geez if this place could tell a story i've been driving past here for years and i always think of steinbeck this sad old place you know the depression and the heat the pine trees it's kind of grim but it's it's an amazing scene too golly it's a total window into history this house reminds me of tortilla flat great steinbeck book there's a scene where a mum of nine teresina cortez feeds her kids beans with a ladle off the stove straight onto the floorboards the kids come from everywhere and they eat the beans off the floor the nurse hears about this at the school tells the doctor the doctor comes around examines the kids and lo and behold the kids are the healthiest kids he's ever examined i remember reading this and it was such a good scene and i love beans and i thought isn't that sound of the beans on the floor i thought i love beans i love doing self experiments what if i just eat beans and beans only why don't i eat my body weight in beans and see how i feel and so that's what i'm going to do keep my body weight in beans [Music] so all the ingredients let me tell you about food because i ate really well i'm lucky i ate lots of vegetables heaps of grains and cereals and beans probably too much fruit a little bit of meat lots of milk and dairy and not enough fresh fish if i was to be marooned on an island i would take spotty ripe bananas licorice and good bread i drink tea coffee and alcohol in fact i drink too much tea coffee and alcohol i weigh 85 kilograms an average tin of beans is 420 grams i intend to eat nothing but tins of beans for as long as it takes to consume the equivalent of my body weight for simplicity i'm eating half a dozen varieties of tin beans from a regular supermarket this is so i can eat on the run and spend almost no time eating making or thinking about food my key litmus test for this experiment will be running how i feel when i run correlates to what i eat which for my entire life has been eating everything to see how this whole experiment pans out in 40 days time i'll run a 50k ultra marathon in the mountains eating my final tins during the race yes i'll get blood tests before during and after but for the most part i'm curious as to how i actually feel and function eating just one thing because i'm just making up this self-experiment based on half a page of a steinbeck book the rules are somewhat arbitrary you know made for me and this film now the kids on tortilla flat they had tortillas with their beans i will be just eating what is in the tin i'm even taking the labels off just to give myself a spice of life my one luxury will be tea with a splash of milk just to save myself from going bonkers couldn't be any more hipster if i tried got the hipster bike and the pants pulled up and the boots and you just rock up to work with keys and a train ticket there it is how's this that's lunch and afternoon tea just uh and the spoon [Music] love it [Music] it's tin number two had tin number one on the radio this morning that was fun can you see the slurry can you smell it before i went on radio i had a lot of licorice because i knew i was going to be craving licorice that's good and now i'm just on this simple road of being pleasure for the next 30 or 40 days all right so far soon i'm not sick of them yet i do wonder how this will impact me and the food that i eat if i will start eating more beans as a side effect i don't know why it doesn't appeal to me um not even close to being sick of that yet the wind issue so far has been a little bit higher i've got to admit it ain't no myth i can't let me just gather out quickly to get that i ran to the end of the road and back when i was about 12 and i've been hooked on running ever since when i'm running well it feels like i'm part of a world-class symphony everything's in order the conductor has her eyes closed and the crowd never doubt what they're hearing when running is bad it's as if part-time musicians have come together got drunk and started playing an instrument they've never played before [Music] i feel like that's the first run i've ever done you would never run if that's what it felt like maybe that's the reality check you know i've been running around pretty fit for two decades and you wonder why people don't do why don't run more six kilos of beans in that's the experiment hey so it's been a steady decline in mood energy and general life in the last four days i don't think it's the derral bean's fault i think it's the other kind of bean's fault before of not having coffee helen thinks i'm one of the few people she's ever met that would do something like this and i say dart you know how easy it is to not eat any other anything other than beans it's the simplest thing in the world i've taken away all my choices so it's actually a lot easier than a regular person's eating habits and i just lost the equivalent of one tin of beans in sweat they are good [Music] the body's getting used to beans finally catching up it's getting it's getting the message that dude all i'm giving you is beans so you better help out you never realize just how much incidental food you shove in your gob throughout the day so i i walk past catering events and a big bowl of fruit and some smarties and i just i can't eat any of it it's a bug of a time to eat only beans because everything's in fruit stone fruit apples so instead of uh eating it i'm gonna preserve it i'm gonna go and spend a few hours with grand and we're gonna put these in jars and bottles do you eat many beans not really i used to think that if i sweated it about that much it was a good run well that wasn't a particularly good run at all this is 10 carbohydrates or thereabouts i've had my whole life eating 60 carbohydrates bread and rice and pasta and all the other marbles that sort of load up your muscles these do not i don't know how i'm going to run 50ks on beans when on a perfect day like today perfect running conditions i feel like