Good morning, everybody, and welcome back to 
VG Myths: the online internet video game TV   show taking zero steps forward and two steps 
up. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the long-awaited   sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog 3, featuring 
even more momentum platforming action,   aided by the age-old momentum gaining strategy 
of holding right to win. But what if you're   terrible at winning? Can You Beat Sonic the 
Hedgehog 2 Without Pressing Right or Left? The rules are simple: we must beat the game, 
from start to finish, without ever giving a Right   or Left directional input. This is only 
vaguely theoretically feasible with the   roughest of the rest of them, Knuckles, thanks 
to his abilities to glide through the air,   climb up and down walls, and very importantly 
reverse direction by jumping off walls.   He'll be our player character of 
choice. And, for obvious reasons,   cheat codes and save states are banned. With 
the rules set… we're nowhere CLOSE to getting   this run started! Cuz, I don't know if you 
know this, it's kind of a well-kept secret,   but in order to play video games, it's incredibly 
important to actually have a video game.

Let's head back through the time vortex to 
September of 2018, when I sucked and failed at   the Sonic 3 No Right Run. We did that run on what 
at the time was the most easily accessible version   of the game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles on the Sega Mega 
Drive and Genesis Classics collection on PC.   Being on PC, custom button remapping was 
incredibly easy, allowing me to remove Left   and Right from my controller's d-pad entirely. 
The moment that run was over I naturally looked   into doing the same thing in Sonic the Hedgehog 
2, but alas, Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics   includes Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and ONLY Sonic the 
Hedgehog 2. Knuckles is only playable in a special   "Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 2" 
variant, originally by locking on a Sonic 2 cart   to a Sonic & Knuckles cart.

While vanilla Sonic 2 
has been thrown around on basically every platform   at some point, this version of the game has gotten 
comparatively few official releases. In 2018,   the two most accessible Sonic 2 & Knuckles 
releases were via Sonic Mega Collection from   several console generations prior and the Xbox 
Live Arcade, both of which I owned. Sadly, these   two versions are nonviable for this challenge. The 
controller options of both releases only allow the   remapping of buttons and not directional input. 
Without the ability to unmap left and right,   the d-pads and control sticks of these controllers 
would make accidental diagonal inputs too easy,   putting the entire run at risk every time you need 
to press up or down, which is often.

Of course,   I could have gotten around this easily by sailing 
the seven seas, but for VG Myths I try to do every   run on an official release of the game on official 
hardware. With a Sonic 2 & Knuckles run nonviable,   I bided my time: surely one day Sonic 2 & 
Knuckles would see the light of day again,   on a modern platform with an options menu that 
trusts me enough to make the game unplayable.   And as you're probably already aware, on 
June 22nd, 2022, Sonic Origins, with Knuckles   playable in Sonic 2 was released on all modern 
platforms, including PC! We can't use it! Sure,   there's an actual genuine options menu, which 
features some of the best remapping options in   the industry which is impressive considering these 
games are played with one button, but there's   another problem.

Sonic Origins' versions of these 
games are all remakes, rather than emulations or   ports of the originals. The nitty-gritty physics 
and gameplay of these games isn't exactly 1:1,   including one very, VERY particularly important 
detail. On the original Genesis and Mega Drive   versions of both Sonic 2 and Sonic 3, if 
you glide into the left edge of the screen,   Knuckles will automatically reverse direction. 
By the time of Sonic Origins, however, the unsung   hero programmer of Sonic Team had apparently 
been fired for wasting company time on the most   inconsequential mechanics, so Knuckles will 
be stuck staring at the edge of the screen.   The automatic reversal is too useful a mechanic 
to leave behind, so Sonic Origins is nonviable for   this challenge. But Sonic Origins DID inspire me 
to stop being lazy for one fraction of an instant   and finally realize I could have done this run two 
years ago! In February 2020, SEGA AGES Sonic the   Hedgehog 2 was released for the Nintendo Switch, 
emulating both Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Knuckles   the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

While many 
releases of the four games in Sonic Origins   were scrubbed from sale in an attempt to make you 
forget they'd have been available far cheaper for   years, SEGA AGES Sonic 2 was spared. At the time 
of the SEGA AGES release, this run would have been   viable thanks to the Switch Joycons featuring 
a segmented D-pad: each direction on the d-pad   is a 100% separate button internally, making 
accidental horizontal input only possible by   literally pressing the wrong button. And shortly 
AFTER the SEGA AGES release, the run became   even viabler with a Switch system update allowing 
for controller customization. Simply swap Left and   Right to the unused shoulder buttons, and you've 
got a D-Pad incapable of horizontal input! Plus,   I didn't actually realize it at the time I did 
the run, but you can also go the extra mile   by remapping the left analog stick to the right 
analog stick, at which point you could chuck your   controller out the window and the run would be 
100% safe.

