there's a very good remedy that 
you should take at the first sign   of a cold okay now what are some of the symptoms 
that would represent the first sign of a cold   runny nose cough sneeze itchy throat or 
scratchy throat could be a rhinovirus   coronavirus influenza there could be actually 
200 different viruses and this is the remedy   that i'm going to recommend black elderberry and 
let me tell you why it's a very effective remedy   it's been used for a very long time and all of 
these symptoms right here are really symptoms of   inflammation the inflammation is what's creating 
the symptoms it's what's containing the pathogen   what's killing the pathogen and then ends up 
repairing all the damage that this inflammation   created and removing a lot of the inflammation 
out of the area and also concentrating the white   blood cells but black elderberry is a powerful 
immune modulator so it helps to regulate if the   immune system is overreacting if there's too much 
inflammation it can bring it down to a normal   cycle it also will help decrease the duration of 
the infection and the intensity of the infection   and if you can take it in the very beginning 
you can actually maybe even stop the whole cycle   from occurring now there's some other things 
that i would highly recommend taking as well   vitamin c i would recommend a natural food 
vitamin c about 500 milligrams would be good   zinc at least 50 milligrams of zinc which 
will help you a lot and vitamin d minimally   10,000 IUs oh and one last little point about this 
itchy scratchy throat if you haven't seen my video   on the acupressure technique for a sore 
throat it'll blow you away i put the link   down below check it out hey before you go 
real quick i have a course entitled how to   bulletproof your immune system it's a free 
course i want you to take it and here's why   here's you here is your environment everyone 
is focused on this over here avoiding   your environment but what about here what about 
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