Hey Everybody So, today I thought it would be a good idea if I gave you a bit of an update A week after I did the GM Diet. I know a lot of people like to know if its just water weight that you lose or if its just just a quick fix. So, I decided to test that. Basically, what I have done is I ate, not a really decent healthy week with no guideline or anything like that but I ate an unhealthy week I ate more food than I should have I was really full all of the time I drank coke & I had juice I didn't over do it at all I just had a normal Comfortable week, with food. I even had desert some nights. It was just a typical, normal week. I did this for a whole 7 days Just like the GM Diet was 7 days I thought that would be a fair test After that 7 days I went and weighed myself at the gym same scales were used throughout the whole of this review I had actually kept off the weight but also lost .3 kgs So , I was really happy I think, once you have eaten like that after a whole week of doing a diet for 7 days if it was just water weight or a quick fix, you would have noticed a difference pretty quick I was just so happy, like it just gave me a lot of confidence in the diet and it showed me that it wasn't just a quick fix.

Cause it is a quick fix but you don't gain the weight back so I am just super happy and super stoked and I really just wanted to share that with you guys. I have had a lot of people asking me questions about this diet now giving it a go and they all seem to be pretty happy with it. so they are all getting results no matter how big or small they were to start with everybody seems to get a bit of result from it and feels good on it To be fair, a lot of people find it hard to go through that full 7 days but I just give them advice and everyone seems to think it is just such a great thing So, just thought i'd let you know that, you know, you can do this diet.

Its only 7 days you feel great on it when you are done and not only do you lose weight but you can go back to your normal eating not that I suggest you do but if you did, it didn't affect me at all I cant obviously speak for everyone else but for me I was fine. I still kept that weight off and even lost a little bit more. So yeah, I'm really happy, just wanted to share that with you. I also just wanted to say that throughout the whole of that diet and even the week afterwards, I didn't go to the gym… Which is something that a couple of people have asked me I gave it a go, your meant to do some form of exercise for 10 minutes a day but I walk to my car and back and as much as that's not exercise, I know… Its a good 20 minutes.

Ten minutes there, ten minutes back. so, I kind of count that. I'm just too busy to get to the gym So I was actually really happy that there was this diet for me to do when i'm really busy at work so I don't have to try find the time to exercise I can just stick to the diet in my work time and yeah… it was just a real convenient way to kind of not get back in shape but to get myself ready to get back to the gym. So, as per my second update for the GM Diet, I was going to do it again. I started off doing that and I was doing okay but it was a down week for me for other personal type stuff and I dont think it was a very good time for me to chose to do the diet.

I half did it and yeah, I haven't really eaten bad as such I just haven't stuck to those seven days exactly so, I just stopped it and i'm going to do it from this monday so its Saturday today and im going to do it again on Monday for a week Its probably better that I did a week and a half break anyway So I will give you an update on what happens if you have done the diet Done the week afterwards, which they tell you you kind of need a 1-2 week break in between before doing it again So like I said, lost some weight, Lost 4KG's didn't gain anything back in that 2nd week of eating normally (Coughing) and then I will tell you how I go the second time doing it I'm not expecting anything massive from it but i'm hoping something , right? and I also feel, not as good as I did when I was doing the diet and after I have had this bingey week really looking forward to getting back to feeling normal again.

I hope that helps, I hope that answers some questions because I know a few of you were asking me "does the weight stay off?" yes it does, I ate, I said pretty average and I'm going to do the diet again soi'll let you guys know how that goes. but yeah, thanks for watching and please subscribe if you haven't already ask any questions if you need to as well Thanks guys!.



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