Full of energy Madness Enthusiasm Care free attitude Confusion Dreamer I am talking about teenage Literally best phase of life. Welcome back to my channel guys I am Dr. Shikha. and today for all of you, I have bought Teenager Diet Plan for summers I know all of your exams have finished and this is the best time to lose weight and you are ready for weight loss. So I have bought you teenager diet plan for summers first, for the motivation go to my channel and watch my old teenager diet plan video and do read the comment section below that there are many lovely teenager subscribers who commented below that and have said how amazing weight loss had they did how amazingly have they improved their health.

So that you can get motivation, that yes this is possible even you can lose your weight and can also improve your health. So guys this free which you have you can utilize this in two ways either you can go out daily and eat junk food or you can focus on your health and focus on your weight loss and this golden period, which will never come back utilize it in best way and do your weight loss. This teenage is our growing age and in this time you must take a healthy diet and take calorie rich diet but the calories must not come from junk food that must come from healthy food made in home. You need a lot of calcium, protein and iron this time because all these things will be the building blocks of your body remember few things that you must complete 7 to 8 hours of sleep don't always scroll your phone remember to complete your sleep and keep your phone aside at night drink at least 3 and a half litre water everyday do drink 1 glass of water in every hour don't take stress and check your weight daily so that you can track your progress that the diet which you are following, how is it working on your body so these are some tips, do follow these and with this follow my diet plan I am giving 100% guarantee, you will lose weight you will improve your health how will it not happen I have so many subscribers and clients who did it I have did it so can you and try to be active in the entire day don't be like, sitting at one place try to do any physical activity for 30 minutes any activity you like you can do dancing, swimming or go for a walk any activity or any sport you like do it for only 30 minutes try to be active in the entire day and done, nothing else to do in this age the metabolism will be very high and you can do weight loss effectively in this time you can do best weight loss so do follow good diet and lose your excess weight quickly.

So let's start our teenager diet plan I will tell you all things in a simple language I will give you very simple recipes and without wasting much time I will quickly say the diet plan because I know you don't have much time. So first let's start with our morning drink try OT sleep by 10:00 or 10:30 PM and get up at 6:00 or 6:30 AM as you get up first use wash room and then check your weight and the first thing which should go inside your body that is our morning drink once you start drinking morning drink within some time you will notice what wonder can it do to your body will improve your health, increase your metabolism make you lose weight and you skin, would start glowing suddenly so in morning drink with this diet plan I am giving you that is our Aloe Vera Juice how to make it, come to my kitchen, I will show you.

Guys first I have took a Aloe Vera leaf here I have washed it properly and removed the toxic dark coloured gel from it now I am peeling it you will peel the upper part of this that's it now it's gel inside we will scrap it on a chopping board I am scrapping it with a knife just like this we will scrap the gel part from the entire leaf. That's it our gel is ready we have removed all the gel from the leaf now I am taking a blender jar and putting this gel into the jar I have took 1 glass of water here we will add this and blend it.

I will transfer this in a glass jar will put the lid can easily store it in fridge for 4 to 5 days. And whenever I want to use this then from this I will take a little juice this much now I am adding 1 glass of water in this this is luke warm water that's it, we will mix this and drink our super duper Aloe Vera juice is ready! So guys this is our amazing Aloe Vera juice if you don't have Aloe Vera plant at your home no need to worry any brand Aloe Vera juice available in the market Patanjali or Dabur you can bring that and include it in your morning drink so you have to take around 20 to 25 ml Aloe Vera juice take that in a glass and add luke warm water and drink that this Aloe Vera juice will do amazing magic in your weight loss and you skin will become glowing with this with this you must remember you must take soaked nuts in early morning so you can take 5 almonds or you can take 2 walnuts or 2 figs or you can take 1 table spoon mixed seeds the seeds can be pumpkin, sunflower, melon, flax and chia seeds you can take 1 table spoon of this mixture so all these nuts or seeds these are a source of healthy fat at this time, your body requires this a lot so if you take these things in early morning your body can be very energized so do take this.