that why are you cooking like this when i'm eating them you're like because i have free range in the kitchen now you're not in there going you know i want this meal done in 10 minutes i can actually just enjoy being in the kitchen by myself and doing stuff like this are you eating nachos with a knife and fork yeah because um i saw you chop through a nacho should we do this for the rest of our life see what you eat whatever you ate and i'll eat what i write all you need to highlight is this is unfortunate for you [Applause] [Music] do you like black bean style yeah yeah i do okay i'm out of luck if i die are you telling yourself that i feel lonely with every step that i take i don't feel good and my body starts to shake i fell in love with a girl i haven't that's 10 11 k's just purely mountain run on beans you know i think what it does beans take the top level out but they also kind of fudge the bottom level because i've got this sort of i just feel completely average but completely fine so here's all the tins that i've eaten so far all these guys so i thought why don't i plant beans inside the tin so i'm just making some drainage holes for them and i'm going to plant 50 dwarf beans day 14 and i've finally cracked the code eat less beans bo i was eating five or six tins to get more energy and it went the other way black beans so i'm eating four tins now and my metabolism's making it work what a remarkable thing so i had pep i had pep just then for the first time in two weeks home for beans i'm hungry oh black bean damn it i had black bean for lunch do you feel like eating them i was increasingly irritable no did you want to brush your teeth first no annoyed by others you're annoying and myself i'm getting cranky and irritable and i'm becoming a dick i guess you could say i was whittling away the bowisms of my personality yet it was a strangely appealing place to be wedged into a new norm of fives and sixes out of ten food on the floor because i knew exactly why i was feeling that way [Music] i was on track for the unexpected [Applause] oh yeah you know i thought i might find a new religion my oracle the bean or become a poet or the color green might start to look different life was vanilla and i was kind of enjoying being my own experiment 91 91 i think six cans of beans each day is too much and some sort of bean overload five feels okay four feels better so i'm gonna have seven i'm gonna crack on with seven tinted beans which puts me above the halfway mark i'm gonna go for a big run in the morning see how it plays out [Music] and i wonder if my body is just saying hey bo you're low on something son maybe i'm just getting old this is what tinted beans does here makes your capillaries weak i noticed that too this is a bit of a thing i have that on nearly every one of my shirts at the moment little trace of beans beans have been here but in three weeks time all i'm gonna eat is preserve apple maybe i'll just go from beans to apple for a month look at that the most beautiful apple i really want to eat that the 110.

you beauty far out i was asked today what is my what's going to be my first food i eat when i finish licorice spotty bananas apple bowl of vegetables green leafy things milk a massive glass of milk bread a loaf of bread the size of my head that's as dense as my head which is pretty thick i'm getting dumber every kilo i lose i'm getting dumber i think my vocab is reducing if running is my default for how i feel in the world i'm certainly subpar but it's a good kind of subpar i feel leaner [Music] and in a sense fitter even though i know i'm not [Music] it's a fascinating and pointless experiment this what in the hell is the point of this bow [Music] i want to get through this security check with the tin of beans and i don't think i'm going to be allowed to that sharp lid is sharp i've cut my finger already he's trying hey am i allowed to take a tin of beans mate yeah all right i don't suppose you've got anything with meat [Music] we died [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] everything's just beige you know i had to pull over and just smell what the world smelled like food makes me peppy and creative and more emotive more energized healthy and eating beans only makes me healthy in one particular way but deadens everything else you know and here i'm on the edge of a a highway at a service station questioning everything you know there's some really serious connotations to just eating beans your body weight and beans it reduces the complexity and we have huge potential to be complex humans to be human is to eat we are what we eat our culture our society our moods our physicality bloody meaning for life is probably through our food [Applause] i'd stumbled upon my steinbeck scene i was a traveler in someone else's landscape stopped up in a place i didn't think i'd be eating something to sustain myself of a diet of beans by eating absolutely nothing else until he's consumed his own body weight and he joins us from melbourne thank god for that i'm trying to bring out a narrative and i'm not sure what it is other than just eating a lot of beans oh no that sounds ridiculous and so that's what i'm saying to myself what's the story man i've just done the math and i need to eat 62 more tins between now and the race at 5.6 tins a day you don't really care do you i live with a bounty of food around me i've just been pottering outside with the apples and peaches and pumpkins and beans ripper next batch of beans you little beauty and it pleases me a lot that i'm able to eat that pumpkin in 12 or 13 days time so we're in good shape today's been a good day but the last week has not [Music] i don't know where my wife is my favorite date with another man [Music] fair enough too don't get me in this what do you mean i look terrible oh come on i look terrible don't get me in this i'm real hungry i have no idea what number 10 this is [Music] 142.

