think of taking two squirt guns and shooting them at each other and where they hit there'd be a big plume of liquid where turbulence can evolve and that process allows you to do mixing in a reproducible way that's a crucial element that enables lipid nanoparticles like the mrna vaccines to be made by our technology i would point to the innovation of our work is its broad scale application in a whole bunch of areas and it's really changing the thinking in an area in our case how people look at how you can make nanoparticle drug formulations merck brought us this problem and said they had small rna drugs that they wanted to encapsulate and the process they had for doing that encapsulation you could do it a very small scale that is on a laboratory bench but you couldn't do it in a manufacturable scale our technology allows you to make the same particle at these thousand liter scales and to make exactly the same nanoparticle and most nanoparticle technologies can't do that they fail so that's really exciting for me and the group to have started with a fundamental idea to have nursed it up through connections and collaborations and to see it make an important contribution in you know the field of medicine [Music] you



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