only two ingredients and you can say
goodbye to diabetes forever diabetes is a common health condition that appears
when the body is no longer capable of making the needed amount of insulin or
cannot use it in an efficient way pancreas is the organ that produces the
hormone insulin which enables the glucose takes from the food to go to the
cells in the body and there it is transformed into energy used by
different tissues and organs in order to perform their job diabetes can be very
dangerous disease and can Lito has the damage and leather complications but on
the other hand people who are diagnosed with diabetes can also live their life
without any complications and the reasons for this or good treatments that
can improve our life but not everyone can offer good medical treatments and
for some of them it is quite irritating to have to inject insulin every single
day here we will present to you natural ways for treating diabetes and you will
discover the most efficient 100% natural safe and cheap treatment for diabetes
you will only need two basic ingredients that you can find in your kitchen this
is the recipe for this amazing syrup for treating diabetes ingredients we need 6
lemons and 300 grams of celery preparation first wash the celery nicely
and grated and put it in a pot squeeze the lemons inside the pot and cover it
and place it inside a bigger pot filled with water put the pot on heat until the
water in the bigger part starts to boil when it starts to boil lower the heat
and leave it to simmer for about 2 arts take the parts from the heat and
let them cool totally before you open them then store the mixture awhile and
place it in the fridge consummation it is recommended to consume one tablespoon
of this remedy every day about 30 minutes before having breakfast the
prepare mixture will be enough to consume for two months about the time
when the blood sugar levels will begin to normalize this remedy is a balm for
diabetes diabetes is a chronic condition characterized by high levels of sugars
in the blood that this is occurs due to reduced production of the pancreatic
hormone insulin or due to reduced sensitivity of muscle liver and fat
cells to the hormone common symptoms include blood division frequent
urination fatrick weight loss and thirst we start
eating foods high in negative cholesterol or saturated fats even
though we can absorb a little nutrients we will fill our body with fats and
problems that can even be fatal in some way a clear example of this is blood
pressure when we consume too much fats they clog the blood and cause serious
health problems but do not worry that with this natural remedy you will finish
fat and cholesterol naturally the remedy that ends with cholesterol diabetes and
fat recipe ingredients we need for organic lemons one ginger root 3 to 4
centimeters or 2 tablespoons grated ginger for heads of garlic and 2 liters
of water method of preparation you should wash the lemons well
and proceeded to cut them into small pieces you should also peel all cloves of
garlic put the lemon garlic and ginger into a blender proceed to mix it until a
good texture is achieved proceed to place the mixture in a pot add the water
to the pot and still while boiling when boiling turn off the heat and wait for
it to cool completely this mixture should be glued and placed
in a glass bottle preferably how to use you should drink a
glass of this mixture 2 hours before each meal preferably on an empty stomach
this should be done for three weeks in a row without interruption then rest from
the treatment for a week and proceed to do it again because each part of this
remedy is natural and has distinct benefits there is no need for you to
take anything extra to enhance its use the week of rest is to give the body
time to absorb all the nutrients without problems and so do not waste your remedy or the ingredients in a way that will not help you Thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos



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