Our life is like a tree. The tree of our life What does the tree of our life consist of? Our family, our work, our relationships Our social work, our relatives, our friends Our responsibilities, our country, our world It is the tree of our life. What is the seed of our life? Where is the seed of this tree? This is the tree. Where is its seed? The seed is here. Why? Because our every thought Let us finalize this today Because we need to use it throughout the day. What is the power of our every thought? Every thought I create Where does it first influence? I feel that way. Whatever is the quality of our thought, our feeling will be of the same quality. If I create a thought as wonderful person I will feel good.

But the moment I create a thought as irritating person We will not get a good feeling inside. So if any day you sense as – I am feeling low You only need to check what thoughts you were creating. So first is that my thought will affect my feeling. So second, where will it affect? Since the mind is here the first effect will also be here. Secondly, where will the energy radiate from here? Where will the energy go from here, next? Medical Science and doctors have proved it That every thought we create, which is energy That energy goes into every cell of our body. Suppose I think about her that she is a very irritating person. But whose health is getting that energy? Just reflect that in a single day, we create so many thoughts about people – they are very this, very this, very this… Then tell yourself – I thought about them But who did it affect? My body got affected.

By thinking negative about other people, my body gets harmed. And then we say – It is paining here, it is hurting there. But the doctor says even the MRI report doesn't show anything. Yet we say – How is it possible, doctor? I am in so much pain. That pain will not be visible in MRI. Because the pain is created here in the mind. If there is a blockage in the heart or tumor in the body We go to the doctor and they remove them. But they say – Take care. Otherwise it will re-occur and we will need to meet again. Why don't we ask them that once they have removed it from our body Why should it happen again? Once they have removed, it should be finished. Why should happen again? Because they have removed that blockage and tumor from the second stage. This is the second stage of the blockage or tumor. Where was the first stage? Where is the first stage of the blockage? Good, it is from here, in our mind. The doctor cannot remove any blockage from here. Tumor and blockage happen from here first.

Energy is painful here. We have held on to negative, toxic energy here. After many years, the result will show on the body. And then Medical Science can remove the blockage from the body. But who can remove it from the mind? We can remove it. For free. So let us not think wrong about others and spoil our health. Say it once together – From today I will not harm my health with my thoughts. My health is my responsibility. For the sake of my own health, how should I think of other people? Say it with confidence. How should I think about other people for the sake of my own health? What they do is their responsibility. How we think about what they did is our responsibility.

Their Karma creates their health. My thoughts create my health. Why should I allow my knee to pain because of them? I should not allow disease in my body. We think wrong about them but our health is deteriorating We are losing our wealth We are suffering Our family is getting worried because of it. All because of reacting to their Karma. You just see how we connected everything to them. Just because we were thinking about other people. First, my every thought affects my mind. Second, my every thought affects my body. Third, my every thought reaches the person about whom I am thinking. Most of us would have experienced You think of someone and they will also think of you at the same time. How many of you have experienced it? You thought of something and they said the same thing. We say – How did you know that I was about to ask the same thing? Because words are the next level of communication. Even an SMS is the next level of communication.

First level is that our message goes from our mind to their mind. And when the message has to travel from one mind to another mind, even if the other person is in a different country And however far they are How long will it take from a thought to go from one mind to another? It reaches instantly. Communication happens very late through words. Even before that, where does the communication happen? You just create a thought. You just sit here and create a thought right now about someone. And it has reached there. That is why we need to think very carefully. Since childhood we were thought to think and then speak. Parents would tell us – Think before you speak. Think before you act. Spiritual knowledge teaches us – Think before you think. Whether this is worth creating a thought or not. Words are secondary and Karma happens much later. But if you created a thought, the effect has happened.

Why are relationships becoming fragile today? Because we are speaking very sweetly with each other. We write messages also very nicely. Our behaviour is also nice with them. But how are we thinking for each other? No matter how deep the conflict and no matter how many knots (issues) are formed in it If you want to change your relationship Just start changing your thoughts The relationship will change. Suppose I have a beautiful relationship with this sister. It could be a relationship between sisters or relationship between parent-child It could be between husband and wife, or between two colleagues at office.

Suppose everything is going fine. But suddenly for some reason Maybe because of my own insecurity, or my mood is low Or there is a problem at home So I started thinking a little negative. Why did she do like this? Why did she say like this? She should not have done like this. I just created this thought. I did not say anything to her. I only started thinking. A little critical, a little judgemental. a little irritated. My vibration has started reaching her from here. When my vibration starts radiating to her from me Unknowingly, and because she is receiving such energy She will also start creating similar thoughts about me. Why did she do like this? why did she say like that? Today why did she behave this way? Because the energy I throw out to her Is the energy she will absorb. And that is the energy she will start creating Then that energy will start coming to me.

I was thinking a little negative already. And now a little more negative energy came from there, from her. So now what happens to my thought process? It will become a little more negative. It goes out, I get back, I again send out, I again get back… And one day it will not just remain at the level of thoughts. At what level does it come out next? If something happens and one of us say even one word What will happen to the result of that one word? And then we say there is a conflict in this relationship now. It could happen in the closest of relationships. But a conflict arises, a knot. Conflict has happened. Even that is not the problem. There is a solid conflict or knot in relationship between me and her. How can we open this knot now? We need to finish the conflict, how to do it? What vibration should we send now? Pure. Should I send her positive vibration, should she send it to me, or should both of us send? What is the solution? How many of you think I should send to her? How many of you think she should send me? How come? All of you raised your hand that I should send to her.

