Starting this video with a 7 weeks out Olympia
update of a man who really considers him an underdog going into his first Olympia.. m
talking about none other than Blessing.. the reason why people believe he wont be making
any solid impact in this year's Mr Olympia is lack of enough size on legs specially the
hamstrings.. Blessing's time will definitely come if he
keeps on making improvements the way he did from 2021 to 2022 but realistically speaking
there is just no way Blessing cracks top 6 in this year's Olympia considering the line
up.. even if Blessing places top 10 at his Olympia debut, that will be an incredible
accomplishment.. talk about setting realistic expectations,
look at what Samson has been saying through out his prep despite looking one of the most
impressive bodybuilders of current times.. he just wants to crack top 10..Compare that
to Blessing who is expecting a top 3 finish in 7 weeks.. Blessing's actual rival should be Charles
Griffen, the guy he beat at Indy Pro,, Charles is getting really grainy as he enters the
7 weeks out mark..

He has an amazing back , the hamstrings Glutes, upper back nothing
is missing. Charles is getting back on The Olympia stage
after 4 years. so from getting hernia surgery done and fixing
his mid section and implementation of that vacuum , thats a vastly improved physique.. so blessig vs Charles who u got? 2 days back we saw Nick Walker hitting his
favorite most muscular pose pumped up in the gym and today he released another pic hitting
the same shot without the pump.. seems like Nick has been putting a lot of effort in posing
since start of his Olympia prep and according to him its paying off really well.. if we
look at Nick's presentation in 2021 , he held his poses really well on stage , people never
complaind about him letting his stomach lose between poses and thats great for him.. as
far as his improvements in legs is concerned, totally different lightning in these pics
one was taken 7 weeks out of Arnold Classic 2021 n the latest one 7 weeks out of the Olympia
2022 and Nick himself says that his favorite package was the one he brought to the Arnold
stage His legs are looking bigger but will he able
to retain that volume is a different question .
Keep in mind that the recent one is without any pump .

Victor Martinez is one of those pros who have
retired from competitive bodybuilding but still follows the lifestyle with extreme dedication.. Victor hasnt competed since Arnold Clasic
2020 and he has responded fans questions a numerous times that he dsnt intend to comeback
n compete again.. definitely of the the greatest bodybuilder this sport has seen and the uncrowded
Mr Olympia of 2007.. a very impressive physique update of another
retired bodybuilder Alexis Rivera who downsized because of health reasons but still maintains
a physique which can be considered an ideal for many… 2018 was like thr peak of his ifbb professional
career, the same year he stepped on Olympia stage as well.. Alexis was forced to lose weight due to injury
to his left knee , his knee basically clsnt support the massive legs so he was left with
no option but to downsize.. walking around over 250 lbs with looking super human is always
very hard on the system , that's why all these guys feel so health when they lose that extra
weight…Btw he has been completely Natural for 3 years now .



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