Raiding has always been one of my 
personal favourite things to do in WoW,   and now that WotLK Classic is finally out, we are 
going to be encountering some of the most well   remembered encounters the game has ever seen.
Welcome all, my name is WillE – today we are   checking out – The best boss fights 
from every tier of Wrath Classic  First of all compared to Wrath back in 
2008, creatures as well as bosses in naxx   have had their health and damage boosted up by 
about 30% to allow for some more interesting   interactions between players and bosses in 
the earlier weeks of the tier being available.  Honorable mentions in Naxx go to Patchwerk, those 
buffed up hateful strikes are going to be the   cause of many a wipe in the first few weeks 
I can tell you that, second is to Sapphiron,   who drops one of the very few remnants of 
an attunement item left in Wrath. The key   to the focusing iris will be needed to begin the 
malygos encounter in the EoE in Coldarra – only   1 person needs it though, not everyone, so 
it's not going to be too difficult to find.  In Tier 7 you'll also face off 
against Kel'Thuzad, Malygos,   and Sartharion as end bosses, and I think the 
last one is the most interesting of the group The big challenge boss of Tier 7 will be 

Found under Wyrmrest Temple,   Sartharion's Lair features a 
dynamic level of difficulty. Now,   you can deal with the 3 drakes surrounding 
the central boss in advance, which is going   to make the encounter considerably easier, but 
if you take on Sartharion leaving drakes alive,   he will gradually call them down to join the 
battle, adding their own mechanics to the fight,   such as increasing damage taken 
from other mechanics significantly,   hatching eggs and enraging the boss.
New to Wrath Classic is a further health   buff added through choosing to fight Sartharion 
alongside his drakes, making strategies to zerg   him down asap much less viable early on.
Defeating the “3 drakes” variation of this   boss adds many new pieces of loot 
to the table, a mount and titles.

Next… its time for the Ulduar part of the 
video – one of WoW's most well remembered raids   over the years, and for good reason. I've tried 
to just pick out a few bosses here. Let's start   with Mimiron, one of the Keepers of Ulduar.
Found mid way through the raid after a tram   ride to the colossal spark of imagination.
The encounter starts with the Keeper busying   around his latest creation, the Leviathan MK2, 
a siege tank variation with several hard hitting   abilities, such as shock blast that will instantly 
dispatch any melee players too slow on their feet. As you gradually lower his HP bar, the next 
stage, and next creation will be revealed,   the VX-001, anti personnel assault cannon, a giant 
2 armed cannon that has signature abilities like   rocket strike which does a solid 5m damage to 
anyone unfortunate to be caught in the area, and   spinning up causing the entire raid to get 
behind the boss and fast or be deleted. Next phase has the aerial command unit float in 
from the central platform, here the raid splits,   with ranged gradually damaging down the 
boss whilst being careful on threat,   and melee dealing with bots on the 

These bots drop magnetic cores,   needed to ground the aerial unit to dps it down.
And once you have dealt with that… the final   phase is unleashed as all 3 creations 
are bolted together to make voltron. A   variation that contains some of the 
toughest mechanics from each phase. So, that's already a lot to deal with. 
And that's normal mode. See that big   red button back there? Why don't you 
go press that and see what happens?  You have just activated one of Ulduar’s hard 
modes… and a harder one at that. Firefighter   puts an enrage of 10 mins of the encounter, 
adds new mechanics, buffs all units HP and most   notably, has fire constantly spawn throughout the 
encounter, adding a new level of difficulty to it.

Next up is an Old God, how 
could he not make this list,   after having driven all the other titan 
keepers to madness and us setting that right,   its clear no prison could hold 
the monster known as Yogg-Saron.  The encounter can be accessed right at the end 
of the instance, starting off with summoning   the boss himself by defeating several 
Guardians of Yogg-Saron on top of Sara.  With Yogg-Saron emerging the real encounter 
begins. After a short period of time portals   to the mind's eye materialize – entering shows 
you several visions, including the forging of the   dragon soul and the assassination of King Llane. 
Dispelling the illusions you expose the brain of   the beast, Once the brain team has done enough 
damage to the brain you will enter phase three. This is the dps race portion of the boss, where 
Immortal Guardians regularly spawn – who, as   their name suggests are unkillable…