None of you think she should send me? How many of you feel both of us need to send to each other? Okay, let us check the equation. I sent her negative energy. She absorbed that energy and sent me negative. I absorbed that negative and sent back negative. So a knot got created between us. How did the knot get created? One of us started sending negative energy, so it was created. What is needed to dissolve that knot? Pure, powerful, positive energy which we call as blessings. Between two of us, how many of us need to send this pure energy, in order to dissolve this knot? To create that knot, how many had sent negative energy? One person.

To dissolve that knot, how many need to send positive energy? Just one. Very good. Whoever raised your hand that both of us need to send it There is no need for both of us to send. Otherwise we keep waiting as – Sister, I am ready. Let me know when you are ready to dissolve the conflict. So then we keep waiting that when both of us are fine then the relationship will Heal. No. So one option is over. That both of us need not have to send positive energy to dissolve the Knot. Only one of us had started by sending negative energy. I had sent her. And that created a knot.

Now even if one of a start sending positive energy, that knot will open or dissolve. So who should be that one person? She or me? Between us, should it be me or her? None of you are on my side today. Look at the equation and think. Between two of us, one of us thought negatively and so the knot got created. So if one of us starts thinking nicely, then the knot will open. How does it matter whether that one person is me or it is her? Only one of the two people needs to think right. It is possible that right now I don't even have the power to think nicely. It is possible that my state of mind is so low and I am so sad. Maybe my mind has become so bitter That I just cannot think nice thoughts. Does it mean this relationship will never be fine? We should always remember that it needs only one person to think nicely. It is not necessary that the one who sent negative, only that person should send positive now. Even if one of the two people sends positive energy The knot or conflict cannot survive.

So don't wait for the other person. Who will remove the knots in our relationship? Don't say 'We'. It is a very risky word. Means it requires two people to do it. Who will remove the Knot in the relationship between the two? I will do it. Sure? But suppose they had made a mistake. If they had made a mistake who will remove the Knot? Me. Suppose they make mistakes repeatedly, who will remove the Knot? Me. Even now they have made a mistake. Who will remove the Knot? Me. Why should I do it every time? Give an answer – Why should I do it every time? I will do it every time because I have that Sanskar.

I have the capacity. That is my state of mind. The other person is emotionally ill. Sometimes at home when a few people are ill Other people will take care of them. If tomorrow they fall ill again, once again other people will take care of them. Some people have prolonged illness, like for 5 years or 10 years. Their family members still take care of them. They do not say – You have been ill for so long. Let me also lie down today as though I am ill.

Why is it that only you fall ill always? We don't do that. Our role is to heal each other. Our role is to harmonize relationships. And most important, our role is to take care of our state of mind. Just fix one equation today. Many people ask this question today – How to protect myself from negative energies of people? How many of you have this question – How to protect myself from negative energies of people? Negative energy doesn't mean that doing something wrong.

No. Negative energy means someone is sad, jealous, insecure, dominating, controlling, criticizing This is negative energy. We have a lot of such energies around us. Some of them can be at home, at office, or in the society. If someone is sending negative energy and it is coming to me from around me. I need to counter it. Which means it should not reach me. I need to counter it so, it does not reach me. For negative to not reach me For that how should my energy be? Suppose I am sending you negative energy from here. For it to not reach you For that how should your state of mind be? I am continuously sending you negative energy. To ensure that it does not affect you, how should your state of mind be? How positive should it be? Today take a paper and draw a circle on it using a black pen. And then on top of it draw a circle with the white pen.

And check that, in order to remove the black circle, how many white circles you will need to draw. Maybe you will need to draw at least 5 white circles, to delete the black circle. So if I send negative energy For you to overpower me, how much of positive energy should you send? But if you also start thinking negatively The most negative thought these days is I don't know what is the problem they have with me, I don't know why they are behaving this way with me…

The moment you create this thought What did we do to our frequency? Brought it down. As soon as we bring down our frequency and our vibration It means we have opened our door to negative energy to come and hit us. Come and hit me because now I have brought down my energy. By just hanging a certain photo outside the house, the house won't be protected from negative energy. We just hang that photo and say now my house is safe. How can my house be safe with that? Just by hanging a lemon and chilli, how can a house, vehicle or shop become safe? We need to understand the meaning and intention behind it.

The intention is that No matter how much negative energy someone sends us It cannot have any effect on you If your energy in comparison to their energy is? Many, many times higher. So not for their sake but For our own protection how should we keep our state of mind? Very high. Up there. Yes, please? The knot doesn't get removed? Why not? How did the knot get created? I created negative thoughts. Those thoughts reach them. And then they started thinking negative. Now I am continuously thinking negative. But they are thinking positive And they are creating positive thoughts, almost 5 times more than me. Those positive thoughts will continuously keep reaching me. Who will get protected, first of all? She. Who health will remain protected? Hers. And because of all the positive energy that is coming to me What will it do to my negativity gradually? When two people play tug of war When they pull the rope from either side If the person on one side leaves the rope.

Then the other can only keep playing with that rope alone. Just tell them, you play by yourself with your energy. I don't want to play tug of war with you. Stop playing tug of war with people's energies. Nobody is going to be happy otherwise. Just let go of the rope of their energy. Let them keep playing with it alone..

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