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Do they come late or a month has come, then the next month has not come, then the next month has not come, then the next vote has not
come. Irregular periods are coming, many such problems are being faced by many girls these days,
because all the things we eat These days, he is not pure, because of which our inner body,
shoes, he also goes on becoming hormonal inside us, now normal change changes keep happening, to fix
it, you have to read it well with home remedies. You do not need to go to the doctor,
yes, if the home remedies do not help you, then definitely show it to the doctor, then today in this video we
will see which is the home remedy that will help your period start coming on time.

If you go,
let's see the period What is the month in Hindi, we say that it is okay with normal periods, everyone
will know that every month the uterus inside you, that is, your baby dani breaks its layer to the clear
membrane inside itself and when it breaks early, then it breaks. It comes out from inside you,
in the form of blood, that is, it is the same as a building, your pierce is now normally every month a person should come,
well like this month I came on the 5th, if I come on the 10th, then there is no problem.
No, even if you come on a date, there is no

problem. You must use this cloth which I am going to tell you, because
this cloth has helped me too many times it happened with me and I have taken school by making this cloth
and I have benefited a lot, so please try it Definitely do it if you face this problem then it
is okay and if you have 5 days If ding comes, there is no problem in it, it is very normal for
some four days reading man comes for three days, if it comes 15 days then there is no problem in it, so
don't worry, okay then let's see this decoction How is this cloth actually being made, we
call it Turmeric Husband Trend Means Solution, but not only turmeric, you have to take it with it,
you have to take a lot of discussion, first of all what you have to do is to take ginger, cut a small text like this Do
it as if it is cut, you have to cut it like this, then you can cut it like this, there is no problem ginger.

The period tree inside you also helps in reducing that, second thing ginger does one more

The layer inside your uterus, that is, its membrane does not break like
this. You have to free yourself in a way that you do n't have to move, then it breaks for the
inside and In the form of blood, it brings many full pores in and out and well so ginger has
worked that it works in both your baby in such a way that you get periods
as well as produces warmth inside you Hit   reduces, because of which you
have less paint, so this was the benefits of ginger, so you have to take a little ginger, the member
comes next to cut ginger, your cumin, which is why it will be available in your house, a little bean The recovery function is what it
does, the first thing cumin also helps in reducing the pain , as well as it also
works to move your uterus, it works to break the inner membrane by shaking it, the third thing
fennel fennel works like a herbal herbal how it works you can say look at the leaves of this one
we are of two types then this is its property done it is very useful for
us it is our YouTube The channel keeps the blood inside the uterus good and will keep the blood inside the uterus

Any thing, your uterus will be turmeric and that turmeric will work, that is, when
it has to be broken inside itself, then it will break it easily, okay, there is such a property in fennel, like Majorganj,
and as soon as there is a property, this too Your YouTube channel working with beans, you keep
your child's blood supply well and your child 's, you can get black pepper, you
will get it comfortably at home, it is not so much, so I have to put it in you and keep it in another place.
What is chili, it works to keep your internal rules by alarming, as in you,
progesterone progesterone is written here.

Yes, you are a simple thing, if it
is coming out soon, if it will not be formed soon , then how will you get periods in your uterus,
then the work of making this membrane is done by a hormone called progesterone , as well as what your black pepper It is used
to maintain progesterone levels It works fine, then you have to collect all these things
, after collecting you do not have to boil the water, do not boil too much water, you have to boil only one
glass of water, put all these things in it . Ginger is your shop, half ripe cumin, your black
pepper, put these four things, you have to boil it for only two minutes, you have to open it, after going to the office,
your husband will be ready, filter it in a cup and two pinches only two pinches of turmeric in it Powder
, that is, turmeric which works to increase immunity inside you, keeps you turmeric,
and there are many benefits of turmeric, it does not let you get sick

All these properties are there in your turmeric, it's okay,
add two spoons of sorry, two pinches of turmeric, mix it well and drink it lukewarm, drink it cold, do
n't do it because you will drink lukewarm, only then you will be benefited. many
things that became your daughter They make your figure, what will this cloth do, you know what is important of everyone,
I have told you what is working when you do this in people, then what
will you do in your uterus Will keep turmeric in your uterus. She will make it on time, she will
make it on time, then you will get periods on time, as well as when the time comes to break that jewelry
, she will break easily with the help of this cloth, when to drink it right, you will get periods A few days
before, I have to start and take the exam, as if I had period side one last time on 5th and this
month I am not getting piers, so what do you have to do, 5th has come for you, you have not got periods, you have not got periods
since 5th Start drinking it is ok quantity, you have to drink for four days, drink this clothes for three to four days,
you will start coming back on time and you can have peace or if you have to drink one time then you can drink one time
too, no problem.

If it is hot, then one time behind if there is cold weather, then morning and evening,
you take this You will start getting juice as soon as possible, no need to go to the hospital, there
is no need to eat medicines, just give a little 5 minutes to your home for five minutes
and in this 5 minutes your figure will be ready. You have to drink it, that's all, in today's video
, if you have any doubt, then you can ask me in the comment box , along with trying it must
see, I have tried it myself and I am telling you That I have
become completely free from the problem of my irregular periods, I am now with the pillar on time, a little bit of mine happens that there should be a gap
, but it does not matter, I want period on time, there is no job simultaneously At the same time,
there is no pain, it has all the benefits, you will be less likely to have pain, you will not know yours and you
will feel a lot of turmeric, those 10 all about the irregularities of the quid have to be corrected like this, thank you so much if you have to
add something.

If you have any personal experience, then definitely share it with me, I will definitely add
sandalwood pass. Aitkar has a nice day and stay safe a picture on.



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