hi guys in this video we're going to talk about 
stiff and swollen hands alright one of the best   remedies for that is called ammonium chloride you 
can get it as a supplement form I'm not endorsing   any specific product but you can just certain 
search it out and get some but it's an acidifier   it also reduces calcium deposits like spurring 
like on your heels and other parts of the body   it's great for bladder stones but even it gets 
rid of bladder stones in animals like sheep and   goat so if your goat has a bladder stone just go 
ahead and give give it to them and it'll clear   that right up arthritis wonderful for arthritis 
especially the type that swollen stiff joints   ok bronchial congestion and tetany which is 
that little twitching that you might have or   someone might have so you can go ahead and take 
this and it's a great short-term remedy as you   fix the root cause which is usually insulin 
resistance I'll put a link down below and if   you have this problem you need to learn about 
insulin and how it creates inflammation and get   in that program because you can greatly reduce 
swelling in the hands and the legs by really   getting that handled alright thanks for watching 
hi guys hey listen I created a pretty amazing   evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzes 
your symptoms to find the cause the root cause of   all of your symptoms the most likely cause so 
take the quiz now and we'll send you report

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