Hi. Namaskar. How areyou? Hope all are doing good. You would have enjoyed Onam well I guess All of us are fine here. Today I am here with a video on my diet. Many have been asking about it for long That is how I had posted an interview with our nutritionist Ninny The response was far beyond our expectations Many are following a diet under Ninny's guidance All may not be able to keep a nutritionist For them, just because you have asked me, I shall show you what my daily food is Actually I had taken a 3 month course I lost 7kg in 2 months. Now I am only maintaining it. I am not completely following that diet now. But these 5 days, I shall show you how I used to eat those days Like I mentioned in my old video, this is entirely for my body and needs It differs in each persons body.

I would suggest you meet a nutritionist They will tell you how much weight you must loose They will plan a diet including our likes and adjusting our dislikes They plan according to the health issues we have too Jan, Ave and I have different diets I think I shall show you the vegetarian diet I followed At the same time I shall post the non veg option also in the description box That will be little more helpful for you Portion is the most important thing here We are having everything except sugar and carbohydrates Reducing the amount of rice etc. You will understand when I show you what I eat. The amount to be consumed I was 67 when I began the diet and now I have come down to 59.5 I have lost 7.5kg.

Now I know how to reduce a half kg if I put a bit Ninny had told me to do some exercise. I selected walk. I used to walk a lot. Jan used to walk 10km and I used to walk 7km That was our exercise plan. We are still following that. I cover 7km by morning and evening I dont know whether this will be beneficial for all It was very beneficial for me and so I am sharing it with you Morning if I wake up at 5.30, I mix 1/2tsp apple cider vinegar with mother in 1/2 cup water We get to buy it in amazon and in stores Not sure where all you get it. I had bought it from Spinneys Later I had ordered from amazon too. I mixed 1/2tsp apple cidar vinegar in 1/2 glass water I drank that on empty stomach After 2 hours, we had breakfast So if I drank that at 5.30 or 6am, I had breakfast at 8am Before that I used to not have anything.

I used to send Nandu to school, do my morning walk and come back I used to walk from 7-8am After resting for a while, I used to have breakfast then That was my morning routine I will be showing you what I have for breakfast At 8am if you have break fast, from 8.15 onwards every 15mts, have 3 mouthful water If you can drink one glass water, well and good. I couldnt drink a whole glass of water So Ninny asked me to havee 3 mouthful every 15mts I used to drink 2-2.5L water daily.

I couldnt drink 3L That is very important. When you drink water, it controls hunger and is very good for the skin It flushes out the toxins in us Everybody knows the importance of drinking water I am very bad in drinking water. I used to have kidney stone dut to that At 11am, have a seasonal fruit. Dont take a very sweet fruit If it is mango season, having 1 in a week is ok But dont eat it daily. Same with jackfruit. Dont have jackfruit daily. All the pain you took would go for a flop I had with watermelon or muskmelon I had more of water melon.

She asked me to have flax seeds or Chia seeds too I dont like flax seeds and she altered it with chia seeds for me Chia seeds are available in amazon and many supermarkets Soak 1tsp chia seeds in little water. You can see it bulge. Have it along with a small piece of water melon Or you can have any fruit that is not very sweet I was asked to avoid grapes and pineapple If you are having lunch at 1.30, soak a spoon of chia seeds in water and have at 1pm Have chia seeds water 30mts before having lunch I will be showing you what my 1st day lunch is I dont have to tell you anything in detail. All I have shown today are recipes that I have posted earlier I shall post the link to those in the description box I dont have to show you the recipe again and again I shall write the non veg version of it also in the description box I shall write it portion wise. I mix pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and watermelon seeds in a jar I take a handful of it at 4pm and have it.