Anybody outside the window not so much. That said, now that we're ready to get into the 
run, I should probably warn you that chucking your   controller out the window is a realistic risk. Say 
hello once again to Knuckles' insufferable best   friend: the spring. Without horizontal input, 
there's absolutely nothing you can do here:   it is impossible to escape these springs. At 
least, not by doing something. The only way   to continue the game is to sip a latte until the 
stage timer counts one second after 9:59, at which   point Knuckles will die of old age and revive back 
at your most recent checkpoint. It's tempting to   call these moments softlocks, but they're not 
technically true softlocks since you'll be able   to keep playing *eventually*. For the sake 
of accuracy, we'll instead be calling them   lattelocks. Now, you might be thinking: 
Gamerchamp, Gamerchamp, why sip a latte?   Wouldn't it be faster to just reset the game 
and reload your save? Yeah, about that, there's   a very good reason I'm not using save files: 
they don't exist.

Save files weren't invented   until Sonic the Hedgehog 3. If you reset the game, 
you're choosing to go all the way back to Emerald   Hill Zone. And to make the situation even worse: 
not only had save files not been invented yet,   infinite lives hadn't either. Knuckles begins 
the game with only 3 lives. You can collect   more as you play, but obviously our ability to 
collect lives is going to be severely limited.   Lose them all and your game is over. This run 
is FAR more hardcore than Sonic 3 & Knuckles,   with the constant impending risk 
of an end to the entire run.   If you get lattelocked, you're just gonna 
have to bounce around patiently until timeout. Sonic 2 & Knuckles does have one 
huge benefit over Sonic 3, though:   level design is overall a lot simpler, with many 
levels just being a straight shot to the goal.   Even so, I recommend you look up a map for 
every level and follow a path least likely   to end in a lattelock.

The first boss fight is 
pathetic. For all boss fights going forward,   you'll also be happy to know Sonic 2 & Knuckles 
patched in a very useful feature that wasn't   present in vanilla Sonic 2: your ring count is 
remembered at each checkpoint. When you die,   you go back to that checkpoint with 
your ring count restored, so even if   there are no rings after a boss checkpoint, 
you'll still be able to take a few hits.   It's also worth noting once the boss is dead 
you need to be careful tiptoeing your way onto   the capsule.

Unlike the left edge of the screen, 
gliding into the right edge of the screen does   not cause Knuckles to reverse. Have fun sipping 
that victory latte until your inevitable failure. Chemical Plant Act 1 is also mostly a straight 
shot if you keep to the upper paths, but don't   rush for the goal quite so quickly. We're on a 
shopping trip for an infinite supply of Knuckles!   Check out the map: near the end of the level, 
at the top, are three extra life monitors in a   row. Cough cough cough. They're really dumb 
extra life monitors. Really dumb and stupid   and only a dumb stupid idiot would ever think to 
even go after those extra life monitors! Really   absolutely stupid kinda idiot, really. Like the 
kind of idiot that would spend an hour just going   after those over and over, like, using an exploit 
at a friggin' checkpoint. Don't do that! That'd   be really stupid. So, you can actually just like 
go into this spike pit, and like, so what you do   is you wait until yo-you're about to drown, and 
then, when you're about to drown, also you only   have one life, and then you jump in and then 
you drown during your taking damage animation,   and for whatever reason that makes you lose a 
life from drowning but then also lose an extra   life from falling off the bottom of the screen.

you get a game over because you hit 0 lives, but   then also you, you lose a life after 0 lives which 
puts-, which puts you at, at, lowercase y5 lives.   Which is a really big number of lives and so then 
the game is just like "Oh, you actually got a lot   of lives. Nevermind on that game over, y-yeah, 
keep going!" Just like th- the only thing is, uh,   d- j- j- er- prolly die a lot. Prolly die 
a lot a lot becuase if you get extra lives   then you'll be back at 0 lives, which is fine! 
B-Being at 0 lives is fine cuz then if you die   you just go down to lowercase 5y lives again… 
wh-, uh, uhh lowercase y5! Uh, but, like, s-,   but if you go up to 1 life, then you're gonna 
go down to 0 lives when you die and you don't,   you don't wanna, you don't wanna die and have 0 

It's okay to live with 0 lives just don't,   just don't die to 0 lives, and you're good! 
You can do this in Chemical Plant Act 2,   which is like super not even a big deal to get 
to. It is the fourth level, so just do this- *two voices overlap* Oh god, 
I ran out of space, ahahaah! -from here on we're just trying to 
beat the game one level at a time. In Chemical Plant Act 2, we'll have 
to get smart with our pathfinding:   the walls reach all the way up to the top of the 

