I’m always excited about
coming to work in the morning because I really like
to talk to the patients and hear their stories. I like to hear about their life. So, I’m excited to learn about, different things about patients. I like internal medicine
because I wanted to treat basically adults and older. I do hospital medicine as
well, and so internal medicine allows me to do all those
different branches of medicine.

You have lots of physicians
that you work with. So you never feel like you’re alone. So you can consult with those
other physicians about your patient and your patient population. And so you have a good
internal referral base. My advice to patients is, of
course, to take their medications if you’re on medications. Follow up with your doctor’s appointments. I always encourage healthy
eating and exercise. When I meet with a patient, I try to find out what their goals are. And so our goals are basically the same. Maintain their health or
improve their health or get to whatever goal they want to get to. That’s my job..



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