HI frendz my name is Priya n welcome to my channel . so before watching the video i wud like to say that do click the red subscribe button n bell button to stay connected with me. Today's video is a requested one in which i m going to share with uh 5 unique n effective ways to get rid of acne n pimples fast. 5 AWESOME ACNE REMEDIES From all the remedies i have shared uh can use any one whose ingredients r easily available to uh.

N m also going to tell uh some important tips so watch the video till end. so lets start with the first one, for this uh need; uh can get them any chemist store nearby ur home for 3 tblets for 1 ruppees. n some water now firstly crush some aspirin tablets now pour this crushed tablet to a bowl n add a few drops of water to make its paste. n ur pimple removing paste is ready. for second home remedy we need: now crush these mint leaves in a mortar n pestle now take a glass bowl n add all these ingredients n mix them well. Ur pimple removing pack is ready . for third home remedy uh need: now take a glass bowl n add both the ingredients to this n mix them well n ur pimple removing pack is ready. for fourth remedy uh need: now take both the ingredients to the glass bowl n mix them well.

So now i vil tell uh how to use this: before doing any of these home remedies make sure that ur face is clean . now take the pack n wherever uh r having pimple or acne apply it there n leave it for 30 minutes n after that wash ur face with cold water. now for last n the fifth remedy , we need: now add aloevera gel n grapeseed oil to a glass bowl n mix them well.n ur pimple n acne removing pack is ready.

Now apply this wherever uh r having pimple or acne n now using a band aid cover this area. remember to cover ur pimple with the centre part of the band aid as shown in video. n then go to sleep n in the morning remove this band aid n wash ur face with cold water uh vil see the size of the pimple got reduced remember to do this at nyt so that it can show its magic overnyt properly. so these r my 5 best n easy n cost effective home remedies n for best results do these remedies daily n within 3 days uh vil see drastic change in ur pimple. now comes the turn of the tips: so this was my today's special video so if uh liked then HIT ON THE LIKE BUTTON n SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL.




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