hey guys I'm nisa homey and welcome
back to my channel today I'm sharing a full day thyroid and PCOS friendly meal
plan for weight loss and weight management this diet plan is completely
gluten free and made with easily available inexpensive ingredients and is
customized to suit Indian tastes along with traditional Indian food wisdom it's
a refined sugar and gluten free meal plan and I have already shared many diet
plans and recipes suitable for thyroid and PCOS health you can easily get daily
meal ideas by referring them I am sure this meal plan will give you an idea how
to plan your meals in a healthy and sustainable way with locally sourced
ingredients the healthy fats in the meal will help to keep you feel satiated and
prevents sugar cravings challenge yourself to eat healthy so that you can
manage your health issues with good food habits and exercise so without wasting
much time let's get started those with thyroid must make sure that you have
your medicine as soon as you get up and then after 40 minutes start your day
with fat first turmeric tea and those who prefer coffee can have bulletproof
coffee but a gentle reminder would be to slowly try to reduce coffee and tea I
have already shared a detailed video on fat first turmeric tea and how it helps
to balance hormones thyroid and PCOS health please do check
it out to know more links will be updated at the end of this video or in
the description box below this video fat first turmeric tea will also help to
boost your immunity you can also have it as a pre or post workout drink after
about 1 hour have your breakfast for breakfast I am serving a traditional
fermented rice kanji, fermented rice kanji is naturally fermented and it is
a rich source of probiotics and resistant starch which will help to have
a healthy gut flora healthy gut helps to reduce inflammation removes toxins helps
to absorb nutrients reduce bloating acidity and other digestive issues I
have shared a complete video on resistant starch do check it out to know
how naturally fermented rice kanji helps to manage health issues like thyroid
PCOS and diabetes and also how resistant starch helps in weight loss and overall
health to make the fermented rice kanji you can use any variety of rice if you
have access to kerala red rice also known as Kerala Mata rice you can use
that or else you can use ordinary white rice or any rice variety locally
available it's ideal to give a 12-hour fermentation time so by 8:00 p.m.

