In today’s video, I have brought you all Easy Liquid Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast. You have great chances to lose your full body fat fast if you follow this easy liquid diet plan. Because I reduced my weight quickly by following this liquid diet plan to lose weight when I was very fat. There was one time when the weight wasn’t reducing, so I took the help of this easy liquid diet plan to lose weight. And trust me, I didn’t feel hungry at all the whole day because I used to feel full, and there were no hunger pangs too.

In fact, I used to feel fresh when I followed this liquid diet plan. It seemed like I was more energetic. And, not only me, but I give this diet to my clients when they hit weight loss plateau or can't reduce weight, or are highly obese Those people whose BMI is increased a lot. You guys know that if the weight is too much, it’s very harmful for our internal system. It’s better to reduce your weight quickly, if you don't want to get the problems like Diabetes, cholesterol, high BP, and thyroid. If you follow this diet, it will be a great detox for you and cleanse all your internal system. The amount of all oxidative stress in your body due to eating unhealthy food will be out from your body in the toxins forms.

So, it’s a very convenient and easy-to-follow diet plan that can be made at affordable prices at homes easily. And yes, don’t worry, the taste will also be delicious. Because I am a big foodie.And I don’t eat till the taste is good whether I get fat or thin. It is definite. So what’s the wait? Come on, let me tell you about this miraculous weight loss liquid diet plan. So friends, you guys have to take a morning drink, in the early morning, Here, we’ll take Fenugreek seeds water that is commonly available at every home and is very beneficial for you. It will control the amount of insulin resistance in your body, due to which you get a feeling of hunger pangs or overeating. So, we’ll soak 1 spoon of it at night in a tall mirror glass. And in the morning you have to boil this water and drink it. Now quickly drink this. I will see you at breakfast. Look at this, here’s my breakfast which is ready to drink, and look how beautiful it’s looking. It’s a very tasty and healthy smoothie.

It has a creamy texture, and the calories are also very less. I am sure you guys are curious to know its recipe. So, come I’ll show you. Friends, We don’t like any trumpet in the winter morning to make breakfast. That’s why I have brought a very tasty and creamy fresh fruit milkshake. We’ll use seasonal fruits to make this. I am takingh 4-5 pieces of strawberries and 1 full banana. And at least 4 pieces of soaked and peeled almonds. Then, we’ll add skimmed milk (without fat) and half a glass of water in it. So, now our mixture is ready to blend. Now, let’s quickly close the blender with its cap and blend it.

Its texture will come very creamy, and it will provide you with a full feeling as soon as you consume it. And it tastes delicious. The sweetness of strawberry and banana gives it a great taste. And, the flavour of it is also very aromatic. And, look how bright the colour has come out. Now, we will decorate it with some pistachios, and it’s ready to drink. Wow, amazing! This is what we call breakfast. Friends, now is the turn for our Mid-morning snack. It’s a very important time, and you don’t have to miss it at all. At this time, I am taking my favourite buttermilk (chaas). After seeing its recipe, you will say, wow great! It tastes delicious. Try this positively. It gets ready quickly. And, those who don’t like buttermilk can take any herbal tea. You can make any hot and organic herbal tea for yourself and have it.

So come quickly, let me show you its recipe. Friends, there are different ways to make salted buttermilk. Come, let me show my way which has full nutritional value and fibre content too. Firstly, we’ll add roasted cumin seeds and roasted flaxseed (1 tbsp) powder. Then, we’ll add grated ginger in it. It will reduce inflammation in your body and is great for immunity too. Then, we’ll add curry leaves which is full of fibre content. It will provide you with a full feeling and is very beneficial for you. We'll add 2 tbsp curd (homemade curd) in it. It has no flavour. Then add a glass full of water. And now, it’s time to blend it. I don’t like to add salt in my buttermilk because the great earthy flavours with the spices and herbs we have added tastes good. So, now you have to blend it till a frothy mixture gets ready. I told you right, this recipe gets ready quickly.

So, sure try this. It’s great for your gut health. So, friends look our delicious and glass full quantity of lunch is ready. Now, who wouldn’t like to drink it? The fragrance coming from it is so good, and the colour looks vibrant. Seems like it has a good amount of nutrition. And, the taste is so good that you’ll make and eat it frequently. So, firstly let’s quickly look at its recipe. Friends, this green vegetable smoothie recipe that I’m sharing with you all today is one of a kind recipe. Look, I am adding a bowl full of steamed vegetables in it. Here, I steamed a few cloves of garlic with the vegetables too. You can choose from all the vegetables at your home. There’s no avoidance. But, steam the vegetables properly because it provides a very nice fragrance and its texture is very creamy. Moreover, these vegetables contain nutritional as well as antioxidants properties too. Now, we’ll add boiled potatoes. Here, I am taking a small potato without its peel.

It’s a great source of complex carbohydrates. Now, I’ll add roasted oats powder in it. You can take any oats here we have to use only 2 spoons of it. Then, to give it a green colour, we’ll add a lot of green coriander in it. Its fibre content is good, and the flavour that comes is very tasty. Then I am adding baby spinach to it. It’s from my garden.

So, if you guys also plant herbs like baby spinach, coriander, and mint all in your garden, then you’ll also get to eat them daily. So, add water, and it’s time to blend it. But not without seasoning it. We’ll season it with a little black pepper and salt. We’ll keep the seasonings very simple, not much trumpet. The flavour of vegetables in itself is so good that there’s no need to add anything else. Friends, if you want you can take the juice of raw vegetables too. But, I prefer steamed vegetables. I feel like cooked vegetables are easy to digest.

And steamed vegetables are better for those who have acidity, acid reflux, and bloating problems. So, if you’re taking a liquid diet for the whole day, then this kind of lunch will be very beneficial. As it will provide you with a full feeling and won’t let you feel hungry for a long time. So, you are covered for the next 3-4 hours. Now, let’s just decorate it with some grated beetroot on the top of it. So, friends now is the time for your evening tea, but in this diet no coffee, no tea is allowed. In this, you have to take this smoothie. It’s so tasty, so creamy, so delicious, that you’ll say wow, I enjoyed it. So, this is my favourite smoothie. Come quickly, let me show you its recipe. This 4 ingredients special smoothie gets ready quickly in a few minutes. It’s very easy to make.

It is the best option to fill your stomach sitting at home at an affordable price. In this, we’ll use such fruits that are very healthy for us. We are adding a bowl full of papaya and a whole apple. And, now add cinnamon, curd, and a little honey (1 small spoon). We’ll add water and make a good blend mixture of it. And yes, we’ll take an apple with its skin because all its fibre is in the skin. Now we’ll add soaked chia seeds. Here I am adding 1 spoon full of it. Now, you’ll have to try this smoothie for sure. Now, it’s 7 on my clock, and it’s the right time for you to take dinner. So, quickly watch the recipe of this amazing soup on my new channel Diet recipes by Natasha Mohan. I am sharing its link here and in the description below too. Quickly come and watch it. Some important tips that you have to keep in mind, When following this diet, you don’t have to take any stress and drink at least 3 litres of water in a day.

And, yes, your last meal will be between 7-8 PM. You don’t have to eat anything after that. You’ll repeat this diet plan for 2 days. Don’t follow this easy liquid diet plan to lose weight for more than 2 days. I’ll see you soon. Don’t forget to comment below and tell me how much weight did you lose.



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