whole thing write your opinion in the comments why you should be really careful when using free depression sap you can see that in this video and this video of us is about apps that can help with stress



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