Well, we all love our cars. Well most of us do at least, but unfortunately driving leads to a lot of pollution and unhealthy air in our state. Yeah, and that has become more clear. There's a new report coming out today from the American Lung Association are handing out. She joins us now from an electric car charging station in Portland and has more about what we can learn from that report. Good morning, Hannah. Good morning, Leanne Sean. The report highlights the significant benefits of switching to electric cars, buses and trucks here in Maine. The goal is for all of us to breathe cleaner and healthier air. The report found that transportation is a leading source of air pollution and climate change. That's why the American Lung Association is pushing for more people to make the shift to 0 emission technologies, which means the energy source or engine that runs the car has no waste products that pollute the environment. The report. Also found that poor air quality can cause negative health impacts like heart attacks, lung cancer and strokes will bear.

It is the director of Clean air advocacy for the American Lung Association. He says this is about more than just switching to electric cars. So if you think about at the ports or you know major trucking corridors shifting those off of diesel and 20 emission technologies will have significant health benefits, not just for the community around them, but the workers and others who are impacted.

And then, especially if you think about kids riding school buses, diesel school buses to school, that's a major dose of pollution to start their day. And we're really concerned about that. If you're interested in learning more about the findings of the report released today by the American Lung Association, I'll put up a link on our website and mobile app a little later this morning in Portland. Hannah Chevy NEWS CENTER, Maine..



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