Ok, I will tell you one more thing when I was a teenager, I was obese even then my mummy used to say me not to diet because you can't read you will get weak I always used to say to my mummy that I am so overweight how can I be weak but mummy is mummy, she will not accept and she doesn't need to, because she cares about her children so I want to say one thing to all mothers that this meal plan which I had bought today this is not diet this is a healthy lifestyle a healthy meal plan all things which you want to provide to your children are healthy all those things are in this this has, roti, rice, dal, fruits, vegetables, salad water and also nuts what else do you want, let the children follow this and when they follow this, they will lose weight even their health will improve I can guarantee this.

So let's move towards breakfast finish your morning drink by 6:00 or 6:30 or by 7:00 AM after that comes our breakfast which should be in between 8:00 or 8:30 AM always remember never skip breakfast with this diet plan I am giving you Wheat Daliya in breakfast how to make it come to my kitchen, I will show you. We are making our quick simple and tasty vegetable daliya first we have to heat the cooker now I have took my Wheat Daliya here I have washed it well, this is half cup we will put this in cooker we also call it as broken wheat or bulgur wheat to cook this we will add 3 times water which means we have took half cup daliya here we will add 1 and a half cup water in it if you don't have measuring cups at home then we will add 1 cup daliya and 3 cups water we will close the cooker lid and cook it for 3 to 4 whistles until our daliya cooks we will sauté our veggies we have heated the pan we will add 1 spoon oil in it now I am adding cumin seeds now we will add some asafoetida we will add some chopped green chillies you can adjust this according to your taste we will add some chopped ginger in this now we will add some turmeric powder some red chilli powder we will sauté and cook all these things we will mix it well now we will add chopped onions in this if you don't eat onions you can skip this we will cook the onions a bit we will mix and sauté this will all the spices our onions have cooked well now we will add some colourful vegetables now I have added chopped carrot now I am adding chopped French beans we will add green peas we will add finely chopped tomatoes you can add any veggies available at home into this but use a lot of vegetables in this I am adding some salt in this we will sauté and mix all this very well so that all the spices can coat over our veggies we will cover it with a lid and let it cook for a while.

In the mean while we will see our daliya which we cooked it's been 3 to 4 whistles and steam is out let's check it now our daliya had cooked well we will check our veggies, our veggies are well cooked now we will add daliya in the pan which we cooked we will mix this well with all the vegetables our daliya and vegetables have cooked well we just need to mix it well and our daliya is ready to serve. Our daliya is ready we have served this in a beautiful dish this is very filling we will add some coriander leaves on this and this will be very yummy it's very filling you can easily carry this and it will definitely give you amazing weight loss with that this is also very nutritious it is very healthy and amazing for weight loss do try this.

So this is our wheat daliya it's very tasty, if you eat it in morning you will be full of energy there are many veggies in this which are a good source of vitamins and anti oxidants and if you eat veggies like this, your mummy will be happy it's very easy to cook, say it to mummy to make it for the entire family you will improve your health along with the family so this is a healthy meal option for everyone and everyone will find it tasty so make this. You can have 1 bowl of this in breakfast and don't forget to take one glass of milk because it is very important to you at this time but the milk must be low fat not full fat so you can take this in breakfast.

If you don't want daliya and you like roti or paratha (bread) in the morning so ya, I have 7 roti paratha recipe on my channel choose any roti paratha in this and you can take 1 or 2 roti/paratha in breakfast say other option, we are bored eating daliya, roti/paratha so ya, I know specially for you I have an amazing 4 rolls recipe on my channel because I know you love eating rolls but don't go out to eat it make it at home you can make this with the leftover roti of dinner you can make it yourself, don't need to irritate mummy so you can eat this in breakfast you can include any one out of the four rolls in breakfast.

If you don't want to eat this as well say a quick option which we can make and is tasty to eat so there is 10 sandwich recipe on my channel, you can make it yourself it can be made very quickly and is a simple recipe and is very tasty to eat you can have this. We are rice eater, say some rice option I have weight loss rice recipe on my channel, you can take 1 bowl of this I had said you so many options entire summer can be managed in this you will not be bored and you can lose weight so all these options which I said, you can use them in breakfast. But don't skip breakfast and take 1 cup milk if you don't like milk then you can have half cup low fat curd you can include this.

After this comes our mid morning snack do include mid morning snack because this is the best time to include fruit in a diet and if you eat fruit your mummy will be very happy and will allow you to follow this meal plan. So do take one fruit at this time you can have any fruit you like either it's apple banana or berries in this season mangoes are very good so you can take around 100 grams mangoes or you can take 150 grams musk-melon or watermelon any fruit you like, you can take it.

