I am dietitian Natasha Mohan, And today I have brought you a very exciting diet plan, With whose help, you can achieve your flat belly easily, And get a slim waist too that too very quickly. By following this diet plan, not only your weight will lose, But inch loss too. Moreover, your full body detox will also happen. The bloating problem you have or have constant flatulence, Or have water retention in your body all those problems, Will also get rid of following this diet plan.

It’s easy to follow, Full of simple recipes, tried and tested diet plan. That just I haven’t tried but my clients have tried too. And have got great results too. You got scared, thinking it’s made with expensive ingredients, How will we follow this diet plan? No, it’s nothing like that. No trumpets, very easy, Without emptying your pocket, It will lose your weight, and belly too.

Friends, gone are the days when people looked at You or your fat belly used to say, Wow! You look from a well-nourished family. Now it’s looked down and people with hatred eyes, Asks, how much you eat? What do you eat? Now, stop! I have faced it myself already, So I know how you guys must feel. When I was going through that tough phase, I was in search of a diet plan or help, With which very soon, I was to get my weight loss results. Because, when we aren’t able to lose weight, It creates a demotivation in our brain, due to which, Instead of stepping forward, we go backwards. After 2 days when we don’t get the results, Weight doesn’t lose at the weighing scale, it feels very bad. But with this, I got great results and, I achieved my weight loss goal too. I understand your pain properly that’s why this diet plan, Today, I want to present in front of you all.

So that all those watching this video can take benefit from it. So if you have hit the plateau in your weight loss journey, Of you are to just start your weight loss journey. Or are tired of listening to the taunts of family or friends. Just with one extra roti, everyone stares at you, And when you’re standing at your legs and Can’t even look at them because your belly comes in the way. How bad you feel at that time, this I know. This diet plan is very technical that’s why due to its technicality, You guys don’t forget to watch this video till the end, Because with that only you’ll get the whole information, On how to follow this diet plan, who can follow this? And who can’t follow this diet plan? Now you are ready, and I am ready too.

Then what’s the wait for? Come, let’s start our special flat belly diet plan. This diet plan that I’m sharing with you guys, You have to follow this for 7 days. In which, the odd days in these 7 days, 1,3,5, or 7, Their diet will be equal (same). And for the even days, i.e. 2,4, or 6, Their diet will be different. Now quickly note what to eat on odd days and even days. Come, let’s start our diet plan with the morning drink. For both days, our morning drink will get ready at night. First, we have to make our even day drink one night before, Cut 100 grams of apple in thin, thin slices, with its peel, We have to soak them in 200 ml water. Don’t use metals. We’ll soak them in the mirror glass. And we’ll add half cinnamon stick in this water only. And, for your even days, you have to prepare for, This morning drink one night before.

You have to take 200 ml of water, 100 grams of cucumber, Chopped in thin slices, that too with its peel. And you have to soak 2 slices of lemon in this water only. So, now we are prepared for the morning drink, But how to drink it? You have to take your even day's drink by boiling it. As soon as you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach, You have to properly boil it, strain it and take it. And the apple, you can also chew it comfortably and take it. And this cucumber and lemon drink, You have to take it as it is without boiling it. And later on, you can eat cucumber too. So quickly take the morning drink, I’ll meet you at breakfast.

Friends in breakfast, you have 2 options. On even days, you have carrot and beetroot juice. For this, you have to take 1 small-sized carrot, half beetroot, And add them raw to the blender as it is. We’ll add a glass full of water and blend it properly. Without straining it, we have to take it. You can increase the water content, So that the quantity also increases. And as soon your juice will get ready, You have to add 1 tbsp soaked chia seeds. This day you have to take a cucumber smoothie, This is also a very interesting recipe. You guys must try it. In this, you have to add cucumber, flaxseed, A few herbs, and spices, you have to make this smoothie. It’s filled with very effective healthy fats, has great protein, Moreover, the amount of carbs is also very less in this. And all the carbs are loaded with fibre. So quickly take these morning drinks, And I’ll meet you at mid-morning snacks. Friends mid-morning is such a time when you feel hungry, But if we more food then in lunch overeating will be done. That’s why it’s better to choose the kind of food, That keeps you light and hydrated too.

