hello everyone yo welcome back to today's video today i'm going to show you how to get rid of your skin tag using carrots with other special and effective kitchen ingredient this is very simple and easy to prepare and easy to apply, you're gonna apply this for only one night and   you get rid of your skin tags in one night so 
to prepare this you need to grate your carrot   you'll be grating only two tablespoons of carrots and you need only the carrot juice for this remedy so for you to grate the carrot you have to use the edge   you're gonna grate, this is very effective in drying off skin tag i'll also grate this one so this is two tablespoons of carrot, you put this into the bowl then you add two tablespoons of lemon juice into the remedy two you have to mix this, press it down so that the carrot juice we mix with the lemon juice okay this is okay, then you get another bowl, 
a strainer and then drain the water out okay so this is okay and then finally you add salt, salt is another ingredient that   helps to dry off skin tag super super fast, 
you add one teaspoon of salt and then you mix all of them properly this is the perfect remedy for skin tag, a faster way to remove skin tag in one night   this will help to get rid of moles and wart, you have to keep watching i'm  just going to demonstrate it, I'm going to show you how to dry off the skin tag using this remedy alright you apply this on the skin tag to get rid of your skin tag, you can make use   of the cotton wool, i'm using fork, so you can use spoon or any other thing, use the edges to dip this   the remedy and then you place it on 
where you have the skin tags like this then you take it again and then you rub 
it again where you have the skin tags   just place it on the skin tags like this you dip again and then you place it in on the skin tags you have to add some pressure while you're doing that okay, just add pressure like this   this has to be on top of the skin tags, keep doing that this will help to get rid of the skin tags super super fast so if you have skin tags, you also apply it here and after that, after you finish applying this   you're gonna leave it on your face for one 
night so that this will dry off the skin tags over night so you're gonna do this thing at least 
around 10 p.m in the night and then you leave   it on your face till tomorrow morning to dry off the skin tags, if you want to see one night result   faster results, you have to leave it for one night, tomorrow you wash it off   this will help to dry off the skin tags very fast, you need to go and try this remedy if you have skin tags, you have warts, you have moles on your skin, you have to go and try this natural remedy   and you'll be seeing results, it's simple and 
very easy to prepare, it's something that you   have in your kitchen and it's very effective, 
go and try it and you'll be getting rid of your skin tags  your moles and warts, and i'm gonna see you again in my next video bye



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