night I add some room-temperature water to the
leftover rice that is the rice which I had cooked for lunch after adding enough
water to cover the rice place the lid over it and let it sit overnight
preferably 12 to 13 hours . The claypot will help to regulate the heat which in
turn will help the beneficial bacteria to develop however if you are living in
a hostel or is a bachelor or don't have access to a clay pot use a ceramic bowl
make sure you don't use a tight lid to cover we need some aeration for the
airborne wild yeast to help with the natural fermentation process the next
day morning this is how it looks note that the fermented rice and water is a
good source of gut friendly prebiotics, prebiotics are food for probiotics so do
not reheat the rice moong dal thoran is usually served with this rice kanji
now to make this moong dal Thoran also known as cherupaya parippu thoran in
Malayalam I'm soaking 1 cup green moong dal for about 15 minutes wash and rinse
it thoroughly and then add it into the pressure cooker and add in one and a
half cups of water and pressure cook after the first whistle, put the flame on
the lowest for about 5 minutes and then turn off the flame once the pressure is
released to open the cooker and the dal is
perfectly cooked and all the water has been absorbed to make the coconut mix
into my chutney grinder I'm adding in two garlic cloves 2 green chilies now
green chilies you can adjust to suit your taste
3 shallots and some curry leaves shallots and curry leaves are good source
of iron and folate hence I prefer to use them more in my recipes add in 2 handful
of grated coconut and some turmeric powder coarsely grinded it, heat a pan with
2 TSP coconut oil add in 1/2 TSP mustard seeds 5 shallots sliced 2 to 3 whole red
chillies and some curry leaves lightly sauteed for about a minute or two and
then add in the cooked green moong dal, pink himalayan salt as needed and mix well lastly adding the coarsely ground
coconut mix and mix well and cover and let it sit for about a minute and the
thoran is ready to serve I'm also making a traditional chutney to
go with the rice kanji remember that shallots are also a rich
source of antioxidants so try to use them in your meals and get its benefits
it also helps to boost your immunity into my stone grinder I'm adding in a
handful of shallots 1 green chilly pink Himalayan salt as needed some fresh
curry leaves and I'm coarsely grinding them traditionally piri piri chili or
Birds Eye Chili's also known as kanthari mulaku is used to make this chutney
if you have access to piri piri Chili's you can use them now the reason why I'm
stone grinding is that it helps to preserve the nutrients now to serve into a plate I'm adding in
one and a half ladder full of the rice and some extra water some moong dal
thoran for some added protein, homemade pickle
note that the pickle is made with naturally fermented coconut vinegar and
pink Himalayan salt, add in a teaspoon of the coarsely ground shallots and green
chilli chutney a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt and enjoy the kanji use
your hand to enjoy this traditional Indian food please do check my previous
videos on rice kanji to understand more about its health benefits also remember
portion control and mindfulness is the key to a healthy and sustainable eating
habit as a mid-morning snack have any seasonal fruit of your choice remember
only if you feel hungry you need to snack if you don't feel the need for a
snack you can skip and have lunch for lunch I'm serving a nutrient-dense
gluten-free and probiotic rich meal made with an ancient seed grain known as
buckwheat also known as kuttu ka atta though the name is buckwheat it is not
related to wheat and is completely gluten free and easily available across
the country into a bowl, I'm adding in 1/2 cup buckwheat flour 1/2 cup tightly
packed grated cucumber which is roughly about 1/4 of a cucumber and in 1/4 inch
grated ginger 1 green chilly chopped 1/3 TSP freshly ground black pepper powder
pink Himalayan salt as needed mix all this and then add some water maybe about
2 to 3 tbsp of water and mix it into a soft dough the dough should be of a
spreadable consistency it should neither be too thick nor too thin divide the
dough into two portions and keep aside heat a cast iron tava and grease it with
gingelly oil reduce the flame to the lowest and place one portion of the
dough and spread it out into a round circle just like roti with wet fingers
that is you need to dip your fingers in water and
spread the dough has thinly as possible remember that cooking in a cast-iron
tava helps in better iron absorption so if you have iron deficiency anemia
please try to cook at least one of your meal in a cast iron cookware for better
iron absorption drizzle in 1/2 TSP Desi Ghee on the sides cover and let it cook
on low flame once done, drizzle little bit of Desi Ghee on top and then flip it
over Desi Ghee helps to assimilate fat soluble vitamins and minerals however if
you are a vegan you can use any locally sourced wood pressed oils like groundnut
oil mustard oil till oil or even coconut oil once the buckwheat chilla is done
remove to a plate and repeat the same with the other dough while the next
chilla is getting done I'm making a kachumber with fermented coconut
vinegar which is a good source of probiotics by now you might have
realized that I am giving at most importance to gut health in this meal

Into a bowl I'm adding in some grated cucumber, chopped carrots, green
chillies, and pink Himalayan salt add in 1 tablespoon homemade coconut vinegar or
you can use apple cider vinegar this probiotic salad will help in maintaining
good gut health I have already shared how to make
homemade coconut vinegar you can check it out on my channel or you can search
YouTube with my channels name serve the chilla
with any side dish of your choice and the kachumber you can see how soft the
chilla is now if you are working you can pack this for office lunch the grated
cucumber will help to hold together the buckwheat flour as it does not have any
gluten and that also makes this chilla very soft so it's an ideal meal to pack
as an office lunch as a post lunch snack have a dry fruits ladoo do check the
recipe of dry fruits ladoo i have already shared the sugar free dry fruits
ladoo recipe please do check it out dinner should be had by around
6:30 – 7 .00 p.m.

so that you can get a minimum 12 our fasting window for dinner have
this light and filling nourishing vegetable oats soap the recipe is already
shared on my channel remember to drink plenty of water all throughout the day
make sure the oats you are using is gluten free along with good eating
habits exercise and by avoiding refined products you can manage your health
issues to a good extent so guys I hope this sample meal plan will give you an
idea how to plan your meals do watch my previous meal plans for more ideas thank
you for watching and until next time take care bye bye.



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