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In this video I am going to share with You sample Vegetarian Meal Plan for Fat loss This meal plan consists of 2000 calories in which Carbohydrates 200 grams, protein 120 grams and fats 80 grams If you want to know how I have calculated these calories And micronutrients then go and watch this video From the description I will provides link below In this video I have exactly shown you how you can Manage to count your own nutrients and calories according to your own weight easily So when you do that you can easily customize this meal plan according to that Before starting this I have kept in mind 3 things Firstly, this plan will be budget friendly Secondly, all these meals are easy to prepare And thirdly, this plan is designed for you Completely with the balanced nutrition Means in this meal your Carbohydrates, proteins, fats And even your vitamins and minerals balanced has been properly done Now before I further proceed, you need to take care of these 3 things First of all, when you are going to design any meal plan for yourself It must contain 3 main meals particularly consisting of Leucine content 2 to 3 grams in every meal Because Leucine helps in muscle protein synthesis Muscle protein synthesis means to make new muscle or to protect the old muscles And if you can save the old muscle or make new muscle Then it will keep your Metabolism high And it can also maximize your fat loss and can make it fast Secondly, if you are a person who can't manage to prepare their meal Or don't have enough time because of job or being a student So you can prepare your meals earlier Before waking up 1 hour earlier or at night you can Prepare And store it in the refrigerator Thirdly, if you are going to cook any food ingredients Please do measure it on a food measuring scale Because if you are not traping your food so you won't be aware Of how much food you are consuming in And that's the mistake people commit Either they eat in high quantity or low And that doesn't give them proper results So always start measuring your food using a food measuring scale Now these things are clear So let's go to the first meal The first meal is breakfast and in breakfast we will prepare an easy meal Firstly we have 40 grams of oats mean oatmeal Oats are a good source of complex Carbohydrates That helps in controlling blood sugar level And it gives you sustain amount of energy throughout the day Also it is anti-inflammatory And if you don't want to use oats you can go with Porridge means Daliya Now with oats we are going to use one protein source That is one scoop of whey protein concentrate or whey protein isolate Whey protein is a good source of Leucine And as I told you Leucine amount should be 2 to 3 grams In your every single meal taken 3 times a day.

Leucine helps in muscle protein synthesis And you can use any good brand whey protein isolate Or whey protein that will help you complete your whey protein content And that is also very convenient to use Now, the next thing is peanut butter Again it is a convenient source of saturated and Unsaturated fats and it is also a decent source of protein And it also gives you decent taste in your oat meal Or Porridge whatever you use And then we have 200 ml of milk and again It is a decent source of protein And it's a decent source of carbs And the mixture of oat meal, whey protein and peanut butter Tastes so good with milk If you are using a fat loss program then I would recommend You to use low fat milk And the meal that we have prepared is so easy to prepare Take oat meal in a pan, pour 200 ml milk in it And boil it for 3 to 4 minutes After boiling leave it for a minute And then add whey protein and peanut butter and mix them well And now it is ready to be consumed Now let's go to the second meal Now the next meal is Lunch
In lunch we are going to use Very simple Indian meal Here we have a source of Carbohydrates That is 2 tortillas (Chappati) Or 200 grams of cooked rice These both are the good source of Carbohydrates That provides your body with energy throughout the day Helps you provide with the energy in your workouts too And with this we are going to use one bowl of split grains Or lentils or pulses like rajma, chickpeas or grams,etc And the combination of both the tortillas and pulse Or rice and the pulse.

