Namashkaar, Once again welcomes you back, Today we are continuing the journey of Numerology, we will discuss on the topic of missing numbers, means whenever it comes about on numerology, then a fear comes in the mind of people, about their date of Birth, that some numbers are missing, we will discuss on this, their remedies are very simple from 1 number to 9 number. If any number is missing then, what is the simple remedy which attracts growth in your life. We will discuss about this. Before we start this, I would like to share that, occult sciences, any science like Astrology, vaastu, Numerology, every occult science base is to know your weakness and how to convert that weakness in to strength.

Occult science does not mean, that if some planet is bad, then it will give bad results, what is the purpose, if any planet is not giving a good results then how to channelize their energy. If a number is missing in the numerology then, that number’s missing part, how to convert it in to our positivity, in vaastu if any direction is imbalance then how to balance that direction and how we can create results for ourselves. This is the purpose of occult science. So taking numerology journey ahead, from 1 number to 9 number. When this missing in someone’s date, then first understand their effects, if number 1 is missing from anyone’s date of birth then it means The Sun’s Rays are missing, which means, authority is missing from their life, name and fame, you do hard work and in return you do not get rewards, your social connects get disturbed, you do for people but people do not get understand.

When number’s 1 vibrations get missing, these effects usually see. Number 2, means Moon, means Emotions, where 2 number is missing in someone’s date of birth which means moon’s vibration is missing, means disturbance of emotions, when emotions get disturbed , that person will become passionate or that person will become emotionless. So in reality, in his life he will take decisions emotionally, which is not good for him or he become emotionless. Number 3, if number 3 is missing in someone’s Date of Birth that means Guru Jupiter energy is missing or disturb that energy.

So guru, insight vision, what you to do in your life, so, whosever Date of Birth have missing number 3 , that person in their life while taking decisions he will miss that opportunity, his life’s vision, what they want to do in their future, what they want for themselves, or what they want to do for someone, that clarity missing. Number 4 Rahu, Rahu means concentration, In your life whenever you get expert on any subject, that is done by Raahu only. Raahu can help you to get everything in your life, whenever you do concentration , because concentration comes from Raahu. Wherever you do concentration, then you can achieve it. Whether it is money, wealth or to stay connect with the family or anything. So Raahu means to provide concentration or keep you away from the concentration. So when number 4 is missing then concentration get disturbed. Number 5, means Mercury, when mercury vibration is missing from someone’s Date of Birth, Mercury means Wisdom, by the use of wisdom you can attract the progress towards yourself. So your decision Budh Means Wise Factor, So your decision does not become fruitfull, whenever 5 Number vibration is missing. Number 6 means, Shukra which means Luxury.

Luxury is the desire of every person, whoever come in this world and they wants every facility. For female Husband’s factor, for male wife’s factor. Shukra planet offers basic result. So when its energy gets disturbed then luxury misses as well and Shukra gives picking power, power of discrimination given by Shukra and when these vibrations get disturbed, then these people sometime take wrong decisions, which is not good for them. After number 6 we will go forward i.e, number 7, Number 7 means Ketu, ketu means Body’s lower part, when ketu’s vibrations missing then person thinks that they have everything, but what to do with these things. Whatever they have, they cannot enjoy that because ketu is assumptions, which a person have that and cannot enjoy it and he wanders to get something. Number 8, Shani, Shani means hardwork, when its vibrations get missing then you face injustice, shani gives you hardwork’s results, if that person is number 8 and if he missing that then, the hard work you do, may be you are doing so good in the business but your competitors or colleagues get good results but you do not get good results.

So it happens when number 8's vibrations missing. Number 9 means Mangal, means Force, Desires, Urge, which motivates you to do anything in your life, when it get missing, it finish the spark from your life about that I have to do something. This wish gives Mangal and when it get missing, then that person become fully lazy, desires will finish in that person. These were about missing number, but we understand these missing number's weakness and channelize for good results this is that journey. Occult science base is that. To take this forward I would like to share something. You saw in your childhood that in every class has a naughty student and the wise teacher, mentor make that student monitor of the class, now that naughty student will monitor the whole class, now what that teacher did? He channelize the naughty student’s disturbed energy and create positivity, now that naughty student will not create disturbance and not even allow others to do it.

Right this formulae, when I applied in the journey of Vaastu, astrology and numerology I got very good results. you can also use this and you will get very good results. Now we will understand about the remedies, if in someone’s Date of Birth any number is missing from 1 to 9, so what are the simple remedies, and to do this, we can go towards progress in life. Example whose person birth is 23/01/2002, which means 2+3=5 and this is Moolank, 2+3+1+2+2=10 which means 1+0=1, moolank of that person is number 5 and Bhagyaank is 1 number, now in this person’s Date of Birth, which numbers are missing, which planet’s vibrations are disturbed, we will understand this. 4 number is missing, which means Raahu, 6 Number is missing which means Shukra, 7 number is missing which means Ketu, 8 number is missing which means Shani, 9 number is missing which means Mangal.

5 number is here because 2+3 is his Date of Birth’s total, then moolank is 5. That person if they print on paper 4+6+7+8+9 which becomes 34 so we will add one in that number in 34 which will take this total to moolank or to Bhagyaank. Example. In this case 4 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 becomes 34 and we add 3 so 34+3= 37 which means 3+7 =10, which means number 1, which is Bhagyaank of that person, or in that number, if we will add 7 which means 34+7=41 and 41 means 4+1=5 which is their moolank that will made. So for them, a very simple remedy, they need to write these numbers on paper, and print out it and need to use in their offices or homes, then they will get very good results, So there are very easy remedies, which we do in vaastu, Astrology, numerology and in Occult science, whatever challenges are there in the life and to knowing our inner strength and how to create positivity, this is that journey.

So I hope you will apply this and will get benefits in your life and goes towards the happiness and prosperity in your life.




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