this video is about the top remedies for a uti 
updated i had an older video on this topic but i   wanted to update it with some new information 
a uti stands for urinary tract infection   and this can be in the lower part as in a 
bladder infection or the upper part which   could be more of a kidney infection now the most 
common pathogen that's involved with these utis   is e coli now normally in our bodies e coli 
is not harmful okay it's neutral it lives in   our body and it doesn't create any problem 
so what would make this e coli unfriendly   and the answer to that would be the environment 
okay that it lives in so let's go through the   different things that can change the environment 
for this microbe and there's other microbes too   mainly bacteria that can turn more pathogenic 
and create this problem number one having high   glucose so if you're diabetic you're at a higher 
risk than someone that doesn't have diabetes   because all this sugar changes the environment 
and it feeds a lot of the pathogens especially   funguses yeast and candida okay which can 
also create a uti so based on that you'd want   to definitely cut out the sugar if you have 
an uti next point is high estrogen okay now   this can occur when someone's pregnant or they're 
ovulating there's a higher chance of getting a uti   during ovulation and when you're pregnant because 
of this estrogen okay so there's definitely a   shift of estrogen that can affect your immune 
system and also going the other way too because   if your estrogen is lower okay that can alter 
the um the barrier the like the vaginal flora   the good bacteria that's supposed to protect you 
and this is why women that are post menopausal   have a higher risk of getting utis as well so 
estrogen too high or too low can be a problem now   the other thing is antibiotics especially can ally 
antibiotics kill off not just the good but the bad   and then these pathogenic bacteria get pissed 
off and then they start to create problems and   inflammation and infection and also funguses and 
candida because antibiotics don't kill the fungus   and the yeast so they live they just you just kill 
all the bacteria so now we have this overgrowth   it can create a situation and especially 
if you have to take frequent antibiotics   and you develop this resistance to antibiotics and 
then they don't work anymore and now you have utis   very very often so it's not the best long term 
solution now intercourse can also be a problem   with cross contamination and then catheters 
can also increase your risk of getting a uti   so let me just tell you some really good remedies 
that you can use for a uti so the first remnant   is called buchu this is probably one of the best 
things you can take for uti it's stood the test   of time it's been around for a very very long 
time it's highly anti-microbial it's anti-at   in other words it prevents the bacteria from 
attaching it's been shown to decrease the risk of   getting infection in the bladder and the prostate 
and the urethra and on top of that it's a natural   diuretic okay next one is cranberry this one is 
also anti-adhesive and it prevents the bacteria   from accumulating on the inside of the bladder and 
the other ducts and it can also inhibit biofilms   which tend to accumulate in the bladder and the 
kidney and the connections then you have uva ursi   which can act as a natural diuretic and the next 
one is juniper which is a great antimicrobial   for the bladder as well as a kidney and the 
last two things which are not herbal remedies   but they're highly recommended number one 
doing fasting fasting is probably one of the   most potent things to help your immune system 
really fast just stop eating for a while maybe   a whole day maybe two days and you will probably 
see great improvements in your immune system   and then also like i just mentioned previously 
cut out the carbs go on a low sugar diet because   that's what feeds these pathogens so 
we want to starve them off especially   if it's a yeast infection a candida infection or 
a fungal infection all right thanks for watching   hey before you go if you're benefiting 
from any of my content i would love   to hear about your success story 
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