Hi. Namaskar. How are you? Hope all are doing good. Here all of us are fine. I hope our Day 1 diet has successfully been completed. Many people have started the diet. Happy to know that. Many messaged me saying they started today Today is day 2. I am going to share my 2nd day diet with you today Not much of changes but little of it too I have not posted videos of some of them After posting the 6 day diet video, I shall post recipes of what I havent done If I post them now, you will get confused I had said about apple cidar vinegar yesterday I forgot to mention, I was asked to have this in water morning and night If you dont like it, you can stop having it I have mentioned other options too in our yesterday's video Those having it, should wash their mouth very well after drinking it or use a straw The reason is when you have apple cidar vinegar regularly, it may affect our enamel I had forgotten to mention that in yesterdays video I had said that as a story in Instagram yesterday itself That wont reach all watching You Tube.

That is why I am mentioning it here today If you have any doubts, dont hesitate in asking If I know about it, I shall surely answer to it. I had kept mentioning yesterday that this was my diet that I followed It may not help all sometimes. I am showing it just because many have been asking for it almost daily Another thing. I finished my diet in 2 months. 7kg was my target. I succsfully finished it. Now I am not on a diet But that doesnt mean I eat a lot. I am not 59.5kg. I am maintaining that now.

Many commented saying I am very thin now and why am I dieting again I am just sharing the diet that was effective to me My diet is over. I wont reduce anymore. I am happy and healthy now If I loose more weight, it wont be good More than reducing, Jan and I wish to stay healthy Some say I lost my beauty. I dont have anything to say for that.

I am sharing these videos just because many subscribers of mine asked for it I hope you will take it in the right sense If there are any mistakes, I hope you will forgive me Let us go to todays diet I am not talking more now I shall post a small video showing what I ate the whole day Hello friends, good morning This is my 2nd day breakfast As usual, I had apple cidar in the morning Then I went for a walk and now after a gap of 2 hours I am having breakfast This is a thick dosa without ghee If you want, you can apply very little oil I havent used any oil here. So a thick dosa and little salad. I have cucumber. Along with dosa, sambar and white chick peas kurma I havent posted the recipe for this. I shall post it soon You can do the same recipe with black beans, green gram, red cow peas etc This is an easy peasy kurma.

It can be prepared in 15mts. I shall do the video soon. Ninny had told me to have any one pulse in the morning Especially because I am a vegetarian, no other protien was entering my body So today I am having chick peas Yesterday I had green gram, so today chick peas In sambar, dont add potato. This is without potatoes Potatoes, sweet potatoes, tapioca etc are enemies to this diet Root vegetables to be avoided. Beetroot doesnt fall in this. Others can be avoided I have added a small portion cinnamon, a small tsp sugar too A simple tea with very less milk This is my breakfast for today. I shall post the options in the description box. If you cannot make or have dosa today, what else will be given in the description box I shall post all under breakfast.

You can make whichever is convenient for you Now see you in the afternoon. After yesterdays video, many asked to show chia seeds This is organic chia seeds. I bought this from Amazon when I was in Kerala. It is cheaper when bought from there. I bought 2 packets. I opened one and filled a bottle. This is the new pack Many asked how to soak chia seeds. You can soak it at night like how I showed yesterday and store it in the fridge Use when required. It is best to soak overnight than doing it then and there I shall show you how to soak I have taken 1/2 glass normal water Add chia seeds. When you add, it will float on top. Dont worry. It will be ok when you mix well. Add 3tsp chia seeds and mix well. After 10mts you will see the difference Many were asking how much water is to be used to soak When you have doubts, you can ask me. I shall reply to them in the next episode.

Let us wait for while. Many had asked what flax seeds are This is flax seeds. I was given the option flax seeds or chia seeds I chose chia seeds from that. Ninny asked to slightly roast and powder the flax seeds. Add 1/2-1/4tsp flax seed powder to our salad or water to drink I cannot bear the omega 3 fat smell I couldnt tolerate it. So I selected chia seeds Moreover, some may have pressure variations after having this I didnt want to take the risk. So I prefered Chia seeds In 10 mts, see how the chia seeds look like It has changed.

I am taking 1tsp from it now. I will store the rest in a container and chilli it You can mix it in water or have with salads when needed I was asked to have maximum 2tsp a day As I said, it will differ individually Mix well and have Today I am having musk melon. I dont know what it is called in our native language It is a sweet version of cucumber If it is very sweet, dont have it. This is less sweet That is why I am having it. Or you can have watermelon Many asked me yesterday if they could have apple. Dont have the same fruit daily. Apples are ok, but select less sweet, slightly sour apples Orange can also be consumed. You will know how sweet it is when you have Avoid it if it is over sweet when you are dieting Nothing is asked to be avoided.

Adjust according to the sweet level This is my 11am fruit today My day 2 diet lunch for today is this As usual cucumber slices. I have added onions and green chillies to enhance taste My dietician didnt tell me to have onions or chillies I included because I wanted a punch. Cannot use pickle too You can mix green chilli and shallots with salt. Pour little coconut oil over it. You can have it like that too but I am avoiding oil as much as I can So I have taken it like this. Dont forget to have the cucumber first You can have any salad you like how I mentioned yesterday.

A small bowl of curd daily was recommended for me daily 4tbsp rice. Many asked which rice. I used red rice. You can use any rice. But I use our traditional rice only Next is vegetables. If it is a mixed stir fry, well and good. But today I have made beans thoran You should always include a pulse daily. Today I have made dal curry I made dal, snake gourd and little palak together You can make a mix of veg or only one. But try including a leaf daily. I had palak paneer last night along with chapathi Today I added palak to the dal curry I shall post the link to it below This is my lunch. Shall show you my evening snack next It is 4.30pm. I have taken a handful of mixed seeds Many had doubts about roasting or eating them raw Anyhow is not an issue. I mixed them and had them raw in the beginning and didnt like it When I asked Ninny, she said dont over roast it. If needed, add a pinch of rock salt and roast it So I added a pinch of rock salt and roasted it.

Happily having it now You can have it anyhow. But it is best to have without salt If not add just a pinch, roast and have This is my dinner. Dont worry seeing it It is a no chapathi day For vegetarians, grilled paneer or mushroom or cauliflower I am having grilled paneer today. I did my chicken tikka recipe and made paneer tikka A wedge of lemon to squeeze over it Then I have taken little salad. You can have any you like. I have taken 2 types of capsicum, carrots, little cauliflower and onions I sauted it with 1/2tsp oil or little butter with salt and pepper That is it. If you can have it raw, that is also fine You can make any salad you like. But today it is without roti Moreover a glass of lemon juice with it. I have not added sugar to this.

It is just water and lemon juice If you want, you can add a pinch of salt This is my dinner for today An hour before going to bed, I will have apple cidar vinegar in water Or you can have which ever you like That is the day 2 diet food. See you tomorrow. Until we meet with my next video, thank you ..



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