hello and welcome to many white cooks today's recipe is for these colorful and flavorful Provence all stuffed peppers only 83 calories these tasty peppers are the perfect light lunch for fasting days on the 5:2 diet they're easy to make and versatile too as they can be served hot straight from the oven or at room temperature for a packed lunch on the go this recipe is from my 2-day 5:2 diet plan fast diet book and you can find the links to my cookbook in the detail box below we'll start by taking a quick look at the ingredients list you'll need 1 bell pepper in this case I have one red half and one yellow half left over from another recipe but ordinarily you just use one whole bell pepper to cherry or grape tomatoes to tinned artichoke hearts 2 black olives this is an anchovy filip which adds a lovely subtle savory flavor to the finished dish and doesn't taste at all fishy however if you want to keep the dish completely vegetarian and then just leave this out it's important to choose anchovies artichokes and olives that have not been preserved in oil to keep the calories low on this diet lunch but I have thoroughly rinsed and drained these on kitchen towel to remove any excess salt you'll also need a small bunch of fresh basil leaves plus a pinch of low sodium salt some freshly ground black pepper and a bottle of olive oil spray don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more healthy cooking inspiration now let's get cooking first of all preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius fan 375 degrees Fahrenheit or gas mark 4 you can see that I've cut the pepper in half from top to bottom and removed all the pith and seeds place cut sides up into a small baking dish cut the artichoke hearts into halves and stuff them into the peppers then do the same with the tomatoes and olives chop up the anchovy fill it into small pieces and tuck these into the gaps in the stuffed peppers season with reduced sodium salt and black pepper finally chiffonade the basil leaves this means to cut them into thin strips and the easiest way to do this is to roll up several leaves together into a cigar-shaped roll and then slice with a sharp knife scatter the basil over the stuffed peppers and finish by spraying each one with a spritz of olive oil spray cover the roasting tin loosely with tin foil and bake in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes and here they are looking absolutely delicious they can be served immediately hot from the oven or allowed to cool and served at room temperature for a packed lunch you can find this recipe in my best-selling two-day 5:2 diet planned fast diet book which is full of recipe ideas for what to eat on 500 calorie diet days available as a paperback or Kindle book from Amazon you'll find all the links in the description box below if you've liked this video please do give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more healthy cooking inspiration you may also like to watch more videos in my five to fast diet series like this for my smoked turkey asparagus and also salad or my really simple guide to the fast to 5:2 diet for a guilt free treat on non diet days why not view my easy and healthy low-fat almond apricot and amaretto rice pudding video thank you so much for your company please also let me know if you make this or if you'd like to see a video of any other of my recipes and bye for now



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