Welcome! You've come to the right place, just like 150,000 others We offer several quizzes and courses that you can work your way through Once you're logged in, you can choose an option from the top menu This time we visit "Depression" to show how the courses work The Depression course contains lots of useful, interactive tools – so just start exploring Being sad can be overwhelming and it can make it hard to stay motivated If you're not sure where to start, try Tip of the Day! Or start by completing your to-do list The depression course has nine sessions We encourage you to work your way through the sessions in numerical order. But feel free to explore the courses in your own order and at your own pace Let's look at Session 1: Depression The first page is called: "Welcome" Some pages have blue icons or texts that are tips, references to course tools or suggestions on how depression challenged At the end of each session there is a short quiz As soon as you complete the quiz you will receive a diploma showing that you have completed the session Once you have completed all nine sessions you will receive a diploma of completion showing how far , you have arrived There are lots of tools that can support you Set goals and take small steps to achieve them.

For inspiration, you can look at the goals other members of the Member Group have set Do exercises with worksheets Or use the mood tracker to find connections between your thoughts, your behavior and your mood Congratulations on taking the time to help yourself to get better. How do you get started today?.



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