My name is Reginald O'Neal and my
specialty is internal medicine at the Henry Ford Medical Group. I'm attracted to
primary care because of the opportunity for me to interact with individuals. As a
child my father was a pharmacist and I enjoyed the interaction he had with his
customers. I enjoy that with my patients as well.
Often times people describe my bedside manner as one in which they're very
comfortable with it. Simply because I will give them the opportunity to chat. I
find out about their lives, what they enjoy, their hobbies, where they work at
and as a result, we develop a very close and personal relationship, oftentimes by
the end of the first visit. The resources of being in a large group are so much
more than when you're independent.

You have so many different tools in your
toolbox that you can use. It gives you the effectiveness that you need in order
to meet the needs of all your different patients. I'm a Detroiter,
okay. And I love being a Detroiter and I promote Detroit just because I love
Detroit. So, with that what I want folks to know is that I'm nailed down to the
Detroit metropolitan area and I just love taking care of folks who love
Detroit. I'm Dr. Reginald O'Neal and your health is always my primary concern..



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