if you're starting your holiday shopping you need 
to keep watching hi everyone I'm Nicole welcome   back to my channel I am sharing The Ultimate 
Gift guide for moms this holiday season and what   you'll actually want these are the things that I 
love some of them are on my wish list and I'm so   excited to go over them first I want to give 
a huge thank you to osia for sponsoring this   video and working with me yet again on another 
video I have been using their products for a very   long time now I'm obsessed I'm in love they're 
beautiful I will talk more about them later in   the video and some exciting stuff that they have 
for the holidays so let's hop right into the video   so you guys can get some ideas for your holiday 
shopping I didn't know I needed one of these   until I got it but this is a skin scrubber face 
spatula really weird name but basically it's this   cool tool I think it's a very similar one that 
they use in like fancy spas and facial places but   basically is a face spatula and it gives you the 
most deep cleanse and what I'm telling you it's   so satisfying like I use this at night maybe like 
once or twice a week and it gives you the deepest   clean first I removed my makeup and then I go in 
for the double cleanse and I use this with my face   cleanser and I just Glide it on my face it looks 
a little scary but it's very gentle I Glide on my   face and it gets all the gunk out of my pores is 
so satisfying every time I use this the next day   my skin is so soft it's better for putting makeup 
on top I also just feel like my skincare soaks   in better because I don't have all that like dead 
skin and like Gunk on my face like clogging things   up I got this for like under 20 bucks on Amazon 
it has four different modes it also comes with   different heads that you can use for different 
types of exfoliation like face massaging and   stuff like that so there's different ways to use 
it but I mostly just use it to like get the gunk   out this is the best neck and shoulder massage 
at home whenever you want you don't have to ask   anyone for it and I'm telling you everyone needs 
one of these in their house I don't pull it out   often enough but when I do it is like it's just 
nice I don't have to be like oh only five more   minutes of my massage no as long as it's plugged 
in it's massaging it's so amazing I love it not   to mention like it looks bulky but it all fits in 
this little carrying case so you can just store   it away it's not taking up space but it's probably 
going to be out all the time because you're having   your nightly routine massages and you don't have 
to like exchange favors with anybody so you put   it on your shoulders and then you put your arms 
through these little sleeves and then you look   crazy it has these eight massaging rolling balls 
and it gives you a shiatsu massage I don't know   why I'm having trouble saying that word but it 
starts to knead and get in every knot and ache   and muscle pain that you have in your neck and 
upper back and it just feels like Heavenly I   really should be doing this like once a night but 
this is just a great companion to have for a total   relaxation at the end of the night or when you are 
actually in pain this just feels amazing it's so   much cheaper than going to a massage therapist all 
the time you can pick the intensity it also has   a heat function it has a reverse option lots of 
different modes and you don't just have to use it   on your neck and shoulders you can put your legs 
on at your thighs your lower back I actually got   this when I was pregnant and I have been a big fan 
ever since I feel like I need to talk about this   product in every single video until all of my 
viewers have one in their homes because it will   change your life and that is an acupressure mat I 
have the whole set here I got the mat I caught two   kinds of pillows this has changed my life in so 
many ways and I'm not being dramatic I use this   like pretty much every single day I take it with 
me everywhere I'm sleeping over at someone's house   it's coming with me I'm traveling it's coming with 
me this has saved me in so many situations whether   I've had trouble sleeping I had a headache 
I felt stressed or anxious this just helps   Just Wind me down calm and relax me if you've 
ever tried acupuncture it is very similar in the   sense it has these little rounded nails I know 
that sounds scary I promise it's enjoyable and   when you lay down against this I do it on bare 
skin it may help release endorphins which is   basically your body's happiness drug and it's just 
very calming and relaxing and I find that the more   you use it the more you crave it and it's now part 
of my daily routine I like to wind down at the end   of the night I just lay on this I read a book even 
if I'm watching Netflix on my laptop I lay down on   this and it is so relaxing I find The Sweet Spot 
is like 20 to 30 minutes or more I find like once   you get to that 20 minute Mark is when you really 
start to notice it they're easy to machine wash   they also have these pillows different options 
these are great if you have any like tension   headaches or sore neck issues like aches and pains 
this one is like a little bit more firm and then   this one is kind of like floppy like a pillow so 
this one is usually the one I will just relax on   and then if I have a headache especially at the 
back at the base of my neck I will put this right   underneath and it is so relaxing you gotta try 
it and I think that this would be a great gift   for any mom and just help her relax at the end 
of a very long day because they they feel like   they're all very long when it comes to skincare 
I am so picky if you followed me for a while   you know I basically stick to only a few Brands 
because I have dealt with things like cystic acne   in the past and my skin is just sensitive and 
ever since I've just switched over to cleaner   simpler ingredient products and ones that actually 
work and don't just smell really nice which brings   me to osea they have some really fun gift guides 
this holiday season that's going to help you save   money and then when you use my code Nicole's gift 
guide you're going to get another 10 off so it's a   great deal definitely want to take advantage osea 
is carbon neutral and uses natural plant-based   vegan non-GMO and luxurious ingredients I'm gonna 
