Hi, I am doctor Shikha, MD of NutriHealth
Systems. So lots of people have asked us what should
we do about grey hair in teenagers. Now its unusual because teenage is time when
people are very healthy and they have dark luscious black hair. But if a teenager starts having grey hair
it's a cause for concern and that's right. But at the same time, because teenage is a
time when body is growing it is very treatable it is very preventable. So the first thing for teenagers what they
need to do is that they need to increase the amount of water they are drinking. Now why water? Because grey hair is due to the acidity in
the system so if teenagers don't drink water the body will become more acidic. And as it is according to Ayurveda teenage
is a time when the body is in "pitta" phase of it's life that is the acid phase of it's
life. So teenagers should drink a lot of clean water… clear water. Second thing is teenagers should definitely
avoid having too much of fried food because when you eat a lot of fried food again as
the fried food breaks down in your body it creates free radicals.

And those free radicals also damage hair shaft
and they cause lot of greying of hair, premature greying of hair. Third thing is that if teenagers use lot of
very harsh shampoos or gels or setting agents. So what happens when you are not oiling your
hair wnough and you use lot of very harsh shampoos and gels and other hair products
without oiling your hair regularly the melanin pigment in the hair starts breaking down. And due to the breakdown of the melanin pigment
eventually what happens that the hair do not get their black color and they turn grey. So it is very important, a, to oil the hair
to nourish the hair and typically almond oil is a good oil mixed with coconut oil or with
olive oil which can give the required nourishment to the hair roots. Another thing which is very important is that
one can have amla in the diet and it can be put like say added to the dal while cooking.

So that also gives vitamin C. So that there
is no hair mineral deficiency. Because deficiency of minerals also leads
to grey hair. So for teenagers I would say two things are
very important one is not to have things which damage your hair that is gels, harsh shampoos,
and acidic diet. And the second part is to have things which
are good for the hair like amla, like fruits, like sesame seeds, which actually give you
better healthy hair and healthy hair will not turn grey early..



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