♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – Hi folks, I'm Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We are the most famous
physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – Today we're gonna go over the top five non-drug remedies for seasonal allergies. So this affects a lot of people, a lot of people in my
family, wife, children. Itchy eyes, red eyes, itchy skin, wheezy, watery eyes, hives,
sinus congestion, coughing. – The list goes on.
– You know the list, yeah. – And as a therapist if you have a patient that's unable to breathe well and all these things are going on. – You can't function. – You can not get much therapy done. – Right. – So it's nice to have some
advice on where they can go to get some dependable. – That sounds good, Brad,
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and what happens is you actually get two little slant boards, they're out of foam,
nice, high-quality foam, and you can stretch your heel
cord and your calf muscles. – [Brad] Oh yeah. – [Bob] And you can do it
even while you're using it at a standing table. – [Brad] All right, you gonna
talk about your wife again? – I was gonna. – Go ahead (laughs). – Well, so my wife uses it when
she uses her standing desk.

– [Brad] At her, while
she work on the computer. – When she's working
on the computer, yeah. It's just nice and comfortable. All right, so obviously
with seasonal allergies you can also use medications, but we're not big on medications. I mean if you can avoid 'em. – Right, we prefer the alternative. – And there's side effects, you know, the medications can make you sleepy, they can give you dry mouth, and they can cause frequent urination. – Yeah, it drags out. – Yeah, so these are the natural methods, and we've got five of them. So let's start with number one. Number one, keep your
home and vehicle clean. Pollen comes in through
windows and doorways, you need to dust, vacuum,
and mop frequently. Now this is the point I want you to pay attention to, though. A lot of vacuum cleaners
say that they are HEPA, that they have basically high-efficiency particulate
air vacuum cleaners.

– The filter, they filter the dust. – The filter that's
right, but they aren't. They're using a HEPA
bag, or a HEPA filter, but it's not a HEPA vacuum cleaner. So you gotta make sure when
you buy one that it is. 'Cause that'll take out
99.97% of the allergens. – Oh, wow. – So, yeah. – It's considerable. – My daughter said also
make sure you don't vacuum right before bed in your bedroom
because it knocks stuff– – And she's pretty sensitive to allergies. – She's very sensitive to allergies, yeah. She's the queen of allergies, and my wife is probably the
super queen of allergies. So number two, change the air filters on your home furnace or A/C, but don't buy the inexpensive ones. You're also gonna want to
buy HEPA filters for those. – They cost a little bit more.
– They do. – Maybe two or three times as much, but it's still not a big cost. – But it's gonna be worth
it because, you know, you can take the air and
clean air, it's gonna, thus taking less of those allergens in.

– I know one thing we did
when we changed our floors, we had carpet, we just
put the hard floors in. – Yeah, that's a good idea. – Just get rid of that carpet. It's amazing when you tear it up, everything that's stuck under that carpet. – Right, right, it's not good. You don't always want to know. Number three, wash the bedding,
you know, quite frequently because it's gonna reduce allergies. – Yeah, when I was single
I washed it once a year whether it needed it or not. – Oh I don't even know if I washed it once a year when I was single! I didn't even know you did that! – Well, Bob, I was kinda, I was picky. – Yeah, well, good for you. Number four, this is one, you
should buy a HEPA air filter. Now we've got kind of an
interesting story here, because we were given an air,
I'm sorry, an air purifier.

– Right. – A HEPA air purifier. We were given one by another company, and we were not impressed. – Yeah, and it, it moved air. I don't know that the filter did anything. – So Renpho, R-E-N-P-H-O,
sent us this one, and we've been very
impressed with this one. So I had the people that actually
have allergies try these. – Your wife and your daughter? – Right, my daughter doesn't
live with us any more, she's married, and she's
got a bunch of pets, I don't know, like a
million cats and dogs, but anyway she's got a lot of pets, but she said this thing works fantastic. In fact, one night she didn't
realize it got unplugged, and she was wondering why
she had such a bad night.

She has it in her bedroom. And she woke up the next
morning and found out it had been unplugged, that's why. – So it's relatively quiet. – Yes, although it's got settings, you know, the speed settings. The setting we're on right
now if we put it on auto, this is the speed setting, now you're not gonna be able to see these, you're just gonna have to take
my word for it, all right. What it does is really cool, if it feels more allergens in the air, it picks up the speed
just for a little while, and then it goes back down again.

Now you probably can't
see this, maybe you can. It actually has a color in the ears, it looks like Minnie Mouse
or something like that, doesn't it? A mouse ears or cat ears?
– Yeah, a little bit. Minnie Mouse with trimmed ears. – So it's on yellow right now, which means there's three settings. And blue means that it's
good, that the good air, yellow is fair, and then red is bad. So and I saw ours at our house, it was going red, yellow, and then– – Okay, so it's a visual indicator.

– Yeah, it's really kinda cool. This one seems to be staying at yellow, so it's fair, it's not good. This thing covers like 300 square feet, so this wouldn't cover this room. – No, you know you figure that's the size of an average bedroom I would say. – Yeah, and you can
lock it so that the kids can't mess with the settings. While we're, I'm gonna turn it off, Brad, do you want to show all the
filters this thing's got? – Sure, go ahead, yeah. – So this has got four filters, and the first one is
a washable pre-filter. That'd be this one. – Needs to be washed too, look at that. – Yeah it does need to be washed. Then there's a charcoal
filter, got that one. And there's an activated carbon filter – That one's a little more heavy duty. – Yeah, substantial. – Yeah, you can see the
carbon in there, yeah. – And then the final
one is the HEPA filter. You can see this one's
a lot more substantial.

You can see here. And so, there's an
indicator on the top here as to the four filters,
and if a light comes on, it means either that filter
needs to be replaced, or it needs to be cleaned. So this device is 159 bucks, but Brad, it had almost
five stars for 69 reviews, at 4.9 stars I think there was one person that complained about
something, but I don't– – Sure, well, there's always one. – There's always one, yeah. – That's pretty strong. – My daughter definitely wants it back after we do the review. My wife was gonna try, but my daughter has it worse than she does, so I think she'll be a good mom. – Well Bob just break out that wallet and buy your wife one, would ya? – Oh God, that just hurts me to do so. So, all right, so yeah,
the thing I noticed with my wife is she's sneezing less. My wife's got this thing is that when, while you're working on
this I thought I'd talk yet.

– Go ahead Bob. – Well she's got this thing
that she gets really upset if you don't say bless
you after she sneezes. – Well you really should. – So she'll sneeze and I go, bless you, then she keeps sneezing,
she sneezes four more times, and I was like, should I say
bless you after each one? – Do you have to? – No, I say one and she
seems to be fine with that. – She's okay, well that's good. You know it wouldn't be
bad to do all of them, Bob.

– Bless you, bless you. Okay, we got into a tangent. The final thing, you
really want to actually reduce the clutter in your house. Because everything that you have in the house can collect dust, allergen dust. And so if you're having
to clean all these things you're often not gonna do it, and then what's gonna happen? You're gonna have more
allergens in the house and you're gonna have more problems.

Finally got that together, Brad? – Yeah. – There we go. – Oh, there we go.
– Look at our, yeah, that was a purple color there now. And now it's saying red, now it's blue, and now it's kind of cycling through. – Yeah I think it's checking things out. – So give those things a try and hopefully you can knock down the allergens a little, and not as much symptoms
as you did before. – There you go. – Remember Brad and I can
fix just about anything. – Except for– – Put it right here,
right, a broken heart. – Yeah, there you go. But this isn't gonna help at all. – But we're working on it. – Breathing, but not the heart. – All right, thanks for watching..



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