I’m Dietitian Natasha Mohan and today, I have brought you all, Simple and Easy To Follow Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast. Today I have brought you all this whole month diet plan, On very special demand. You’ll be able to lose weight easily this month, That too without starvation and easy to follow diet plan. Which is budget-friendly. The diet plan that I shared with you last month. So many people watched it, took advantage of it, And I received a lot of messages too that, When will I share this month diet plan? We’re waiting excitedly! So here I’m with this month diet plan for you all. So this our month diet plan will be the Desi diet plan. That is so easy, so budget-friendly, and so tasty recipes, That you’ll be shocked to eat that such delicious food, That too during dieting.

Yes, you heard it right! I believe that if someone can get thin by eating food, Then why starve that poor human being? Comfortably eat for favourite food, lose weight too, and, Get ready to fit into your favourite summer dress soon. No Starvation and No Expensive ingredients diet plan, I’m here for you all with my services. No avocado, bean sprouts, brussel sprouts, celery, or asparagus, Even if you have heard of all these names and, Don’t know what these vegetables look like? So there’s no need to know it. Because in our desi diet plan, We can get so tasty, so delicious diet plan. Then, Why should we waste our money on eating all these things? By following my earlier diet plans, people have achieved, Such great results that I, as a dietitian, Today also have brought you all that similar diet plan.

In which you’ll not have a nutrient deficiency anywhere, And in this hot burning heat, You won’t have to spend more time in the kitchen. Now, I have made so many efforts you also make some efforts! Quickly like this video, And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. So I also get the motivation that you’re liking my videos, And you all are taking benefits from it as well. Come, let’s quickly start this interesting magical diet plan. Come, let’s start this diet plan with a morning drink. It’s very important. Summer is here, And you have to keep your body hydrated. We must give such a drink to our body, That it gets detoxified and cleanse in the morning itself. For this, at night only, you have to take 2-3 slices of lemon, And soak it in half a glass of water.

Take care that metal glasses aren’t allowed. You have to soak this only in half a glass of water in mirror glass. When you’ll wake in the morning, You have to add lukewarm water to it and drink this water. It is our amazing Lemon charged water. It’s very important. It will provide you with freshness in the morning and, You’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed. And not only this, your metabolism will work fast In giving you weight loss results.

With this, you have to take 4 soaked almonds without peel, And 4 soaked raisins. You have to take this much only. Come quickly after taking it, let’s look at what's for breakfast. So come, let’s look at what’s there for breakfast? It’s almost 8 AM on my watch, and it’s the right time, For you all to ready the breakfast quickly. Come, let’s go to my kitchen and see this amazing sandwich, That too, without bread. How to make it? I’ll show you all. To make this tasty sandwich first, we’ll take 1 tbsp gram flour. And we’ll add 1/2 tsp carom seeds to it. Then we’ll add green chillies and some coriander.

For spices we’ll add salt, red chilli powder, and little water. We have to dissolve it and make a thin mixture of it. Now we’ll transfer it to a plate from the bowl. And we’ll take thin slices (50 grams) of paneer. After marinating the paneer in this mixture, Come, let’s start cooking it. This gram flour layer provides a great taste and, It’ll be a very delicious sandwich. It already has flavour in it. Now let’s put green chutney and a lot of vegetables in it. The more vegetables you’ll add, the more benefits you’ll get. Vegetables not only provide you fibre but are a, Great source of carbohydrates too. Look, your high-protein breakfast is ready! So this was option 1. Option 2 for you guys is veg Poha.

That too oil-free. It’s also a very interesting recipe, That you’ll get on my youtube channel. I’ll share the link below in the description itself. Next is Dal parantha. It’s also filling and a high protein option, If you want to start your day. So quickly watch these 2 recipes too and, Let’s move forward in our diet plan. The time between breakfast and lunch is very troublesome. Whether you’re in the office or home, Your stomach bell starts ringing at the right time. And you feel like taking out a packet and start eating it. But you don’t have to do this. Summers are here! Interesting fruits have started coming. You can take 1 apple, bowl of papaya, or handful of grapes. Green grapes are very healthy for you. And the next option, I’m giving you is you can take 2-3 slices of pineapple.

Or you can take watermelon. You can take 100-150 grams of it easily. Enjoy your mid-morning snack by choosing any 1 fruit, And I’ll meet you at lunch. It’s almost 1 PM on my watch, and I’m very hungry. The biggest advantage of eating at right time in the summer, Is that the food gets digested on time. Moreover, If the plate is so amazing then who wouldn’t want to eat it? It’s the same food that is cooked in your home daily.

And you avoid eating it due to the fear of gaining weight. Leave it! Come, I’ll show you the right way of eating. Look at the salad on my plate. It’s looking so amazing and colourful. It has cucumber, tomato, and onion too. And I’m taking 1 roti. The normal wheat roti we make. If you want, you can take any other roti too. And with it, I’m taking bhindi vegetable cooked in least oil. My mom cooked tinde (Indian squash) vegetable at home, That too filled tinde. So, I’m eating them too. And the next recipe is for Dal.

