I am Dietitian Natasha Mohan, and today I have brought you all Simple Zero Oil Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast. Yes, it is an oil-free diet plan to lose weight fast that contains tasty and healthy Indian recipes that will change your life. Life will change as a lot of weight will reduce that too quickly because it is tried and tested. My clients have shown great results especially, they have had a detox, their bloating problem has come to end, Moreover, their skin is also clear now. All the pimple-acne related problems have also finished to great extent. And, biggest, they feel energetic.

Moreover, their health conditions like diabetes and bp have also improved. So if those guys had a difference with thi diet plan then why should I keep this diet secret with you? And the biggest advantage of this diet plan is it is made from the ingredients available at home. Very easy, quick, and easy, with simple recipes you can follow this Indian meal diet plan for Weight Loss Because it does not involve a lot of trumpets and ingredients.

With some simple ingredients only you have to make your food. You too happy, family members too happy. Moreover, it is budget-friendly, it will be light on your pocket too. Double benefit. Think about it you will get great benefits. And the recipes are so tasty that you will lick your fingers. Friends, did you know? That a small spoon of oil is of 40-kilo calories. Now you think about it, At home, whenever, how much oil the food like this contains that all family members sit together and eat that it is very tasty. How many calories are inside it? You eat it but always regret it after having it.

Because oil contains only fat and no other nutrient. So if you want quick weight loss and detox, you will not get a better chance than this simple budget weight loss diet plan. So come quickly, I will show a very interesting way of zero-oil recipes, and let’s, have a look at this diet plan to lose weight fast Come, friends, let us start our Indian diet meal plan for weight loss with our morning drink first. Now, this morning drink is very exciting.

The results of this are great! Especially, for those who have problems with constipation, any other metabolic syndrome, or whose metabolism is very slow. You guys have to soak 1 spoonful of whole coriander in one glass of water. Metals are not allowed only mirror glass. Now just cover it and boil this water the very next day. As soon as this water boils for 1-2 minutes, strain it and drink.

It has a lot of benefits, is a very nutrient-dense and fibre-rich option that will strengthen your metabolism in the morning, Provide you with full feeling and give you a sudden flux of energy. So quickly drink this amazing drink. I will meet you at the time of breakfast. Friends now is time for breakfast. You have 4 options for breakfast. Very amazing, very tasty. The first option is my favourite paneer sandwich. Friends, to make this paneer sandwich, we will use brown bread or wheat bread. Now stack all the vegetables you have at home. I have cabbage, onion, tomato, cucumber, and capsicum. We will arrange it properly and add a big block of paneer approximately 50 grams on it. Now we will add seasonings to it like salt, black pepper, and dried herbs. After seasoning, it properly, close the sandwich, Cut it in two halves and enjoy it because it is a perfect breakfast option for vegetarians. It contains a good source of fats, protein, fibre, and carbohydrates too. So this is to begin your day. This was your first option for breakfast.

The second option is a boiled egg sandwich. You have to make it similar to the first option with brown bread or wheat bread. You can take approximately 2 boiled eggs, the yellow part is not allowed. I know it tastes great, contains healthy fats, But the cholesterol level is also high. And those with increased BMI, the yellow part is not allowed for weight loss. You add salt and black pepper in it. If you wish to make it with a lot of vegetables or take cucumber or carrot seperately with it. The third option that I am giving you is porridge. It is a very healthy and quick option. If you wish, you can use oats or porridge in it. You have to do nothing just take 30-40 grams of oats or porridge. Boil it in half glass milk or water till it gets soft.

The cooking time for porridge will be more than oats. Then we will add 1 spoon of jaggery powder to it and serve it. But to decorate it, we will add a lot of nuts to its top like 4 soaked almonds, 2 walnuts, and 3-4 soaked raisins. This much is enough. You get healthy fats, protein, and complex carbohydrates too. It is an all in all winner combination. So rather than eating a single thing for a whole week, try different options. You will feel very good. Friends, the fourth option we have is oil-free poha. You will get its recipe on my you tube channel Diet recipes by Natasha Mohan. I am sharing the link over here, as well as in the description too. Watch after looking at the whole day's recipes only. Now, you have had breakfast, but what to wat after 2 hours when you feel hungry? I will tell you. You have to take this it is a bowl full of papaya.