go through the different holiday packages that   they have and why I love them so much this is 
the jumbo High holiday edition and Daria Body   Oil this is the best body oil I have ever tried it 
smells incredible it softens nourishes and firms   for an incredibly silk soft glowy skin I cannot 
Rave about this enough I've gone through probably   three bottles of this and I love that this is the 
jumbo pack because trust me your body's gonna just   drink it up this is like going to be a must-have 
this winter season and the smell is incredible I   can't even describe it but I feel like as someone 
who doesn't wear perfume when I put this on I just   feel like it gives me a little bit of that like 
just a nice scent without it being overpowering   limited edition it comes in this beautiful box 
and You're Gonna Save 18 plus my 10 off code if   you want to take it to the next level this is 
the enderia body bestsellers Duo and this comes   with the body oil and the body butter the body 
butter is a new one I've been using it is so so   luxurious you can combine them you can do one or 
the other this is going to give you the ultimate   body hydration and glowy skin definitely a nice 
pamper item for any mom really anybody in your   life or yourself you could buy two because you're 
going to be saving money and I'm just like so in   love with the scent once you smell it you'll know 
what I mean I'm not even someone that loves like   a lot of fragrance or anything but this uses 
essential oils and natural fragrances and oh   chef's kiss this next one is the best seller minis 
collection this is great for any traveler in your   life or even for yourself if you are completely 
new to osea and you want to try out a few of their   products I've tried many of these ones and I love 
them the ocean cleanser the hyaluronic sea serum   they also have the body oil so you really get a 
sense of the whole line and it's great because you   can take it with you on the go if you're doing 
any traveling this holiday season or after the   holidays you're going to save money it's a great 
bundle deal and you'll really get to just feel   glowy and hydrated from Head to Toes I'm gonna 
have all the links for these holiday items linked   Down Below in the info box don't forget to use 
my code Nicole's gift guide to get an additional   10 off this is an amazing deal and I truly love 
the products I know you guys will too and I think   they are just some great holiday gift ideas so 
I did a little early shopping for myself and   I got this bathtub caddy I've been wanting one 
of these for so long and I finally did it it's   expandable it'll pretty much fit any bathtub and 
what I love about it is that you can put a book a   tablet a drink you can put your phone you can put 
a snack you can put things next to you so you're   not like reaching over getting the whole bathroom 
wet and it just feels like you can relax and soak   and have a little bath time experience kind of 
like a movie night in your bath with your snacks   and drinks ready to go and I just think that this 
is the perfect bath time companion it just looks   very spa-like and aesthetically pleasing in your 
bathroom so even if you don't use it just having   it there it looks like goals you know what I mean 
jewelry I feel like this is always a great go-to   especially if it's something that has a bit of a 
Sentimental aspect to it I get so many questions   about this letter necklace that I have I actually 
got it for my first Christmas with sage so it's   very special it has my initial Matt's initial and 
Sage's initial and then you can actually add on to   it so this necklace and a lot of my jewelry right 
now is from this local company well they're kind   of local they started off in New York and I know 
that they have an office in Toronto as well the   brand is vanderhoot jewelry they have beautiful 
stuff I have earrings from them one of my dainty   rings from them this necklace and they're just 
pieces that I can wear every day I wear them in   the shower I wear them working out they are just 
a part of me um the earrings I like you know put   on and off I actually have ones that I got in 
Portugal right now that are very important to me   but I feel like as a mom now I need pieces that 
are going to be you know just durable and just   kind of move with me and go with me throughout my 
day I don't have time to like take everything on   and off so if it's gonna tarnish it's going to 
get tangled it's not for me I personally Love   jewelry I just don't always buy it for myself 
so I love receiving it as a gift because that's   always like the best gift when you know someone 
enjoys it but maybe doesn't want to buy it for   themselves is you can do it for them them and it 
just makes it even more special and I'm slowly   growing my collection right now like I said I'm 
really into the dainty stuff and these are pieces   that I know are going to last be durable and also 
like might be a hand-me-down for sage as she gets   older okay literally just grab this for my kitchen 
it's still wet from this morning's uh coffees and   teas but I love this Kettle I think there's 
something so pretty about a clear glass kettle   um it just it's very I don't know aesthetically 
pleasing this is like an appliance that you want   to have on your kitchen counter if you have a 
coffee or tea drinker in your life this would be   a great gift by itself you could also get a pretty 
mug with some teas or coffees that they like I've   gotten so many questions about this Kettle so 
I thought I would include it in today's video   and I just think it's a really great gift idea I'm 
in love with this fanny pack and I feel like it's   such a great mom accessory you have your hands 
full all the time this keeps you hands-free while   keeping the things that you need on you at all 
times I actually got this for Christmas as well   and it was very appreciated I mean I sent Matt the 
link I can't give him all the credit but I love it   and I feel like it's just gotten better over time 
the quality is insane and they have so many styles   created by a small company called wear Mandarin 
I think is how you say it they're based in Bali I   actually used to work with the girl that started 
this company and I don't know if she started it   with someone or if she even watches my channel 