Well except 
by 1 mechanic. During this phase Yogg-Saron can   also rapidly deteriorate the sanity of the raid. 
Ah that's another mechanic special to this boss,   sanity. Several mechanics will make you lose 
this, and a few gain it, if it ever depletes   you become insane, and must be taken out quickly 
– this effect persists through resurrections too. There is also a lot of customisation players 
have access to through the titan keepers   that you have already saved, each of Mimiron, 
Thorim, Freya and Hodir can assist you in the   encounter. With incredibly helpful effects like 
Freya's sanity well, that can restore sanity to   players or Thorim's titanic storm which is 
the only way to defeat immortal guardians. Attempting Yogg-Saron with no aid significantly 
increases the difficulty of the encounter and   makes sanity a serious consideration throughout 
the fight. The achievement from defeating this is   called alone in the darkness, and adds bonus loot, 
titles and of course, mimiron's head as a reward.

An honorable mention here to Algalon the 
Observer as well – this is a hardmode only   boss that can be accessed after having cleared 
many other hardmode encounters in the raid. The   kicker here is that this boss has a timer as 
for how long the players have before he will   despawn for the remainder of the reset, 
and that's only 1 hour. Oh and lore wise,   he’s sending a message to essentially 
destroy the entire world … so no pressure.  This visually impressive encounter has you 
quite literally fighting off space. Featuring   constellations, black holes and collapsing 
stars. Unlike other bosses listed so far who have   different difficulties, this one will be a little 
trickier to see due to it being hardmode only.

Moving on from Ulduar though to ToC. There 
are a few memorable encounters here too such   as Faction Champions, a kind of brawley 
almost pvp/pve cross over, having your   faction take on the opposing one to prove your 
strength and who could forget the voice line. But the one to highlight here is Anub'arak, 
the second time you will fight the boss this   expansion – the first time being as the end 
of dungeon boss in AN. This time around he's   a lot more challenging. One of his phases has 
him chase down players under the ground aiming   to impale them, all the while the raid is dealing 
with adds and shooting down frost orbs to create   safe “permafrost” zones on the ground.
During the final phase he unleashes a   leeching swarm which, on heroic, drains 
30% of players current HP every second,   making your entire raids HP bars being constantly 
scarily low. On top of extra rewards for heroic,   ToC also features achievements for defeating 
bosses with no wipes and no deaths in the   raid at all – both of which add various rewards, 
such as titles, mounts and of course bonus loot.

Finally we get to ICC and if there is one 
fight that you can't miss it always has   to be the guy on the front of the game 
box, Arthas Menethil… The Lich King.  At the pinnacle of the frozen throne after 
battling through the enormous ICC, this fight   is the culmination of the entire expansion.
The fight starts off instantly with several   deadly mechanics that must be managed correctly 
such as necrotic plague applying huge DOT to a   target as well as infest meaning healers have to 
be super on the ball keeping the raid topped off.  Phase 2 sees the iconic defile ability 
enter the encounter. Think of it like a   mega death and decay that expands each time 
it deals damage, and can easily cover near   the entire platform if handled incorrectly.
In phase 3 the LK attempts to harvest the   raids soul and teleports them inside of 
frostmourne itself, where they have to   assist King Terenas in defeating a soul warden 
before they are returned back to the encounter.  At 10% the big twist of the encounter 
happens as Arthas casts fury of frostmourne,   instantly killing every member of the raid 
and preparing to resurrect the greatest   fighting force Azeroth has ever seen, until 
Tirion finally breaks free and players are able   to once and for all put an end to Arthas' reign.
There are varying difficulties on this fight too   beyond normal and heroic mode.

A buff will be 
applied after some time allowing players to   perform up to 30% better in combat, which makes 
seeing this final battle of ICC very achievable. Those are my picks from some of the 
most memorable bosses throughout WotLK,   there's so many more that are great and 
worth talking about too. Let us know which   encounters you are looking forward to doing 
again or perhaps for the first time ever. Thank you so much for tuning in, and we 
will see you in Northrend… very soon..



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