It is a very healthy and nutritious fruit. If you can’t take papaya, you can take a whole apple, guava, or pomegranate instead of it. Consume only these fruits, And do not pick any other option. So these are your mid-morning options. Come, I’ll show you what’s for lunch. Friends, our lunch is also ready. You can see it. You have rice and flatbread both as your options. You will be shocked after learning that such delicious-looking food is made without oil. Yes, come I will show you this special dal (pulse) recipe that is completely oil-free.

You can have it with one bowl of rice or 1-2 flatbreads. Eat a lot of salad with it and take half or one bowl of curd. Come quickly, let us look at the dal recipe. Friends, to make oil-free dal, we will take 1 bowl of moong dal. Then we will add cumin, asafoetida, garlic, and ginger. Now we will add some finely chopped vegetables in it like peas, tomato, beans, and carrot. You can add any vegetable. For spices, red chilli, turmeric, coriander powder, garam masala, raw mango powder, and a little salt. We will add coriander & green chilli. And we will add 2 glasses full of water. You can use any other dal instead of mong dal. Now we will let it cook on full flame and wait till 2 whistles. As soon as our dal will be ready, You will see such a great colour has come, And you will get the instant fragrance.

It is a delicious recipe and sure, try it as it is. And those who don’t want to have dal-vegetable or dal- flatbread can have my favourite oil-free pulao. I will share its recipe below in the description you will get it on my channel diet recipes by Natasha Mohan. You can enjoy eating it too with 1 plate salad and 1 bowl of curd. Friends, for the evening tea we have a very tasty and interesting option of my herbal tea. It is my favourite tea. So how should I not share its recipe with you guys? Firstly, we will take a pan and add 1-1.5 glasses of water. Then we will add cinnamon and ginger in it.

Then we will cover it and let it boil for at least 3-4 minutes. Keep the flame on low. As soon as it boils, we will close the gas and add orange peels. You might have had a lot of oranges before, but what about its peel? It also contains a lot of nutrients that will help you a lot in weight loss and give a great flavour to this tea. So quickly add orange peels in it, and we will not turn on the gas or boil it. We will keep it as it is for 1 minute. As soon as it gets ready, strain it in a mug, and it’s ready to enjoy. But what about the snacks with it? For snacks, you can take half a fist of peanuts. It is a very source of protein. A lot of vitamins are present in it that are very helpful for you. The second option I am giving you is of sprouts chat. It is also a very healthy option. So quickly choose between these 2 options and I will meet you at dinner. Friends, for dinner, we have my favourite recipe gram chat.

It is so healthy, tasty, and nutrient-dense, That will fill your stomach very instantly. You won’t feel hungry for long and won’t crave any other craving. Come quickly, and let’s look at this recipe. We will take 2 tbsp curd, a little garlic paste, salt, red chilli, coriander powder, garam masala, raw mango powder, and cumin powder. Then we will mix it properly. Now we will add 50 grams of boiled grams, 50 grams of boiled potato, and a lot of chopped vegetables. Like capsicum, onion, cucumber, tomato, and a lot of green coriander and serve it. For garnishing, we will use roasted sesame seeds and mint leaves. This dinner option is very healthy. Rich in complex-carbohydrates, protein, and fibre. It is a perfect combination. And, if you guys want, you can try my oil-free soup with it. You can get its recipe at my channel diet recipes by Natasha Mohan. And those who are non-vegetarians can try my oil-free chicken recipe.

You can get that recipe too at my channel diet recipes by Natasha Mohan. I hope you must have liked today’s diet plan. So quickly like this video, subscribe to my channel, And don’t forget to press the notification bell. I will meet you with more exciting videos, till then, take care!

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