but I am in love with the brand I only have one   but I actually want to get more I feel like their 
collection has expanded since I got this this is   in the sage green colors I thought it was very 
appropriate when I had sage and I just use it   all the time it's so comfortable it's made out of 
genuine leather and it's just really good quality   I like getting things like this that are high 
quality they're going to last for a long time this   has been through so much travel so much wear and 
tear and it like honestly looks brand new still   it's incredible as someone who has not purchased 
or worn perfume in probably about 10 years I was   really excited when I discovered this brand here 
Seven Virtues has a all-natural perfume that uses   essential oils as their fragrance and this one 
is like a vanilla Z1 I haven't actually smelled   it but I've heard good things and it is on my wish 
list so I wanted to include it in this video I'm   curious have you tried this one is there another 
natural perfume alternative that you really enjoy   leave me a comment down below I am searching and 
otherwise I just use like straight up essential   oils I'll mix them with like a carrier oil I 
just want something that's in a pretty bottle   and makes me feel like I'm part of the perfume 
party too a mini photo printer I think this is   such a great gift idea I mean how many parents 
have so many photos of their kids their dogs   that are just never printed they're always just 
digital and that's great but also it's nice to   see them in person and have them around the house 
and sometimes just going and getting everything   printed seems like a really big task I think this 
is a really fun gift idea and it's taking those   digital memories on our phones or devices and 
turning them into tangible images that we can put   around our house and really enjoy an oil diffuser 
these are great for so many reasons a they're   really cute and just kind of part of your decor 
in your house I have so many scattered throughout   they all look different you wouldn't even know 
some of them are an oil diffuser like if you just   saw this not on you would just think it's a nice 
little geometric shape you wouldn't actually know   it has a functional purpose I love oil diffusers 
because not only do they just really add to the   atmosphere and feeling in your home like even 
if you're just diffusing water and you have that   steam coming up it's you know hydrating the air 
especially in the winter time when things are a   little bit more dry it's kind of like a humidifier 
it's not as strong but what I really love is   adding essential oils to it which is the purpose 
of an oil diffuser you are diffusing it there's no   heat it's just diffusing the oils into the air for 
many reasons a it smells nice it's non-toxic it   can help with immune boosting for cleaning the air 
just for positive mood and energy and it's very   uplifting when you can just walk around your house 
and smell all the delicious scents that are coming   from your oil diffuser I have lots of scents that 
I use throughout the year right now I'm loving   more of the warm sweet scents like cinnamon 
and orange vanilla and I'm just a diffusing   junkie and I have one in every room in my house 
I think this is a great gift idea there's so many   different styles that you can get and you can get 
something that matches the home to the person that   you're buying it for I did not know I needed this 
until I saw it it's a towel warmer oh my goodness   this is on my wish list this is something that is 
going to be so handy come Colder Weather we have   snow coming this weekend and we are in official 
winter mode over here I just think this is a great   gift idea it's bringing that Spa Cottage Vibe into 
your home you don't have to live in this Mansion   to have something so luxurious as a towel warmer 
this is something that you can just have in your   bathroom plugged in pop in a towel before you go 
into the shower and when you come out you're gonna   have a toasty warm towel and I just think there 
is nothing better like when I get towels that come   fresh out of the dryer I'm like yes and it rarely 
happens and now you can make it happen every time   you take a shower I already have this on my list 
for some people in my life and I think it's a   really fun unique idea to give to someone clothing 
but not just any clothing you can get some fun   print ideas like these Mama sweaters Matt also 
has a Dada one that matches and then sage has one   too these are like a fun gift idea for the whole 
family and they're really really cozy they come in   so many different styles I got these from a Etsy 
shop and she makes really fun colors Styles and   prints and stuff and you can customize like if you 
want like different colored writing or if you want   it small and they're really cozy sweaters they 
last a long time and they have little matching   sets for your little ones as well they have little 
like short and t-shirt set onesies and they're   just so stinking cute I wear this all the time 
it's like part of my weekly mommy capsule wardrobe   and I thought I would give it a shout out because 
I think they're really awesome and a fun gift idea   because it looks a little bit more personalized 
than just like a straight up sweater that was a   lot of stuff I hope you guys got some good ideas 
for your holiday gift shopping this year also   don't forget to check out osia and their holiday 
sets and products this year save some money great   gift ideas use my code Nicole's gift guide to 
get an additional 10 off the amazing deals that   they're already having I'm probably gonna stock 
up myself and also leave me a comment down below   which item you are most excited about which one 
were you like that is a great idea I'm adding   that to my list I'm really curious or if there's 
something that you think should have been on this   list also leave me a comment down below because I 
am not done my Christmas shopping I have a lot of   moms on my list and I definitely need some help 
so thank you so much for watching subscribe if   you are new here I post here every single week I 
have more holiday inspired videos to come happy   holiday season thank you so much for watching and 
I will see you in the next one bye guys foreign



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