You can have it along with green tea Never forget to have water frequently If you dont get any of these seeds, it is ok. You can have sesame or any other 2 seeds Since I got all 4 types, I mixed them and had These were the seeds I was asked to have When Jan comes from office, we have dinner at that time That was 5.30-6pm. We used to have dinner then If you feel it is early, you should have dinner by at least by 7pm We were asked to have 1 chapathi for dinner If you dont eat some food, you will have problems in deficiency and health issues So you have to have food required for your body too Since I used to feel heavy after drinking milk, I used to have tea only in the morning That too with low fat milk and added very little milk with 1tsp sugar That was the only milk I was consuming So Ninny asked me to have some calcium supplements and food too If calcium goes down, it affects our nails, hair etc So we should have calcium and biotin supplements I used to take Vitamin D weekly once, D12 and now Calcium But my problem is, I cannot have much of calcium Since I have stone problem, I cannot have much of supplements So I can only include calcium through food You have to be careful with that too Let it be any diet, make sure that all are there in the supplements you have Otherwise you will have deficiency accordingly and be in trouble When you want to loose weight, make sure to take care of everything and then follow it Or what you do will be of waste I have done many diets earlier You will say I am not that fat It is not the fat.

I had PCOD. Many of you know that I had undergone treatment Had very good results of it too. But it didnt recover completely When I walk, if I have gained 1kg, my knees begin to cause problems My right knee cap is a bit slanting I have issues when climbing stairs I could hear a sound while climbing stairs I used to know the difficulties when I gain 1kg extra Moreover those who have PCOD shouldnt gain weight Many who are 40+, gain weight. Many would be knowing that. That is why I decided to reduce weight and I had gained during covid I had no exercise.

We used to walk daily before covid It was when that walks stopped, all the health issues and problems began We decided to bring a change to it and came into this When I began doing it, Jan also joined in He is the one who has really brought in results You will know that when you see him. He has lost 12kg He understood that when you have little sweet or so what happens Ninny has given us a cheat day to eat what we like once a week Jut once. What ever you like from outside and anyhow We were give a cheat day like that But when you begin to see the results, you dont feel like cheating That is the fun in it. You get motivated when you know that you can wear any dress you like. Then you feel why a cheat day, we shall go like this. Moreover you dont feel tired when you do this.

Our stomach is always full Some diets are very tiring. We think when can we eat proper food But here it is not like that. You will know when you follow it You will find the difficulty in the beginning When you are supposed to eat just 4tbsp rice, you will know it. But those who dont like rice, can have chapathi I wanted little rice, so reduced the quantity When theat was reduced, we could see the difference in our body Increased intake of water. At night it was just 1 chapathi and curries Before going to bed, half an hour back, I used to have apple cidar vinegar like in the morning In 1/2 glass water, add 1/2tsp -1tsp apple cidar vinegar and have it Some have acidity and burning sensation. They shouldnt have it That is what I said, all the bodies are different. Dont take all these just because I have told you Each body is different from each person I tell Ninny if I feel anything uneasy Then she used to adjust it for me. That is how my journey was I couldnt have egg or milk. I used to feel bloated Each person has each issue.

When we know our body, then it is ok You can know yourself in a week We loose 100-200g a day. It depends on your metabolic rate Men loose faster. When we loose 100g, men loose 200-300g That will differ. So these are the things to be careful about If you eat chicken, you can take the chicken diet Not that you can have chicken daily. But include a lot of vegetables Drink a lot of water and reduce intake of carbohydrates Reduce the amount of rice you eat Avoid potatoes, sweet potatoes and tapioca Avoid these 3 things from your life while dieting If you crave a lot for anything, have it slightly on your cheat day Avoid sweets. I used to have very little payasam we get in a cup at hotels on cheat day That was my weight loss journey I am planning to show short video on what I had today Day 1.

What I had the whole day is what I will be showing you I will be writing all in detail in the description box too I will post the whole diet I followed on each day in the video description Today will be details of my 1st day This will be helpful for all On the 2nd day, I wont put a very detailed video like this.

I will only be showing you the food I eat each day When I show you what I eat 6 days, you will know my routine 7th day can be declared as cheat day Those who dont like apple cidar vinegar can have ash gourd juice with lemon juice Or you can have the cucumber you get here as juice Take a small cucumber and add a small piece of ginger in it. Grind it well. Dont sieve it. Add water and add lemon juice to it and drink it This is an option for those who dont want apple cidar vinegar That is a detoxing drink.

Anyways, our aim is to detox You can follow any of this and have breakfast only after 2 hours I shall show you the portions to have Today onwards, I will be posting videos for 6 days This is a bit long, I know. But I wanted to tell you all in detail That is why today the video is long Tomorrow onwards the video will be small I will be posting the links in the description box. Dont forget to check out I forgot to say, I will be creating a playlist on healthy diet Today onwards the curries I will be showing, will be under the playlist Salads are very important here. I shall include salads soon Dont forget to check it out.

