hey there my name is Wendy and I'm the
worker health and safety key performance indicator TSC created me to make sure
that retailers know the percentage of their suppliers who take measures to
ensure the health and safety of their employees on the job every year with the
help of TSE researchers and members I get better at what I do
I like to think that I am a unique and very important KPI in fact back in 2008
when the first TSC researchers began researching sustainability hotspots in
product supply chains they noticed that worker health and safety was a hot spot
in nearly every product category that's because every product that we buy or
consume is built sewn grown or picked by real people who may work in faraway
countries and we may not know much about the quality of their work environment or
their workplaces illness and injury rates when researchers realized this
they made me one of the ten common KPIs to be included in every product category
toolkit I have grown a lot since I was first created when I was a young KPI I
asked for qualitative descriptions about worker health and safety initiatives on
farms and in factories the answers I received were sometimes ambiguous
inconsistent and not very detailed TSC realized that this was not the most
effective way for me to measure worker health and safety so they wanted to make
me more quantitative this shift involved lots of collaboration among TSC
researchers the implementation team and members after several months of
discussion they gave me a makeover now instead of just asking for descriptions
of how suppliers support worker health and safety I asked what are the outcomes
of your verifiable worker health and safety risk assessments performed in
your operations this results in more standardised information that retailers
can use it also avoids implying bias against how a company is approaching
worker health and safety and focuses more on what the results of their
actions are I was one of many kpi's who went through this change but even now
I'm not done improving just about every two years
TSC researchers meet to analyze how I and other KPIs
could be better at our jobs and provide the most value to retailers and their
supply chains after suppliers answer me each year they may decide to take
actions to improve the working conditions of their employees so that
they can report an improved score for next year in this way I can have a real
impact on the lives of people growing products that are sold to people like
you making their work environment safer and more secure

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