144 10. does that look a little bit better i'm not even close to losing a lot of bench that's why we're bound for success because i'll never get sick of you there you go uh hour and 22 my longest bean run i thought you're running with a hangover or no sleep how are you gonna go running 50 k's dahl oh horribly i'm gonna go horribly at that run so imagine if i just if i do a big piece of camera i'm just pissed off this is the worst thing in the world and everyone watching can say oh you dick you did this to yourself you chose to eat beads and you chose to go for a run otherwise sit in the couch and shut up which is fair enough i'd say shut up too and i've tooted a lot i basically was propelled along day 34 and 160 tins in it's the first sort of anaerobic thing i've done in five or six weeks spot on the shirt that's not the first mexican three bean mix this is my least favorite of the juices [Music] and it's earth shatteringly bland i'm entering the event as bean miles i've had to not think about food for 40 days zero just whether i'd like another tin of beans no sick of the taste and even that wasn't a hard decision it was either seven six five or four and most the time was five so it was really a basic decision my last office team at least is part of this project [Music] four bean mix classic oh yeah this is what you do when you have friends over for dinner bring it in this is the most most kind of cooking i've done in 40 days decanting them into another vessel i could be just now getting drunk for the next three hours sitting around with with my best mates but now i'm going to go to bed early because i've got to get up early to run a long way on freaking beans you know these choices is weird and i've been pretty grumpy for a couple of weeks and that's kind of the angle of it now i've got all my kitten there when you're bland i don't suppose it affects the person who's bland it affects the person you're around so yeah poor old helen she might have married a really boring man set off by beans there you go there's my running food 1.8 kilograms of beans that's it that's my body weight the run's called the lumberjack because we're in an old uh saw milling town this year i'll chop through the log and then i'll down max and then i'll run the race as well and here's a little bit of wicked science for you i have one and a half kilos of water four tins of beans so the weight here is almost identical to the weight i've lost eating beans for the last 40 days and now i'm carrying it on my freaking back the only thing i'm going on at the moment is i'm a touch lighter i like being in the forest and i've got i've run for a lot of years but otherwise i'm not prepared for this i'm eating beans for christ's sake bit lighter look at that that's a good comparison and then these are going to be clanging around my backpack [Applause] see you later i'm seriously looking forward to it the sort of demise of myself out there on the trail because at least i'm then in the company of big beautiful trees i can suffer in a nice place i just figured you know it's kind of genuine this way i haven't run 50k for years for probably four years five years because the first 10 or 15k will feel good it always does and then the wheels come off slowly i think it goes up from here so no runners up this bit bloody steep [Music] but i am beans right now everything my eyeballs my fingernails my hair my heart everything is beans and it's not quite right i'm not quite right compared to what i i am usually but it's still pretty potent we run the flat stuff i don't like clapping just yet yeah this is my third tin that's a hard 10ks not line and it means this 18k is going to be hard [Music] i think it's a probably about the 37k mark or so i'm running on the finish line but it could have been worse i think so i've got a i know that's annoying it's annoying when i revert to being optimistic but you'd never get to the finish line if you just turn on the grumps at about now [Music] you know when people hear about this project i think it's very fun and light-hearted and sort of a surface level experiment but it's not because for 38 days all i've thought about is how i'm feeling based on one food and it's been nothing less than profound and the insights that i've gained to my i suppose to my identity myself and so there'll be more experiments that are uncomfortable and that i that i don't like and then i question and i don't know what compels me to be to want to be uncomfortable i'm spilling it this is a tin 191 the last time i might even just walk a little last tin of um the project but how about that 191 tins 40 days and the whole world of food awaits i can tell you one thing for certain you don't have boundless energy when full of beans that old saying is a myth i had the thought that the grocery store represents the full spectrum of human emotions and that by reducing what i buy from the store i reduced my ability to feel those emotions [Music] but steinbeck was right if you have 400 pounds of beans in the house you have no fear of starvation and maybe over time beans would have given me my old self back but for now having consumed 81 kilograms of legumes i was done and with my amazing bean skin and bean hair and four bean teeth i ran slowly but surely towards the finish line 50k finisher coming through very sunsmart i like it [Applause] it's the lumberjack [Applause] i was curious to eat beans and only beans because i think i only half know myself more than that i think i'm only half an adventurer this journey was about not seeing but feeling something that was challenging and odd and far away and perhaps elusive that is i didn't really want to go anywhere but i still wanted to feel like i was adventuring into an unknown place so was it hard yeah well hang on a second then what did you eat at the end food can reveal what's going on within because it's the one thing that has access to the nuts and bolts of my body food is me i am food in becoming a human being i cornered myself into thinking long and hard about what makes me me and what i'm capable of based on what i eat back in the land of produce fresh stuff oh yeah smells fishy vegetably [Music] oh wow that is good [Music] what a marvelous thing i can feel it soaking into my legs yeah they're very thankful for this exotic diet [Music] um [Music] apple cider vinegar imagine going into a bar and saying i'll have a i'll have a shot of apple cider vinegar thanks i need to improve my gut health



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