let's talk about the seven natural remedies 
for gout what is gout well gout is a sudden   sharp pain usually in your big toe formed by 
uric acid crystals because there's excessive   amount of uric acid forming as crystals 
in the joint of your big toe but it could   actually occur in other joints as well so what's 
happening is the uric acid is being formed from   purines which are certain compounds in 
organ meats especially liver and kidney   gain like deer meat fish seafood sugar yeast 
even nutritional yeast some people are if you're   sensitive to that that can actually increase the 
risk of getting gout also in certain lentils and   black eyed peas but for the most part vegetables 
are very low on purine so if you're sensitive   to gout you want to increase your vegetables and 
your diet and cut down some of the things that can   trigger the gout but these crystals aren't 
the real thing that's causing the pain   it's not that there's sharp little razor blade 
crystals that's you know irritating the the toe   joint what's happening is your white blood cells 
consider the crystals a pathogen so it's attacking   it so it's really your own immune system that's 
causing inflammation so what can you do about   it well number one you can reduce these foods 
number two you can tweak the ph of your body to   make it slightly more alkaline because these 
crystals develop in more of an acidic medium   so one thing you could do is take something 
that's alkaline potassium citrate that would   help lemon juice even though it's acid becomes 
alkaline in your body after it's oxidized so   lemon juice is actually very good now even though 
apple cider vinegar is an acid it seems to help   reduce uric acid crystals now what i think that's 
really happening and that's just a guess is the   apple cider vinegar is acidifying the body and 
improving the immune system to a certain degree   vitamin c has been known to decrease gout pain 
ginger is a very powerful natural remedy for uric   acid also turmeric is good stinging nettle root is 
another good anti-inflammatory i like this a lot   for any type of inflammatory condition in the body 
and of course like i said potassium citrate these   are the seven things that i would recommend if 
you have gout before you go if you have a question   about a product or you're new to keto and you want 
to know how to begin keto or you're on keto and   you need a debug because it's not going as smooth 
i have a keto consultant standing by to help you   this is just for the people in the us hopefully in 
the future we'll be able to answer everyone's call   but i put the number down below 
so you can call and get some help



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