These combinations are excellent because It provides you with the complete amino acid profile Why? Because these lentils and pulses like grams consist of Amino acid methionine that lacks But tortillas and rice consists of methionine in good quantity So these together make a good profile of Amino acid After this we have additional source of protein That is 50 grams of cooked tofu You can make vegetable of it or if can eat raw you can try for it So this is a decent source of protein for you And with this we have 50 grams of paneer again We have prepared vegetables of paneer with using little oil And this paneer is a decent source of protein and it is Also a decent source of fats and it also contain saturated fats That helps in making testosterone and it helps in the conservation of muscles And useful to fasten the fat loss process With this we will use monosaturated fats that is Extra virgin olive oil and here we will use one spoon extra virgin olive oil Because monounsaturated fats are also necessary Many vitamins and minerals in our body is absorbed Because of fats and monounsaturated fats are very good for your heart health also In this we have to include supplements also And that is a multivitamin
HK Vitals Many people ask me that sir do we require multivitamins or not? Remember one thing that when you are losing fat So during fat loss you are in a calorie deficit it means that The energy you are providing to your body is less than that you are burning And this doesn't only apply to macronutrients but also to micronutrients And if you don't take care of these micronutrients and don't provide sufficiently So it will result in deficiency of these Like your body may lack in vitamins or minerals And that results in less energy , stamina, motivation to workout in the gym And overall it may affect your Metabolism in a negative way That's the reason i always suggest that if you are in a fat loss program Or want to go for a long time so use a multivitamin A good multivitamin as an insurance policy that you don't have any deficiency And here I would like to introduce HK Vitals multivitamin which is a budget friendly And a very good source of multivitamin Because it consists of good balance of various vitamins and minerals That will help you in your fat loss goals or normal fitness goals It will help you in any kind of deficiency I will provide you link in the description that you can checkout So let's move to our 3rd meal Now the next meal is our pre workout meal And in this we will use Carbohydrates sources as fruits So you can use half banana and half apple We will use them in a bowl And these fruits are great pre-workout snacks or great pre-workout meals for you Because they are good in Carbohydrates And they help in the replenishment of liver glycogen Means while you are doing a workout your muscle glycogen deplete So this liver glycogen that you are replenishing helps you in extending your workout With this we will be using Yogurt Which is a Good source of pro biotics Not just pro biotics it is also a decent source of protein That helps you maintain Amino acid profile and blood levels You will be using 150 to 200 grams of yogurts With this you can use 1/2 table spoon of honey to make it more tasty That will again help to replenish your glycogen level If you want to prepare proper meal
So take a bowl And cut half banana and half apple Pour them with yogurt and half table spoon of honey and mix it well And you will have your pre workout meal ready Now let's move on to next meal Now you are done with your workout after that you want to Provide your body with a good Leucine content And to provide with Leucine content, convenient way for Vegetarian source is whey protein concern or whey protein isolate And you will consume it within 1 or 2 hours after your workout When you do workout curl you go in a catabolic stage And after that you would like to help recover your body And in that this Leucine content will help you in reduce in your muscle protein synthesis Means it will help you in repairing your muscles or to maintain them So it is important that you take a meal after your workout which Is good in Leucine content and this is a great meal Or snack for that So let's move on to last meal and that is dinner Now it's turn for our last meal of the day that is dinner And here we are going to use proper post workout meal Here we have 2 tortillas Or you can use 200 grams of cooked rice As source of your Carbohydrates or you can use 1 tortilla or 100 grams of rice Here we will combine this with one bowl of pulse Or any lentil You can use any pulses chickpeas, rajma, So these things complement each other and build up Complete amino acid profile With this we will use protein source and that is 25 grams of Soya chunks that 25 grams of Soya chunks are uncooked weight If you boil it the weight may differ So these Soya chunks are good source of protein Many people may ask that sir using Soya may increase in estrogen So it is wrong If we consume it in limited amount it won't create any problem in our body With this we have 50 grams of paneer Cooked as a vegetable using small quantity of coconut oil or Mustard oil if you cook all these items using small quantity of coconut oil Or mustard oil it won't result in any loss This paneer again it is a good source of protein And it is a decent source of fats especially the saturated fats That helps in building up testosterone And we will also use a source of monounsaturated fats And that is 1 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil That helps in absorbing vitamins and minerals And also regulate many activities in your Metabolism With this meal we will use a bowl of salad You can use cucumber, broccoli, lettuce And that will give you all the micro nutrients and the vitamins and the minerals That your body requires and that will provide you with the alkaline effect to the ones who consume vegetables or green leafy vegetables And helps in maintaining balance between acidic and akaline So I hope guys that you have learned something new This solves your problem of Vegetarian fat loss diet plan Please tell me in the comments below what would you like to see
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