so today we're going to talk about strep
throat and some alternative things that you can do a couple things you need to
know about strep throat most the time it's going to be viral related which
means the antibiotics are not going to work only 20% of the time it's bacterial
now the confusing thing about strep throat is that people assume that it's
bacterial in nature when most the time it's viral from an adenovirus or even
epstein-barr virus so what I'm going to show you is what to do if you have a
sore throat whether it's coming from a bacteria or a virus what's interesting
about this infection is that it occurs way more often from December to April so
the most likely possibility is that it's a vitamin D deficiency because there's
less Sun and the vitamin D deficiency makes you susceptible to both bacterial
infections and especially viral infections so there's a couple things I
would recommend during these months especially if you get these repeated
infections a year after year or your kids get it have them or yourself start
taking vitamin D on a regular basis during these months right here the other
thing to do especially if it's a virus which is the majority of time is vitamin
C in higher amounts make sure the vitamin C you're taking is
non-gmo because a lot of times they make it from corn okay and corn is GML so you
want non-gmo take a large amounts that really helps to put this virus back on
our mission it can also help the immune system to combat a bacterial infection
as well the big problem that people are running into with the antibiotics is
that you start developing antibiotic resistance and all of a sudden you get
to a point where it doesn't work anymore so people are looking for an alternative
solution another remedy would be apple cider vinegar why does that work because
when you acidify the body and of course you're going to dilute it with water
okay one tablespoon in a glass of water so when you consume this it actually
stimulates the immune cells called the phagocytes to work harder to combat this
infection okay so this is one thing you can do the other big thing is fasting
okay when you fast for a period of at least 18 hours you go through autophagy and autophagy is a you know the
self-cleaning of an effect it actually helps clean up old damaged proteins but
it also can help clear out viruses and bacteria in fungus and mold from the
body so this is a very very potent thing and the last but most powerful thing I'm
going to recommend is an acupressure technique to help decrease the intensity
of the pain in your throat okay so what you do is you can either get a device to
do this technique or get someone else to do this on you what you're going to be
doing is simply isolate the location of where it hurts okay in your neck and you
draw a circle in the back part of your neck and you're gonna be applying
pressure to the opposing opposite side of where your intense soreness is
located okay so there's two ways you can do this you can get someone to apply
pressure by pressing their thumb and their middle finger to the back part of
your neck equal pressure opposing the pain for about one to two minutes okay
in the demonstration I'm showing you right now and if you do this the way
that you know you have the exact right spot is you're gonna find that it's
going to be very sore in other words if someone's pressing in the back of your
neck and it's not extremely sore then they have the wrong points so have them
make the adjustments so they can find the epicenter of this soreness which
actually is the mirror image of where you feel the sore throat and have them
hold that pressure for two to three minutes the other way you can do this is
to get a massage device like the one I have right here and this way you can
lean back in a tall back chair or a couch and apply this tool to the back of
your neck to simulate someone's hand pressure in fact this is one of the
reasons why I created this tool is to be able to do these techniques on myself
and not to be dependent on someone else doing them
so in summary most the time it's going to be viral in nature sometimes bacteria
the vitamin C will actually stimulate the immune system make sure it's non-gmo
vitamin D is a great preventative and something that can bolster your immune
system apple cider vinegar can actually speed up those little immune cells
called phagocytes that can help fight this thing off faster start doing
fasting on immediate basis this is probably the reason why people lose
their appetite but I put a link down below of how to do this correctly and
the acupressure technique I put some more videos down below to kind of get
more information on how to do it that can really take away the pain all right
guys go ahead and try this and put your comments down below so if you want to
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