we can't create new kidney cells when scar 
tissue has already formed but homeopathy herbs   bach flowers or acupuncture may make your cat feel 
better for an individualized program consults with   a holistic veterinarian hey friends it's jess 
and jericho and that was a quotation from dr   jean hofve from the book the veterinarian's 
guide to natural remedies for cats this is   part three of my ckd series and part one and 
two talk about diets so i'll put that those   links in the description below in this video 
we're going to talk about additional ways to   support your cat with kidney disease before we 
get started i am not a doctor this is purely   information for educational purposes only please 
do not try to treat your cat at home by yourself   take this information to your cat's doctor so you 
can create a wellness plan that works for your   individual cat even if i was a doctor i wouldn't 
be able to provide individual advice in a video   or in the comments so the first option that your 
cat's doctor is probably going to tell you about   is sub-q fluids and this is an injection you go 
into the fatty tissue so you're going to i've   done this a few times with cats as a cat sitter 
jericho's like you're not going to do it on me   but basically between the shoulders you would 
pinch the fat and kind of create a tent and then   insert the needle in and you would administer 
the fluids that way it's easier than it sounds   and i know that it it might seem like oh my gosh 
my cat is never gonna let me do this but once   your cat gets used to the routine at least in my 
experience as a cat sitter the majority of the   cats that i gave fluids to just kind of sat there 
and and let it happen but your cat's doctor is   going to show you how to do this and give you more 
tips and tricks so don't don't feel overwhelmed   your cat will get used to it once he's used to the 
routine and your cat might start feeling a little   better and you know he might realize okay this is 
helpful let me sit through this now going back to   the original quote in the beginning homeopathy is 
another great way that you can support your cat's   kidneys and just overall function so for that 
i would recommend homeoanimal this video is not   sponsored but there are affiliate links in the 
description so i'm using their general detox   program for jericho i just started it last 
week i'm also using their teeth sprays and   their tonic pet pellets for teeth and gums i'm 
still seeing really great results so far i'll   make a separate video with product reviews and 
you know more in depth about that if you want   just let me know in the comments but specifically 
for kidney kidney disease or kidney failure they   recommend doing their general detox first and then 
doing their kidney disease kit they also offer   free consultations so definitely take advantage of 
that because every cat is an individual they have   veterinarians and homeopathic practitioners 
on staff they're very very helpful you can   call them or email them and you'll get a real 
person when you call so their kidney failure kit   has one spray that will go in the mouth or in the 
water and then these tonic pet pellets that you   can put in a little bit of food they also dissolve 
in water and you can just squirt them in that way   so they tell you about all of the products and 
what's in them and a great book and a great book   that i'd recommend is this um homeopathic care for 
cats and dogs written by a veterinarian see dvm   it talks about herbs and diet and vaccines and 
just overall wellness care not only homeopathic   remedies but talks about all this other stuff but 
i basically use this book as a way to look up the   ingredients what does this book say about it what 
is it typically used for because when you're using   homeopathic medicine you have to match the remedy 
with symptoms so whatever clinical signs you're   seeing is going to tell you which homeopathic 
remedy to use another way to support your ckd   cad is with herbal remedies herbal therapy can 
then commence with tonic herbs that improve   renal blood circulation like ginkgo and hawthorn 
reduce inflammation of the kidney and other   urinary tract tissues couch grass marshmallow and 
corn silk and gently increase urine output nettle   dandelion alfalfa and goldenrod so for herbal 
remedies there's pet wellbeing this is a group of   holistic veterinarians that create the products 
and they have this essential kidney kit for   cats so it comes with their kidney support gold 
this is an herbal liquid remedy also comes with   probiotics and a wild alaskan salmon oil so 
the omega-3 fatty acids omega 6 fatty acids can   help control inflammation probiotics can help 
repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria and   that's going to improve digestion as well and the 
kidney support gold is an herbal remedy that helps   support stable kidney functions so you can look 
at all the ingredients they have some mushrooms   astragalus root dong quai root and romania root 
and they explain why they use it another great   resource for herbal remedies that i'd suggest is 
the pet health and nutrition center so they have   a natural kidney support for dogs and cats and 
this is an herbal remedy it contains a lot of the   herbs that the herbs for pets book references like 
ginko couch grass marshmallow nettle and dandelion   you can also go on by health condition and scroll 
down to kidney disease they have an entire page   dedicated to learning about kidney disease and 
then they also have a protocol with the daily   multi-plus this is the vitamin mineral supplement 
i use for jericho kidney tonic we just looked at   kidney glandular so this is glandulars from bovine 
and then the biopreparation is uh spirulina and   other algae and i actually use this for jericho 
as well and i take the human version which is   called biosuperfood and biopreparation is the 
one for pets dr jean hofve also suggested bach   flowers so if you're unfamiliar with this this 
is flower essence and one company that i know   about that i use is called cat faeries and they 
have this kidney kitty flower essence formula for   cats they also have remedies for litter box 
issues and their catnip toys are amazing jericho   loves them he has the sploot squirrel and the 
chinchilla catnip toys he absolutely loves them   there are also various supplements that you can 
use to support the kidney and your cat's doctor   will likely like these because they're created by 
veterinarians for veterinarians so the first one   is called rx vitamins for pets they have amino b 
plus k so palatable source of dietary potassium   they also have phosbind so this is going to bind 
the phosphorus and help take the load off of the   kidneys they also have rx renal feline and renal 
feline beadlets to support normal kidney function   another option is vitri science this is called 
renal essentials and then a third option is called   standard process and this is feline renal support 
so you can take all these options to your cat's   doctor to figure out what works best for your 
individual cat you can check out all of these   products and part one and part two will discuss 
diet in the description below thanks for watching



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