(soft instrumental music) (birds chirping) (screech) – [Narrator] You think
things are going well with your woman. Then out of nowhere she says, "We need to end this Kyle." Maybe you've tried getting
a woman back with no success and you are not sure why. You need to understand
that at different ages and phases of life, women respond differently
to what they find attractive and how they will behave with you. A 33 year old woman will
want you to show her you are willing to commit and provide. Whereas an 18 year old is
likely to place more importance on looks and exploring her options. In this video, you'll
gain an understanding of the phases of a woman's life. You'll gain more power
over your dating life, waste less time and become better at attracting and keeping
your dream women or woman.

This is a book summary of "The Rational Male
– Preventive Medicine" by Rollo Tomassi. Part one, understanding hypergamy. Hypergamy is the instinctual desire of a woman to get the best
possible mate that she can get. Hypergamy is made up of
the good genes aspect and the good father aspect. Women want the most
genetically attractive partner they can get. The second is the good father aspect. They also want a man who sticks around and has resources to share
with her and her children. But rarely do these characteristics
appear in the same man. Men who are good looking and
can sleep with a lot of women, don't have the incentive to stick around, while men who are willing to provide, aren't necessarily attractive.

Men with both of these qualities are rare. Therefore some researchers have suggested women have evolved a
dualistic sexual strategy. Over evolutionary time, women may have maximised
reproductive success by doing two things simultaneously. Seeking good genes by mating with someone other than her primary
partner during ovulation, and maintaining a longterm
pair bond with a partner who provides resources for the children. In simple terms, she coups up with Winston but bangs Chad. Keep watching because at
the end of part three, you will learn how to
help prevent your woman from banging Chad. But first you must understand
biological hypergamy. The ovulatory shift. There is a multitude of
scientific studies that indicate that a woman's sexual preference
for facial characteristics shifts depending on her menstrual phase. When women ovulate, they
prefer masculine faces. Faces with features that indicate high levels of testosterone,
like wide faces, beards and defined jaw lines. Men with high levels of
testosterone indicate good genes because only men with good genes could afford the taxing effects, testosterone has on the immune system.

And fun fact, high rates of testosterone are associated with high rates
of offspring abandonment. At other points during the cycle women prefer feminine male faces as they might signal a higher willingness of the males to invest in the offspring. So what does this mean for men? Well, now that we know about hypergamy and that women desire the
best genes during ovulation, ask yourself, how would this affect your
relationship with your partner? Can you accept the fact that
she has an instinctual desire to trade up with a good looking
alpha male during ovulation? If this makes you uncomfortable,
embrace the discomfort. Know that in theory, no woman who sees you as her hypergamous best interest
will want to cheat on you. That's why it's important to
never stop becoming 1% better. The trap so many men fall into is they get into a relationship. After a few months, they
stop going to the gym. They become lazy, and delude
themselves that their woman will love them forever for who they are. Let's move on to part three, where you will under the
phases of a woman's life which will help you identify a partner who is less likely to bang Chad.

The woman's maturation timeline describes how the situations
and behaviours of women change based on what phase of life they're in. The first phase is the formative years, ages 15 to 25. Women in this age range,
highly value the looks of men. An introverted shy guy can be perceived as an attractive alpha male,
if his looks are on point. Other factors like status,
confidence, and game, while beneficial, I've valued
less due to the fact that a young girl likes a real
experience of a guy with game, social savvy or a real
need for provisioning. Phase two is the break, when women are at the
end of their late teens. At the start of women's college lives, they are inclined to
end their relationship with their high school sweetheart and enjoy their new found options because their sexual market
value is at its highest.

A common trap men fall
into during this phase, is committing to a long
distance relationship with their woman, because
they or their partner have to move away for university. That, or they change their careers so that they can attend the
same university as their woman only to be broken up
with after a few months because she is inclined
to explore her options. Phase three are the
party years, whoa whoa! Ages 20 to 25. (upbeat music) In this phase, women have
boatloads of sexual options. The physical looks she
prioritised in high school will remain the top attraction priority. However, as she matures
and gains new experiences wealth and status will also
become important factors for attraction. In phase four, we enter the epiphany which is ages 28 to 30. Women become more aware
of their declining looks and their diminishing ability
to compete with younger women. They feel more urgency
to lock in a male partner with superior genes, who will
also stick around to provide. "Where is this going?" Is the most common question
a man will be asked during this phase.

She might stop having sex with you or threaten to break up
if she doesn't feel that you would get down on one knee for her. Phase five, the transitory
phase ages 29 to 31. She is anxious that she'll never find a suitable longterm mate. Feminine social conventions
allay women's anxieties and pressure men to settle down with them. That's why you hear some women say, "Men should date women their age.

"Men are shallow for
adoring single mothers. "Men feel threatened by successful women." Onto phase six, security,
from ages 31 to 34. If women have not secured
a suitable partner they have two options. One, continue to look for a partner that fulfils both alpha
attraction and beta provisioning, as their looks declined further, or settle for a partner
with less value than her, who can't provide alpha genes but can provide longterm
security and provisioning. As women continue to
age in their thirties, wealth, provision and capacity and status become the primary
attractive traits to them. Women in this phase are
the toughest to date because of the heavy desire for you to commit and entitlement. "I'm more valuable than
those younger girls," she tells herself. A mixture of feminism, her achievements, and fear of losing her value
manifests as entitlement.

Men are repelled and the high value ones are dating the younger girls, so she is left with little options. Phase seven, redevelopment, ages 40 to 48. A new alpha reinterest begins to emerge. While security may still be
an important concern for her, she turns her attention to the excitement she used to enjoy with
her past alpha lovers. And finally phase eight,
late phase security, ages 48 plus. Her primary desire is
security and provisioning as her appearance decays. Now as promised, to decrease the likelihood
of your woman banging Chad, you have two main options. Number one is to ditch her, and date a woman age
28 to 34, and 48 plus, because they'll be in a
phase where they value longterm beta provisioning
more than short term alpha fun.

The obvious drawback
is that you may settle for a woman who's youthful
beauty is declining quickly, not to mention breaking up with
her could be a poor choice, if you are implementing option number two which is to commit to
becoming 1% better every day, so you can increase and
maintain high value as a man. High value and consistently
bringing excitement into her life, will
encourage her or even them to stick around for you. The ideas I shared with you from this book are Rollo's observations, based on over 15 years of discussion of thousands of men's
experiences with women.

But Rollo still encourages you,
to seek truth for yourself. I'll leave you with a
final piece of wisdom from Rollo Tomassi himself. With a healthy understanding,
respect and awareness of what influences his condition, a man can overcome and thrive
within the context of them, but he must first be aware
of, and accepting of, the conditions in which he
operates and manoeuvres. You may not be able to
control the actions of others. You may not be able to
account for women's hypergamy, but you can be prepared for them, you can protect yourself
from the consequences of them and you can live a better life,
no matter your demographic age, past regrets, or
present circumstances. Let's recap.

In part one you learn that hypergamy is the instinctual desire for a woman to get the best possible
mate that she can get. In part two, you learn that
a woman during ovulation is likely to find alpha male traits more attractive than beta male traits. And in part three, you learn the different
phases of a woman's life and how it affects their behaviour
and preferences in a mate. (soft instrumental music).



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