in today's video we are going to be reviewing self 
decode a genetics testing and analysis company   that gives you personalized health recommendations 
based on your genes we all have a different   set of genes and understanding our genetic 
predispositions can help you to understand whether   your diet and lifestyle choices are working 
for or against you for example the cyp1a2 gene   determines how well our body can metabolize 
caffeine the version of the gene you have   can vary low cyp182 activity means you are a slow 
metabolizer of caffeine it takes longer for your   body to clear it from your system and the effects 
last longer whereas someone with high activity   can tolerate multiple cups of coffee a day 
and there are so many other examples of genes   affecting our tolerance for foods for exercise 
for lifestyle habits and more now what makes   self-decode different from other dna testing 
and analysis companies is that they are focused   entirely on health they also do not share or sell 
your data with third-party companies so in today's   video we're going to be talking about the role 
genetics play in our health and how understanding   the connection can help us to turn certain genes 
on and off and i will also be talking about my   experience with self-decode and whether or not 
i think this is something that could benefit you hey guys welcome back to my channel if you're new 
here my name is kait i'm a health coach and i post   videos on a high fat nutrient-dense way of eating 
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now i did a video about a year and a half ago now   where i had a dna test done and i was talking 
about the results as they pertain to my health   but the way i did it in that video 
was a little bit inconvenient   i used one company to get my dna results but 
then i had to actually upload my raw dna file   to another website in order to get the information 
about health nutrition exercise that i was after   so when self decode approached me and told me 
about their company how they do everything all   on one platform i thought it was such a great idea 
like i said at the start self decode is focused   on health to check them out you can head to forward slash self decode and   let me tell you that after using their platform 
and exploring all the features they give you   a lot of data way more so than i got from using 
any other platform in the past but anyways we   will get into all that a little bit later in the 
video we're going to start off today talking about   epigenetics and why understanding our genetics is 
important then i will tell you about self-decode   and everything they have to offer and we will 
finish off looking at some of my results and the   recommendations they made epigenetics epigenetics 
is the study of how lifestyle modifications   can change our gene expression in simple terms our 
diet and our lifestyle choices have the ability   to upregulate or down regulate certain genes an 
example of this is seen with the mutation of the   gene fads1 those with a certain mutation are not 
able to effectively convert the omega-3 fatty acid   ala to the final forms of the nutrient epa and dha 
ala is the type of omega-3 found in plants such as   chia seeds and epa and dha are found in fatty fish 
such as salmon the human body's conversion rate of   ala to epa and dha is already pretty low but for 
people with this gene mutation it's even lower   and therefore these people need to eat foods high 
in epa and dha in order to obtain adequate amounts   and self-decode makes figuring out the gene 
mutations you do have and don't have easy using   self-decode with self-decode you can either upload 
a current dna file if you've already had a dna   test done or you can get a testing kit directly 
from them all that is required with the dna kit   is putting your saliva in a vial and sending it 
back to them for analysis and yes their dna kits   ship worldwide once you have sent your sample off 
it will take several weeks for your dna analysis   to be complete but once it is you will receive an 
email letting you know that your results are ready   and then it's time for the fun part going over 
the results wellness reports self-decodes wellness   reports provide you easy to understand risk 
assessments and health suggestions based on   your genetics each report features a comprehensive 
list of genes that relate to the health condition   i recommend starting off with the introductory 
report which is included in all plan options this   gives you a general overview of things to consider 
when it comes to your diet fitness and even   personality so looking at my report for example 
i have a slightly reduced ability to metabolize   folate now there are also a lot of other wellness 
reports you can generate and download if you   purchase the lifetime access subscription you get 
unlimited access to as many reports as you like   but if you have the annual subscription plan 
you get access to five a year and then you   can purchase additional ones at a reduced cost and 
more wellness reports are being added all the time   the other wellness report that i highly 
recommend is the food sensitivity one   this report will give you some insight for your 
tolerance for carbohydrates alcohol histamine food   additives lectins and more personalized genetics 
blog another useful feature of self-decode   is their personalized wellness blog we see 
headlines all the time making claims about   how we can improve our health but these might 
not even be applicable to our personal genetics   so taking your genes into account self-decode 
rates how applicable each article might be for you   each article cites the relevant genotype and 
gives further details about the role it plays   there are a wide range of articles on different 
topics everything from thyroid health to allergies   and anxiety to gut health my results as i said at 
the start of this video self-decode provides you   so much information about your genes and how they 
relate to your health and this can seem a little   bit overwhelming but self-decode does a really 
good job of simplifying everything through the   wellness reports and there are a lot more features 
included in a subscription myself to code that i   didn't have time to get into today such as the 
symptoms analysis but before i give you my final   thoughts on the platform i wanted to go over some 
of my results now i want you to keep in mind here   that none of this is definitive just because your 
genes may put you at a higher risk of something   does not mean that it's going to happen as we 
spoke about earlier your lifestyle choices and   your environment play a big role so here 
are some of the interesting things i found   through my wellness reports from my vitamins 
wellness report i learned that i am at a higher   risk of developing a vitamin d deficiency because 
of this self-decode recommends me prioritizing   getting sunlight and also consuming foods high in 
vitamin d3 such as fish and egg yolks along with   some other recommendations all of which i more 
or less do my fitness wellness report was pretty   underwhelming it basically said that i am average 
at everything from endurance to power based sports   i have typical risk of injuries and typical 
breathing benefits my food sensitivities report   showed that i have a good tolerance to histamine 
which i kind of assumed because i've never had   a reaction to high histamine foods and histamine 
is really interesting and something that i think   a lot of people overlook and then finally my 
minerals report had me at an increased risk   of deficiency in the electrolyte sodium potassium 
and magnesium and also iron highlighting the need   for me to prioritize foods rich in these 
minerals and also supplement magnesium   especially in conclusion i think that 
self-decode is a great platform for anyone   wanting to learn more about their body as i said 
before not everything is going to be 100 accurate   however i do think it is a really good 
jumping off point for making diet and   lifestyle changes you might realize that you are 
at a greater risk of being sensitive to lectins   and because you found this out you might take 
them out of your diet and feel amazing if you   guys do want to check them out you can head to forward slash self decode or   click the link in my description box down below 
there are two plan options you can purchase an   annual subscription for ninety seven dollars which 
gives you five wellness reports a year and fifty   percent off additional ones or else the lifetime 
access option allows you access to all the   wellness reports you want you have the option to 
purchase a dna kit through self-decode or if you   have already had a dna test done you can download 
the raw dna file and then upload it to self-decode   they offer worldwide shipping and you fully own 
your data so you do not have to worry about it   being shared or sold with third-party companies 
anyways guys that's all i have for you today   let me know in the comment section down 
below if you have had a dna test done   and if there was anything interesting that you 
learned thank you guys so much for watching   and if you did enjoy this video you might enjoy 
my review video on the aura ring which is a sleep   tracking wearable device you can check it out 
here if you want to catch up on my most recent   upload you can find it right here and if you 
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thanks again guys i'll see you next time bye

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