the ingredients in this drink are enriched with 
collagen properties which tightens the skin making   it look firm young and wrinkle free it purifies 
blood remove toxins from the skin that further   leads to glowing skin it helps also to even out 
skin tone and get rid of free radicals which helps   slow the process of Aging welcome everyone thank 
you so much for watching if you're new to this   Channel please don't forget to subscribe and turn 
on your post notification and meanwhile in today's   video I'm going to be making use of a juicer to 
extract the juice so you can also use a blender   and if you're using a blender you have to go less 
on this measurement so to make this drink that   will help you to achieve healthy and glowing skin 
the first ingredient you'll be needing here will   be red bell pepper and for the bell pepper this is 
the quantity I'm going to be using for this drink   red bell peppers are high in beta-carotene which 
the body converts into Vitamin A and the skin   needs this vitamin A to maintain its immune system 
this vitamin A prevents sun damage by interrupting   the process that breaks down collagen which helps 
in speeding up healing preventing breakouts and   promoting natural moisturizing and bell peppers 
also contain carotenoid antioxidants which reduce   inflammation and prevent oxidative damage caused 
by free radicals and it also has a powerful   antioxidant that shed the skin against the UVA 
and UVB damage this help in eliminating the risk   of developing early signs of aging on your skin 
and straightening your skin imperative abilities   the next ingredient we have here is carrot carrot 
as we all know is very important to the skin is   very good for the dry skin if you're always having 
that potassium deficiency it might result in your   skin getting dry always so the high amount of 
potassium in carrot will help you to nourish your   dry skin and carrots also treats skin infection 
and inflammation it also helps to treat acne and   pimples They are packed with anti-aging properties 
and they also protect your skin from Sun's Rays   because the beta-carotene in carrot is a skin 
friendly nutrient that gets converted to vitamin   A inside the body and this help repair skin 
tissues why also protecting the skin from harmful   radiation apart from carrot nourishing your skin 
they are also good for your eyes it helps to   improve your eyesight and it also helps to lower 
the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and   also reduce the levels of bad cholesterol the next 
ingredient we have here is one of the citrus fruit   also and this is orange orange help keep your 
skin hydrated while providing nutrients such   as vitamin C and colorful plant pigment called 
carotenite which may help maintain a youthful glow   drinking orange juice daily could do wonders 
to your skin because it's going to help to   fight free radicals which could make your 
skin to be dull and also promote wrinkles   and aging French Orange has citric acid which 
has anti-aging properties these vitamins in   Orange help to regenerate skin cells and keep 
the skin young it also prevents skin problems   such as blackheads dark spots wrinkles and 
pigmentation orange is one of the effective   fruits that you can eat to brighten up a door 
completion because it helps to keep your skin   hydrated from the inside and plump and supple on 
the outside next thing we have here is Apple and   for the Apple I'm using Red Apple go ahead with 
any of the color you want or the color you have   Apple's antioxidant property prevents cell and 
tissue and damage because apples contain abundant   amount of elastin and collagen that help keep the 
skin young and apple also contains polyphenol and   antioxidant that help protect against ultraviolet 
radiation and leads to younger looking skin   because of the high amount of vitamin C in apple 
it also prevents premature aging and enhances   skin glow and because apple is rich in collagen 
elastin and UV fighting ingredients they help   prevent wrinkles and by so doing adverting 
cell damage and get vibrant and supple skin   next ingredient we have here is lemon and 
for the lemon I'm using one lemon lemons   are a vitamin C Powerhouse an antioxidants 
vital for healthy skin and lemons are the   body's natural internal cleansers which help 
digestion and remove toxins leaving our skin   clear and radiant lemons increase the amount 
of collagen in your skin which means you will   produce fewer wrinkles that is to say that it 
delays the process of aging and the vitamin C in   lemon also fight off toxins that cause breakouts 
next ingredient we have here is ginger and for   the ginger this is the quantity I'm going to 
be using Ginger is part full of antioxidants   and anti-aging ingredient called gingeron 
which help protect against collagen breakdown   boost elasticity and promote a more youthful 
compilation and this antioxidant Ginger roll   also help to fight skin damaging free radicals 
helping to promote smooth and even skin tone   then here will be tomato and for the Tomato I'm 
using two large Tomatoes tomatoes are an excellent   source of vitamin C and outside tomato helping 
you to boost your immune system the vitamin C   in tomato help stimulate collagen production and 
the high contents of potassium and vitamin C help   transform the dollars of skins and restore glow to 
your skin and tomatoes have lycopene which is an   antioxidant that help fight free radicals in the 
body fighting free radicals in the body definitely   help you to improve your skin health and this 
lycopene is a strong antioxidant that help the   appearance of your skin this antioxidants 
help reverse signs of aging which means you   getting plumpy skin and reduce Fine Lines 
making you to have younger and glowing skin   so after preparing all this amazing ingredients 
the next thing we have to do is to extract the   wonderful juice from them all and I'm going to 
be doing that by using my juicer remember what   I said from the beginning you can also use 
your blender if you don't have a tweezer and   for those that will be asking me about this 
juicer the link is in the description box so   this drink is very good for everyone to drink 
especially if you're aging if you are growing   older you need to be drinking this kind of drink 
because your body really makes it I know we are   going to get old but drinking this kind of thing 
will definitely help us a lot to you know have   the kind of body that we want some people look 
older than their age this drink will help you to   look way younger than your age good for everyone 
to drink if you're pregnant you can drink this   if you are breastfeeding you can drink this but 
if you find any of these ingredients not good for   you please go ahead and remove anyone and combine 
other ones you still get amazing results from them   as you can see this is the quantity of juice 
we got from this very very healthy very very   nutritious very very delicious it's so good so 
nourishing so refreshing you can do this three   to four times in a week but if you don't want 
to be drinking this particular drink every time   you can substitute it with other videos I have 
done on this channel I have a lot of them that   will help you to nourish your skin so guys that's 
what I've come to share with you in today's video   If you find this video helpful please please don't 
forget to give it a thumbs up share with friends   and families and if you are new to this channel 
I once again welcome you and please don't forget   to subscribe and turn on your post notification 
before you leave and I thank you my wonderful   subscribers though that have Stick by Me from 
from the beginning of this channel I thank you   so much and more especially those that share my 
videos I so much so much appreciate you all and   I say may God continue to bless everyone that 
have contributed to the growth of this channel   thank you so much once again and I will see 
you very soon in the next video bye bye for now



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