Greetings from Ventura California! We 
are known for our gorgeous coastlines,   vibrant downtown area, exceptional 
state-of-the-art medical care,   and of course, our annual celebration 
of National Healthcare Decisions Day! My name is Dr Jim Hornstein. I'm a family doctor 
who has spent my entire career in Ventura.   I am also the chair of the bioethics committee 
and the population health committee at the   Community Memorial Health System. Now, like all 
physicians, I have taken the hippocratic oath. I   have pledged to prescribe only beneficial 
treatments to the best of my abilities   and to refrain from causing harm. However, 
when it comes to extremely difficult decisions,   especially toward the end of life, I don't always 
have the information I need to follow through with   the wishes of each of my patients and that's why 
we're here today to challenge you, our patients,   our neighbors, and our community, to think about 
and put down on paper your own personal wishes,   your own personal goals, and your own values, 
as they relate to the most private and personal   choices you may ever have to make. It's 
also what National Healthcare Decisions Day   is really all about and I'm really so glad you've 
chosen to join me on this very important day.   Now, before we dive in, let's talk about the 
number one goal of this video series.

For each of   you to fill out your very own advanced healthcare 
directive. Trust me, it's straightforward,   it's simple and best of all — it's free, although 
please don't mention this to your estate attorney.   To make this process easier, I'm going 
to break it up into a few segments.   If you need to take a break, I encourage you to 
do so, but remember, the most important thing   is that you complete your advanced health 
care directive. So here's our agenda. First,   what in fact are advanced healthcare directives 
and why should you even care about them?   Second, what matters most to you in your life, 
how do you identify your own goals and your own   wishes? Third, how do you choose your own health 
care agent or your own surrogate decision maker or   power of attorney? And fourth and finally, how do 
you meaningfully fill out the living will section   of the advance healthcare directive? 
Again, thank you very much for joining   me in celebration of the National Healthcare 
Decisions Day.

Since its founding in 2008,   National Healthcare Decisions Day has 
promoted empowering and educating you,   our patients and our community. By 
watching these videos you are taking the   first step in exercising your right to make 
important health care choices for yourself..



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