Namaskar Liver is largest organ; one of the largest organs is skin. It is detox organ by itself. It detoxifies your blood and also helps indigestion .when we say detoxifying liver means liver functions much healthier now. Liver does not accumulate toxins, Liver throws out the toxins most of the time. Our liver gets damaged because of the alchohol, because of excess of medicines, because of some infections, and it is high calorie diet. For efficient functioning of liver and to protect the liver from damage here are few ways which you should keep in mind.

1. Turmeric Turmeric is a wonder can really help in healing the liver from damage .it helps in boosting enzyme and there by reducing the load on liver cells .Either you consume turmeric in night by putting it in milk or in the morning take little honey ,put little turmeric and make a paste out of it and eat it . 2 . Milk thistles. Milk thistles is a wonder drug . it shaws quick recovery in liver ailments .it helps in preventing the damage in liver .active ingredients in milk thistles is silymarin it is a compound which has anti oxidant And anti inflammatory property .

This is a plant which is not easily available in india .but nowadays you can get this in capsule form . And can be taken twice a day for one month ,200 mg capsule or even you can take seeds . 3. Garlic Garlic activates liver enzymes. It helps in removing toxins from the body .it has compounds like Alicia and celenium which protects the liver from any toxic damage Take two garlic cloves at night before going to bed . You can add garlic in your cooking also 4 follow right food habits According to ayurveda digestion and metabolism are carried out by two different fires .

They are called Agni and Pitta . Liver is a firy organ ,anything firy or hot is not good for liver .alcohol ,caffeine ,tobacco , Non veg,chemical in packaged food, excess of medicines are not good for liver .as they are firy . According to ayurveda certain things like alovera,neem and amla , karela and haldi .all these things Are used for boosting liver health . Avoid even processed food or sugary drinks as they are Trans fat . Not good for liver . It will make liver fat, you already have fatty liver. Minimise the consumption of dairy products. Consume good fats like almonds,sun flower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts ,avocados Eat more fruits and vegetables as fibers reduces the stress level .

Green leafy vegetables like spinach and methi . Green leafy vegetables contain compounds which naturally detoxifies your liver . Beet roots, carrots and apples are also good for liver . 5 most importantly is yoga . Yoga techniques are the best means to enhance your liver functions. Here are few techniques which you must do every day. These asana can give nice compression On liver and burn excess fat of the liver . Here are few techniques . 1 yoga mudtra 2 bhujangasana 3 dhanurvakrasana 4 paschimottasana 5 surya namaskar to burn excess fat 6 pranayam . Dyafragmetic breathing should be practiced everyday rather two three times a day . pranayam so important it gives good oxygenation to your body ,specially dyfragmetic breathing should be practiced really every day ,two three times a day . this will work wonders. One of the major causes of liver is alcohol . alcohol damages the liver cells completely . So what should be done? So avoid alcohol.

What makes you really high and energetic is walking .walk 5 to 6 kilometers a day every time See that you do asanas regularly ,see that you have a right type of food in your system . And try and see that you become useful to others. Not living for yourself with your own comforts And your own little world . Try and see that you become more active and helpful to others .so when you are going to lead this kind of life you are really going to enjoy your life . your liver would be really safe and you would enjoy good health . Namaskar





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