If you follow us, you can surely loose weight Jan and I are living examples for that. We dont have to lie to you I wanted to see the difference and only then do a video on it If I can reduce 7kg in 2 months, you surely can too So are all of you ready to join me? Let us meet the next 6 days with my diet This is the apple cidar vinegar I am having You dont have to use this itself. You can use whichever is available for you If you dont like apple cidar vinegar, follow the other options I mentioned earlier This is a tsp. 5ml=1tsp. Take 1/2 of it. Those having it for the first time may not like it. It smells bad Some may feel like vomiting in empty stomach But you should keep in mind that our aim is to loose weight That too we are loosing weight in a healthy manner I have poured this much into half glass water and mix well Drink it immediately.

If you want, you can close your nose You may have difficulties may be the 1st two days. It is ok for me. I am used to it now. Drink like this and then in the next 2 hours you can rest or jog or walk or go to gym Have breakfast only after 2 hours. I shall show you what I am going to have today for breakfast This is my monday breakfast Ninny asked to have raagi puttu or wheat puttu or rice puttu Half of one portion Green gram or black beans curry, a small bowl Little slices of cucumber She asked me to have a cup of green tea with this. But I couldnt have it and so she told me I could have a normal tea A glass of tea with very little milk and 1tsp sugar This is my breakfast for today I shall show you what I am having for lunch too You will have an idea of my diet then This is the diet I was given.

Jans diet is different Each person will have different diets according to their body and health I am showing you this just because you asked me Now it is 11.30am I had breakfast at 8am. At 11.30, I am asked to have a fruit I always cut a small piece of water melon to cubes like this. I add 1tsp of soaked chia seeds to it. I soak and chill the chia seeds Mix 1tsp of this well and do not add sugar to this. This is my 11.30 snack. Do not forget to have water in between Now let me have this fruit. At 1pm, add 1tsp chia seeds to a cup of water and drink it. I was asked to use flax seeds first. But I dont like flax seeds, so she said to use chia seeds Jan drinks apple cidar vinegar at this time. That is what I said it differs in each person Just because I was asked to have this, doesnt mean it would be the same for you Day 1 lunch. 1/2 bowl rice or 4tbsp rice. Ninny said a stir fry and a curry. Either red cow peas, or horse gram or any pulse Since these are a stir fry with me, I have taken little fishless fish curry Usually I take the curry little of what I had in the morning.

Today we had green gram curry with puttu You can take little of that and neednt make a curry You can make curries of pulses and a vegetable stir fry It is good to have a mixed vegetable stir fry Little slices of cucumber. I sprinkled some lemon juice over them I took a small slice of green chilli for a spice. I like that. Another important dish in my diet is curd. I was asked to have one small bowl of curd daily in the afternoon You should have salad first Not necessary it should be cucumber only. You can include any leafy salad Then I was asked to have 4tbsp rice with curries. Our stomach becomes full when you have all these I was shocked when Ninny gave a diet of just 4tbsp rice I kept thinking on how will my hunger come to an end But in 2 days, when I followed the diet, it was amazing This is my lunch for today I shall post the link to these in the description box.

Dont forget to check it out Next around 4-4.30pm, after lunch, not almonds but seeds Sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds All are mixed and stored in a jar Eat a handful of these seeds I was asked to have green tea with this But I didnt drink that. I used to have just this. A handful I never felt hungry having all these Next is dinner after this. We have to have it before 7pm We are having dinner at 5.30pm. Palak paneer, 1 roti made of wheat and ragi powder Some vegetable salad along with it. I am having beetroot, carrot and some cucumber here This is our dinner today After this, we wont have any food. If you feel hungry, you can have few water melon pieces You should have that before 8pm.

Have it only if you feel like You may find it difficult the first 2 days But later on, you will get used to it. This is my food for Day 1 Dont forget to drink a lot of water No juice or anything else included in this If you feel like having so, have lemon juice without sugar That is it with todays diet Simple, right? See you tomorrow Until then, bye. Thank you.



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