So, I have an amazing option for your even days. You have to take mausambi juice these days. That is easily available. No excuse will work! If you don’t get it, you can take any fruit like 1 apple, 1 guava, or a bowl full of papaya. And we have a very interesting option for these days, Coconut banana smoothie. To make this smoothie, you’ll take 2 inches of coconut piece. The easily available coconut you have to take that. Either grate it or cut it into small pieces. Then we’ll add 1 full banana and, We’ll add chia seeds and water. Now, we have to blend it properly, and for us, A frothy and creamy, make a very delicious smoothie, And take it. Now is the time for lunch that you have to take vegetables. In vegetables, you can take up to 100-150 grams, Of raw cut vegetables.

You can either sauté it properly or Steam them or dry roast in very little oil. Only half a spoon of oil. Add a little bit of salt and black pepper. If you want, take it with 2 boiled eggs. But try to take the eggs without yellow and take egg white only. Or if you want, you can take it with 50 grams of paneer. Friends, this lunch option will not let you feel hungry for long, Because it has carbohydrates too. It’s loaded with protein and healthy fats too. So it’s an all in all winner combination. And fibre amount is also very good. Now, you have had lunch your stomach-full, But to get more help in digesting your food, After half an hour of eating this food, You have to take lemon and ginger tea. In that, you have to take 1 tsp grated ginger to make your tea. And when your tea gets ready, the ginger gets boiled properly, Then strain it, and when it’s lukewarm, We’ll add 1 tsp lemon juice.

It’s a very tasty tea! It will strengthen your metabolism. Drink it quickly. And I’ll tell you what’s there in evening tea. This time, we have very exciting options for evening tea. You have to take guava on odd days, And on even days, you have to take 1 whole orange. It’s a very healthy and great option. So, sure take it and don’t avoid it at all.

We’ll try to avoid normal tea and coffee in this diet plan. Now, the whole day, eating and drinking, You have enjoyed and followed this diet plan, So, it’s obvious you must be very excited about the dinner too. I’ll show you the options that you have. On odd days you have to take a bowl of oats or daliya. Make it with mixed vegetables and use minimal spices. And use minimal salt too. If you want, You can squeeze a lemon to give it a sour-spicy taste.

Eat this and together, with it eat a plate full of salad. To make vegetable oats, You have to take 30-40 grams of oats or daliya, And approximately 100 grams of vegetables. All the vegetables available at your home, you can add them. Eat a bowl full of it. After this, you have to eat nothing. And here, for even days, you guys have a bowl full of dal.

Approximately 100-150 grams. Whichever dal is cooked at your place, you can have that. It should be cooked in minimal oil. And with this, you have to take the same, a plate full of salad. Enjoy these 2 options. Eat your dinner by properly chewing it, Because it’s your last meal of the day. After this, you have to try this very important tip. Go quickly and brush your teeth. So that there’s no chance of you getting hungry at all. You have to take 2-3 litres of water in the whole day. You have to complete your sleep. Do not take stress at all. If your stress level increases, so there are chances of overeating, You’ll have hunger pangs, and more sweet cravings. So make sure you take care of these things, And keep your mind in control. Stress is an ongoing thing, But the mind should be in your control. If you feel you’re craving something, So by drinking, 1-2 glasses of water, you can make that craving run away.

Now some important tips about this diet plan. You can follow this detox diet chart for 7 days only, Not more than that. And age group that can follow this diet is 18-45 years. People with diabetes, kidney or liver-related disorder, Kindly consult your doctor before following this diet plan. People with hypotension should not follow this diet chart, For more than 3 days. And all others can follow this diet plan, And achieve their weight loss results. So this was about these 7 days, but, what about other days? I am there! Come, let’s see, my clients on a daily basis, Who joins the weight loss program, What kind of food do they eat? Very exciting and simple homemade food with a twist. People eat with very interesting methods and lose weight. The belly is also getting flat, and inch loss is also great. When I’m such a big foodie, how can I keep secrets with you? When I can maintain my weight by eating and drinking, Then why you guys cannot. If you want to join my weight loss program, You can take all the details from the description box.

I hope you must have liked today’s video, So quickly like this, subscribe to my channel and, Don't forget to press the notification bell. I’ll meet you with many more exciting videos, till then take care!.

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