Narrator: The man with the
troublesome hemorrhoid enters the room. Phil: Excuse me? Hillary: That wasn't me. Narrator: Said Hillary,
who's only taken 347 steps today. 348, 349, 350… Hillary: I cycled here. Narrator: Haha! On an e-bike. Speaking of cycles, Mary's period is due
to start in three days. Mary: It is? Narrator: And her friend
hasn't washed his hands since… Monday! Yeah, I'd put that back. And then there's Bill, whose heart rate rises
to 115, nervous I'll mention. Bill: My diarrhea? ♪ Narrator:
His chronic night sweats. Bill:
My chronic night sweats! Linda: You sweat more at night
than you do at the gym. Narrator: Which is rich
coming from Linda, who's wearing yoga pants
but never does yoga! Linda: I stretch! Bill: How do you know
so much about us!? Phil: I don't like it… Narrator:
It's your health data, you've been sharing it
without realizing it. That's how I know
about Kevin's rash. And your halitosis! Wakes up to pee! Raja: Psh. Not true. Narrator: Bunions! Lice! Jay: It's true. Narrator: And…ringworm! Haha! Who's next? ♪ Wait…

what's that
in your hand? No, no, stop! ♪ Way to ruin the fun. [LOCK CLICKS SHUT].

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