Whatever is cooked in your house, Be it any dal, rajma, chole, or kadhi. You can easily take it. Decorate your plate like this daily and enjoy eating your food. And yes, those who like rice can take rice instead of roti. 1 bowl is enough for you. Come, let’s quickly move forward, And see if evening tea includes tea or not? Now it’s 4 PM on my watch, and I’m very hungry. It’s been 3 hours since lunch. You also have to keep this much gap between your meals. Because we’re following frequent small meals pattern, In our diet plan. That will help you a lot. If you’ll take 4-5 small meals in the whole day then, You’ll feel less hungry. Your food will digest faster, And soon you’ll lose weight too.

Now look summer is here and in summers aam panna, Bel sharbat and amazing chaas. If you have to enjoy these, So it’s the right time. Between 3-4 PM, You can take any of these 3 options if you want after lunch. The only condition is that in aam panna and bel sharbat, Sugar shouldn’t be added. Enjoy eating these. If you want, you can use 1 spoon jaggery. With this, you won’t crave tea. But those who can’t leave tea, Can take tea at this time. With tea, they’re allowed to have a handful of makhana. Which are roasted in salt and pepper. And next option you have is of boiled peanuts. Or if you want, you can make a puffed rice bhel too. You have to take this much only. Quickly finish it! For dinner, A very interesting and amazing option is ready for you all.

How did you like the meal plan till now? And which recipe or tip did you like the most? First, quickly pause this video, and sure tell by commenting. Now come, I’ll show you what’s there for the dinner option. Today in dinner, I have prepared for you all a high protein, Full of complex carbohydrates, loaded with fibre, Very tasty, Daliya (porridge). You don’t have to do many trumpets to make this. It gets cooked and ready instantly in a few minutes. And taste so spicy, so interesting, That not only you, your family would also want to eat it. So come quickly, let’s watch this exciting new recipe. This is my favourite recipe nowadays in summers. We'll add a little oil, mustard seeds, urad dal, channa dal, And curry leaves. We can add cumin too. And I'm adding 1 tbsp peanuts too in it. And I'm adding finely chopped vegetables like, Onion, beans, and carrot. Vegetables provide a great taste. We’ll take boiled daliya. Here I’m taking 7 tbsp of it. It’s a wonderful way of making daliya.

Add coriander and green chlilies. Now it’s almost ready. Few spices like salt, red chilli powder, and 2 tbsp curd. We have to add these spices after turning off the gas. Your dinner is instantly ready in a few minutes. Which is high protein, has complex carbohydrates, and, Has healthy fats too. Eat this quickly! So, friends, this was option 1. In option 2, of course, if you want, You can make yourself a daliya khichdi too. In that, You have to take 30 grams daliya, use 100 grams of vegetables, And make yourself a delicious bowl full of khichdi. And those who aren’t fond of daliya that much can take, A bowl full of dal, salad, and any green vegetable.

Cooked in the least oil at home. No tantrums allowed! It is for you guys it's a very tasty and healthy option. But a week contains 7 days, so eat like this for 2-3 days, And on the rest days, you can take roti or rice. Only 1 roti is allowed and rice if you want, You can eat a bowl full of it. Eat it slowly and comfortably by properly chewing it, Because it’s the last meal of the day. You had food, And I’m sure the next day you’ll get weight loss results too.

But if you think, that you have a constipation problem, Or your stomach doesn’t clean. So for some people, this remedy will help a lot. And those who don’t have any problem, It’s loaded with Vitamin C and a great healthy option. You can also take this. I’m giving you, before the bedtime, 1 tbsp amla (Indian gooseberry) juice, That too in lukewarm water. Take this before sleeping. And in the morning you’ll get great results. I hope you must have liked today’s diet plan a lot. But to follow this, you have to drink at least 3 litres of water. Complete 7-8 hours of sleep and if possible, Don’t forget to exercise for 20-30 minutes daily. All those who have joined my weight program, They also get the same food to eat. Infact sometimes, I give a lot more tastier food than this! Because, I keep on investing the new recipes. I’m fond of it. Because I feel, if we have to eat, then definitely it should be, Tasty, and it should look good too.

As you can see, All my clients happily are losing weight by eating. After looking at their plate, it doesn’t seem like they’re dieting. So all of you, watching this video, and if you want to contact me, You can contact me on the number given below. Come, join my weight loss program and, Get magnificent changes in yourself. I hope you must’ve liked today’s video a lot. It must have been very informative too. Because I have brought plenty of meal options for you. By trying which, you can achieve your weight loss results.

So if you want to bring next month diet plan too, Then quickly make 10k likes on this video. I’ll get the sign. Now I’ll meet you with many more exciting videos, Till then, Take Care! .

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