let's talk about the three best remedies
for psoriasis if you have psoriasis you
definitely need to watch this entire video
i put a tremendous amount of research into this topic to summarize it to make
it extremely simple and to hopefully help
you so there's some really simple things you
can do that are non-toxic the greek word for
psoriasis comes from sora means itchy and iastis means
action or condition so it's an itchy condition
psoriasis is an autoimmune condition where your body is
producing antibodies against itself so the symptoms of psoriasis
are coming from your own immune system and
certain parts of your skin are replaced every three to five days
instead of every 28 to 30 days so we have this accelerated reproduction
of skin cells and that's what creates the redness
and the scaling and the little white flakes
that are on the like the little plaque so here's what's going on
there is a t cell dysfunction the t cells are part of the immune
system that's called the acquired immune system you're not born with it you
develop it over time and there's a dysfunction going on an
imbalance triggered usually by an altered
microbiome either in your gut or a really really bad sore throat a
strep throat or another infection and there's
several different types of t cells the one that is involved
is the t helper cell th17 it's called and this happens to be your own immune
cell that induces inflammation and autoimmune diseases
and also it releases cytokines so it has an additional
inflammatory signal on top of that now there's other t cells called the t
regulatory cells that are involved in preventing
autoimmune diseases in the first place and those are usually suppressed
so we have a suppressed t regulatory cell
and we have an increase in t helper cells th17
now if you do some research on this you're going to find some interesting
data on the relationship between the t helper
cell th17 and vitamin d vitamin d happens to be
something that can suppress th17 and so this is very interesting because
vitamin d is not really a vitamin it's a hormone
that acts like cortisol in the body which happens to be one of the big
treatments for psoriasis prednisone and anti-inflammatory so
vitamin d is a natural prednisone without the side effects the
other interesting thing about this is that psoriasis is worse in the winter
why because the vitamin d is going to be
lower also there's higher incidence of psoriasis the further you
live from the equator and if you have psoriasis you're a
greater risk for depression and one of the big root causes of
depression is a vitamin d so we have vitamin d very very important
i would recommend 40 000 iu's every single day you need to take enough
to penetrate sometimes the damage that's in the colon
that's not allowing you to absorb the vitamin d
there's usually an altered microbiome so you have to take a little bit more
now cod liver oil not only does cod live oil have vitamin d
and vitamin a which is also good for the skin but it also has the omega-3 fatty
acids dha and epa and one of the main symptoms
of an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency is dry scaly red
skin also omega-3 is an anti-inflammatory
the last remedy is bile salts why because bile salts stimulate the
vitamin d receptor bile salts allow vitamin d to work a lot
better in the body so if there's any type of
resistance let's say you have some genetic alteration in your receptor for
vitamin d it's called a polymorphism this will
help potentially increase the absorption also bile salts directly modulate or
control the t helper cell 17 the th17
cell so bile salts are going to help to regulate this dysfunction
as well as stimulate the t regulatory cells that's the one that puts the fire
out it helps to calm down the inflammation
so the type of bile salt i'm going to recommend for this
would be tudka t-u-d-c-a i'm not recommending a brand just get whatever
you can find that has good views and take three to four per day it'll be
used to help you digest the dietary fat what we want to do is to take an empty
stomach so it can actually focus on helping regulate the immune system
and as far as the cod liver oil take whatever is recommended on the bottle
that you buy and the last two things i'm going to
recommend are fasting very very very important for all
autoimmune conditions as well as no gluten at all in the diet so go ahead
and apply this information and comment down below i want to hear
your results before you go if you have a question
about a product or you're new to keto and you want to know
how to begin keto or you're on keto and you need a debug
because it's not going as smooth i have a keto consultant standing by to
help you this is just for the people in the us
hopefully in the future we'll be able to answer everyone's call
but i put the number down below so you can call
and get some help



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