(upbeat music) – Hi, today I want to discuss
another important remedy in the trinity of seamen's remedies that you're entitled to as a seaman who has been injured or has fallen ill in the service of your vessel. You've probably heard
of maintenance and cure, but what do these terms mean? Maintenance is a daily payment
designed to compensate you essentially for the room and board you would have received during your hitch, had the injury or illness not occurred. It's a daily payment designed to provide you with compensation, to pay for your food and lodging and is comparable to what
you would have received aboard the vessel. Cure is the vessel owner's obligation to pay for your medical treatment. Maintenance and cure benefits are owed until the point of what is called maximum medical improvement. If you have any questions as to whether you are entitled to
maintenance and cure benefits, please leave them in the
comments below the video and I would be happy to respond. Thank you. (upbeat music).



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