IN SIGNIFICANT News. Show that COVID-19 THIRD OF PEOPLE WHO SURVIVE affects the mind and COVID DEVE very HEA significant ways IS . Researchers RDERS THEY found a third of people who survive COVID developed R HAD BEFORE. mental DOCTORS SAY health SUGGESTS T issues or brain disorders that they never had before. NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO WILL NEED HELP… FOX13♪ )S BRIONA And doctors say the research suggests a bigger number EXPLAINS WHAT of people IDERS ARE DOING will be needing help in the future. FOX 13's Briona Arradondo explains what providers were doing to get ready for that wave. ((TAKE PKG)) SOME PEOPLE WHO RECOVER FROM COVID-19 MAY GET MORE THAN JUST A Some people NEW STUDY who recover LANCET PSY from L IN APRIL LOOK COVID-19 AND CO make RESEARCHERS it more than HEM DEVELOPE just antibodies DISORDERS WITHIN THE SIX MONTHS AFTER . A new study THAT published DEPRESSI in A STROKE. TH The Lancet DED TO DE psychiatry THE SIX journal EY STUDIED in April, looked at 236,000 COVID survivors, Researchers found a third of them developed mental health or brain disorders. Within the six months after the infection that includes anxiety, depression or even a stroke.

Psych burden tended to decline a little over the six months that they studied people. That's all they did. It was still there at the end, so it's not like it always goes away on its own. You might need help with Dr Glenn career heads up the psychiatry department at the University of South Florida. He tells us over video conference. This study shows how COVID-19 puts you at risk. There is more wife spread awareness of this in the medical kit. Yeah, it's up to us who work in specialty areas such as psychiatry, so organized care that's appropriate for folks. Florida Behavioral Health Association president Melanie Brown Wool after says mental health provider saw more people needing their help. In the last year. The industry and system of here is feeling the pressure. On, you know, creating access getting people in where they need to be seen and then being able to provide the appropriate treatment for them, so they're getting ready to meet even more demand. We're lifeline. You know, we're here for anyone who's experiencing any kind of difficulty.

Experts say the takeaway is how important it is to talk to your doctor. Don't minimize it. Don't be alarmist, but realized there's help to be had. And if people are struggling with any of this, they should seek out that help reporting in Tampa Briona Arradondo Fox13 News, Florida's manatees are in big trouble. They're dying across.



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