Do have it, it will help you a lot in weight loss and you can see if you eat fruit you skin will glow and your hair will be healthy do include this. After this comes our lunch you must take mid morning snack by 10:00 or 10:30 AM and try to have lunch between 1:00 or 2:00 PM if you take all meals on time, you weight loss will be amazing in lunch I am giving you Mango Lassi in this diet plan how to make it, come to my kitchen, I will show you. We will make our refreshing Mango Lassi I have took a blender jar first I am adding 100 grams of peeled and chopped mangoes I am adding about 1/4th cup low fat home made curd we will add some smashed cardamom powder, it tastes amazing with mango we will add some kewda in this if this is not available you can put rose water or you can skip, but the flavour will be very good from this. Now we will add 1 cup water in this that's it nothing else to be done, this is so simple we will put the lid and blend it we have blended it very well, let's see look it's amazingly blended and we have to serve this, that's it.

And you will find this very yummy this is so thick, rich and creamy very tasty it will refresh you and keep you full for long it has amazing health benefits and this will give amazing weight loss it is very healthy do try this. you can put some chopped nuts almonds, raisins, pista whatever is easily available at home you can put that and decorate this and this will be very tasty who doesn't like mango and we can use mango for weight loss and we can also drink mango lassi and lose weight.

So guys this is our refreshing and chilled mango lassi it's the best option for summers when you don't feel eating hot stuff in summers this will refresh and chill you if you don't want to drink lassi and want to eat something then what to eat there is this overnight oats recipe on my channel all are amazing, they look like desert you can choose anything from this if you don't like this, then there is Chia Pudding recipe on my channel it's not less than a desert there are 5 options, you can choose anything and eat if you don't like this also, then there is 7 oats smoothie recipe on my channel you can have any smoothie interchangeable all are very tasty, they will refresh you if you don't want this and want something crunchy there are 2 makhana recipe on my channel you can take any one recipe in a bowl and remember to eat one bowl salad in lunch there shouldn't be any salt, chat masala or dressings in the salad but you must eat one bowl of salad with lunch.

So our lunch is sorted I have given you so many options, you can change and use them in entire summer you can also carry them all are very chilled they will keep you cool. After this comes our evening snack do include evening snack in your diet because if you include this, you will not overeat in dinner in evening snack the option I am giving you is veggie sandwich in veggie sandwich, you must take 2 brown breads and put any of veggies you like tomato, onion, cucumber, lettuce whatever is available, put that veggies in it you must sprinkle two pinch salt over it and keep a very thin slice of cottage cheese and your sandwich is ready. Take this sandwich in evening, it's very tasty will keep you full with this you can take one glass lemon water if you want if lemon doesn't suit you, you can skip that you can have only sandwich at this time this will keep you full and you will not overeat in dinner so take your evening snack by around 4:00 or 4:30 PM.

After this let's talk about the most crucial part of our entire day, that is dinner try to start eating your dinner at 6:30 finish your dinner before 7:00 PM if you don't take salt after 7, see how fast will your weight loss be so in dinner, with this diet plan I am giving you that is our Oats Moong Dal Khichdi how to make it come to my kitchen, I will show you. First I have kept the cooker on the gas in that I will add 1 spoon desi ghee khichdi is tasty with desi ghee itself now I am adding some asafoetida in this now I am adding cumin seeds some chopped ginger green chillies chopped red chilli powder turmeric powder we will mix and sauté all things well now I am adding chopped onion we will mix this with the spices and sauté it until they turn light brown then we will add 1 chopped tomato I am taking chopped carrot some peas and we will add some salt in this you can put any vegetables you have at home there is no hard and fast rule to put the same vegetables now we will sauté this well now I am adding 1/4th cup yellow washed moong dal I am adding 1/4th cup of it I have washed it well, I had soaked it for 20 minutes we will mix this and sauté it a little bit if you don't have time for cooking then make this, it's very quick to make now I am adding 1/2 cup instant oats the amount of dal we had put, we must put double the oats here we will sauté it a little bit now I will add 2 cups water which means, 4 times water to the amount of oats used now we will mix this well we will put the lid of the cooker and close it and let it cook until 2 whistles it's been 2 whistles and the steam is out now let's see how is our oats khichdi our khichdi has cooked well look how delicious is it, it's very yummy now we will add coriander leaves and some garam masala powder we will mix now, this will enhance it's taste look how beautiful is our khichdi ready to serve very colourful and yummy eat this oats khichdi instead of rice khichdi this is yummy to taste and is superb for weight loss you can have this in breakfast or lunch this will give you incredible weight loss and is delicious to eat.

