than 252,000 vehicles have entered Sturges for the 81st annual motorcycle rally monument health says it expects a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in the black Hills after the event. >> In fact, the rally has all the markings of a super spreader events. Keloland's Tom Hanson starts our team coverage tonight as he explains the science behind the prediction. >> After these bikers are gone in the black Hills areas back to normal. Doctors expect to see a sharp increase in the number of South Dakotans infected with COVID-19 the reasons a large percentage of unvaccinated people and the propensity of the Delta variant to spread more easily according to doctor Shankar Cora one infected person with Delta variant can transmit it to 5 others versus just 2 others. In the case of the original COVID-19 virus.

Doctor Cora says 4th of July celebrations gave them a good example of when to expect a surge in cases roughly about 10 days. >> After all of the celebrations so we can expect in that time frame 10 to 14 days after the rally but what are you telling people to do to stay safe. Yeah. The most important thing is if you have symptoms, please get tested. The only way we're going to find there's an outbreak ser jorah spread is if get tested, the more we can test and the more we can contact trace and then isolate those successful will be in stopping the spread guys are doing some work in partnership with the South to Department of Health's how's that going away.

you a great partnership that the Department of free test kits and didn't test kits are being given at the visitor centers. We don't have a shortage of anything. So supplies are good for everything from testing to ppe. >> We are ready in case the you know, you never rise in cases a mass gathering events like this to just rally doctor course stresses that getting vaccinated is the one clear path to putting the pandemic behind us. He says adults have to take precautions because kids 12 and under remain at risk. >> The rally wraps up on August 15th 8 days later is the first day of school in Sturgis. Tom Hanson KELOLAND news. >> Doctor Kerr says the vaccine is widely available for rally-goers. All they have to do is walk in to any clinic and request a shot. The city of Sturgis says s.



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