(bright music) – I've taken care of
thousands of sick children throughout my career, and
so having a healthy daughter who's in first grade now just
really makes you appreciate what you have, and it really makes us work harder and harder to make
sure that we're doing everything we possibly can to
help the kids that need help. We study the role of metabolic
alteration in disease. We think that many, many diseases are caused by changes in the metabolism that interfere with the organs in the body carrying out their normal functions. – Ralph is a leader in the
area of cancer metabolism. His work is changing the way
we think about metabolism in cancer cells and
yielding new strategies for treating disease. – [Ralph] The ultimate
test for this program will be being able to develop
a new treatment for disease that did not previously have a treatment.

Every time we go through
another series of patients, we're honing the approach and
making it more instructive, and so I'm proud of what
we've accomplished so far, but I'm really excited
about what we're gonna see over the next five to 10 years. (bright music).



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