So this is our tasty amazing oats moong dal khichdi you must take 1 bowl of this don't forget to eat big bowl salad with it and there shouldn't be salt in the salad if you don't want this and have less hunger and want something lite there is 10 soups recipe on my channel you can take any soup in dinner with a salad bowl. If you don't want anything hot and want something cold to drink because you are not that hungry and it's so hot that you don't want to eat but want to drink something at this time you can have the 7 oats smoothie available on my channel you can include any smoothie from this in dinner so include 1 smoothie in your dinner. If you are hungry and want to eat something solid you can have mixed veg paratha available on my channel it's a very yummy paratha include this in your dinner.

If you don't want this and if you are non-vegetarian then include eggs in your diet, it's an amazing source of protein if you are a non-veg I would say you to include eggs daily in your diet at this time there is eggs recipe on my channel you can take any recipe if you eat chicken there are tasty amazing chicken recipes on my channel many of my clients say, most of my recipes are very tasty and it doesn't feel like we are on diet eating this you can include any chicken recipe in your diet but do include salad and finish dinner before 7:00 PM. So this was our dinner there are many options you can follow this for entire summer. After this comes our night drink, which is very important don't skip this have your night drink by 9:00 or 9:30 PM in this diet as night drink I am giving you is Curry leaves tea how to make it come to my kitchen I will show you.

To make curry leaves tea, heat the pan first we will add around 1 and a half cup water in it and I will add curry leaves in it we will use the leaves as well as the stem and boil it together curry leaves is very beneficial for weight loss and fat loss removes bad cholesterol from our body improves our digestion now we will add 1 to 2 pinches of turmeric powder which has many medicinal qualities and we will add around 1 to 2 pinch black pepper powder so that turmeric can be absorbed this drink will be very amazing for our fat loss this is rich in vitamin A so is very good for our eye sight it is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron so it promotes our hair growth by this your hair will become thick long and strong it is anti inflammatory so prevents any infection now we have turned to gas off I will squeeze some lemon here and our drink is ready to serve this is amazing for fat loss and weight loss it will promote your hair growth it will improve your eye sight and this is very beneficial for diabetes cases very beneficial for high cholesterol cases detoxifies our body so improves our skin a lot.

So this is our amazing night drink if you take curry leaves tea, this is very good for your hair will help you grow hair very well if you have hair fall issue, then this is amazing for you do include this in your diet and follow this diet very well follow the timings properly you will get amazing results after summers if you go out you would get an amazing transformation people will ask you, what you did for such amazing transformation I can guarantee this so follow this.

Guys I want to say you one thing that the way you have been eating your habits and your lifestyle if you will be the same then your body will be the same as it is if you want to change your body and want to transform yourself then change your habits change your lifestyle, change your diet then you can change your body. And one more thing before going I want to say you something I am giving an important tip, always remember this that, all your energy put all your focus on improving yourself never think what is someone else talking about you if you forget that and focus on improving yourself then see how amazing transformation will you do and by this you can improve yourself amazingly so if today's video was helpful to you if you liked my diet plan don't go without giving a thumbs up do like this video if you are on Instagram, do follow me there share this video with your friends and family and one more thing, if you follow this diet plan with friends then you could easily follow this for all of you I can say this with my experience when I used to follow my diet with my friends and family then I used to get very good results do the same, everyone get along and follow this diet plan and share the feedback with each other and ya say in comment section, what result did this diet plan give to you and if you had amazing weight loss and had a transformation do say it in comments, I like it and many viewers get a lot of motivation from this if you had not subscribed to my channel yet quickly subscribe to my channel do press the bell button so that you can get notification of my new videos and you will not miss any of my new video I will meet you in my next video until then stay tuned to my channel guys, bye for now.



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