just what does my 600-pound life resident physician doctor now tell patients to eat could penny still have her wontons keep watching for how dr now shrunk america's biggest eaters with his tiny little diet plan i cannot function without wontons they're not the best thing for me when it comes to dr now's clients it's never one size fits all and dr nell's famous diet plans are customized for every patient so they're as effective as possible even so each regimen follows roughly the same blueprint starting with a max of about 1 000 to 1200 calories per day and sometimes even less this teaches patients to limit caloric intake which will be key following their surgery eating just makes everything better as doctor now explains on his website the most commonly performed weight loss surgeries are the lap band system and the vertical sleeve both are featured on the show and both aim to address the feeling of fullness and therefore limit the amount of calories it's possible to eat but patients still have to put in the effort after their surgeries decreasing the stomach's overall size is helpful but it only does so much it's the healthy eating and lifestyle habits that really keep the weight off generally meals are low carb and low fat but high in protein and of course it's no surprise that sugary snacks and sodas are completely off limits distractify even published the actual diet that the late fan favorite lb bonner was given during his stint on season six the plan typically relies on whole foods in very small portions well much smaller than the patients have been used to meals would likely involve something like egg whites or oatmeal for breakfast and lean protein for lunch and dinner snacks are limited to turkey or ham roll-ups or plain sugar-free greek yogurt man that sounds nasty oh it'll be good it's healthy usually if it's healthy it's not good considering how they had been eating it's a tough meal plan to swallow but when the clients work the plan works as season three's amber rakdy told sarcasm i still go to the gym three days a week i'm working on myself i'm trying to live my life the best way i know how a year ago i'm not sure i believed my life would ever get any better a year ago i didn't have hope after a decade on the air many fans of the show have wondered whether dr now's plan could work for them too but as healthline noted it's only meant for the most extreme cases and shouldn't be attempted outside of a doctor's care and we can see why the diet involves eating up to three meals a day at about 400 to 600 calories each with zero snacks no sugar and a boost in protein and fiber intake overall it's clear that this is an extremely restrictive diet and it isn't something anyone should try as a long-term option dr now explicitly prescribes it to patients who need to lose a lot of weight quickly as registered dietitian aaron polinski wade explained to us news following a restrictive diet like this long term can increase the risk of nutrient deficiencies as well as lead to disordered eating patterns this is a medically supervised weight loss plan and should not be attempted by individuals on their own without guidance of a physician and dietitian but while his success in his field has made him a celebrity doctor now isn't your typical reality star he once posted to instagram i am fortunate to do what i love and it brings me joy to see all the fans and messages sharing how much the show positively impacts so many people she can either wake up and get her act together or she won't be doing the program still the journey isn't always an easy one for his patients doctor now acknowledged that sometimes he has to put his foot down explaining to people it's a daily challenge to work with some patients that can be self-destructive my job is not to get aggravated but to find a way to motivate them to work hard to get to their goals there are times when i think it's necessary for some tough love and i have to be stern with them so i show some of my concern and frustration dr now does everything he can to help even the most desperate of cases hit their goals and truly change their lives check out one of our newest videos right here plus even more list videos about your favorite reality shows are coming soon subscribe to our youtube channel and hit the bell so you don't miss a single one

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