If you just follow the level's main paths,   they'll all eventually lead you into vacuum tubes, 
ending in lattelock. But if you're at all familiar   with Sonic 2 speedrunning, or just efficient 
casual play, this is a total nonissue. Look at   this area on the level map. If you enter this area 
from the long slope at the beginning of the level,   then Knuckles will treat the horizontal piping 
ahead as a solid object. *But*, later in the   level you're expected to return, passing through 
this gate which only opens from the left side.   Moving through this path hits a trigger 
that makes the horizontal pipe intangile,   allowing Knuckles to instead travel down the 
lower path leading to the rest of the level.   The wall just to the left of that gate is 
actually itself intangible, so simply glide   on in and pass through the gate. The rest of 
the level has no vacuum tubes to worry about.   With our SEVERAL MINUTES plus Chemical Plant visit 
over, we can finally move on to Aquatic Ruin Zone! In Act 1, keep along the top path,   which is almost entirely a straight 
shot with absolutely no hazards.

Oh. In Act 1, keep along the top path, 
which is almost entirely a straight   shot save for this pillar which will 
rise up and lattelock you on approach.   Preemptively jump on the log immediately 
prior for enough height to reliably clear it. In Act 2, the top path is now nonviable: there 
are multiple rising pillars in the way, and while   you can technically clear them, the time risked 
by a lattelock isn't worth it. Instead, try to   stay on the bottom path, which is technically more 
dangerous but only in ways that kill you instantly   rather than agonizingly. Though I will note that 
when I actually got into the run proper I ended   up on the middle path by complete accident 
and bounced around wildly with no idea where   I was going. That strategy is not recommended. 
The boss fight might look like trouble with a   newcomer's eye.

However, a little piece of 
trivia from the Sonic 3 run still applies.   If Knuckles lands on the very edge of a platform 
and does his OH NO ledge leaning animation,   he will, for whatever reason, turn himself to 
face the direction he's leaning. Using this,   you can get yourself on top of the left 
totem, at which point you can spindashes,   which conveniently bounce you back. With Eggman's 
hammer bonked, move on to Casino Night Zone! No- *exhasperated laughter* Keep a map by your side throughout the entirety 
of Casino Night; there are lattelock traps around   every corner. I ended up taking the bottom 
path; the top and middle paths both carry the   risk of falling into this pinball launcher 
pit, which shoots straight into the air   and thus causes a lattelock. The bottom path, 
while littered with lattelocks, is at least   slightly easier to weave through.

Soon you'll 
reach bumper hell, with a cubby offering free   lattes if you're stupid enough to fail the 
dice roll. But I figured out a trick to it:   the bumpers aren't capable of cancelling Knuckles' 
glide, they just bounce him up or down depending   on the angle. That means even if you're 
unlucky enough to glide into that death cubby,   you'll just grab onto the wall and can jump 
out safely. If you clear the cubby and hit   the upper wall, you can make a gliding 
drop onto the blocks, and can-, uh…

Huh. *sip* In Act 2, there are some springs to avoid on the 
bottom path, so I instead took the middle path.   There are a couple springs to look out for in the 
pits below, but eventually you'll bounce into the   boss fight. This is thankfully the easiest 
fight in the game since it's enclosed in   an arena with climbable walls on both sides, and 
was very much not designed with Knuckles in mind. Next up: Hill Top Zone. Act 1 is the 
most linear level seen in the game yet,   with almost nothing that could 
really be called a split path.   Make sure you keep along ground level 
until you reach this loopdeloop:   if you glide above it, you'll encounter a wall 
which cannot be climbed on, thus latteing you. Follow the lower path and you'll eventually reach 
an unavoidable setpiece I'm pretty sure a decently   sized fraction of you have been waiting for: 
possibly the most infamous roadblock in the run.   There's a spring right next to the wall, which, if 
walked over, results in a lattelock.

Unlike most   other instances, we can't just climb the wall: 
there's a hidden hallway we'll climb up into,   which only features a sideways spring at its 
dead end. As I'm sure you're already aware,   this run has been theory crafted in the past, and 
people have found multiple different solutions   to this puzzle. Some said to make a seemingly 
pixel perfect landing on the edge of the cubby.   Doing so properly causes the cieling to push 
you to the left. Problem is this comes with   a ten minute penalty on failure, so while it's 
totally doable if you're doing a segmented run   and can freely reset or load a save state, it's 
completely nonviable in a full run of the game.   Others said to make a properly timed glide onto 
the spring, carrying you through the upper passage   with your momentum. This also comes with a 10 
minute penalty on failure. Thankfully, I managed   to find my own strat.

Climb into the cubby, hit 
the spring, and mash the jump button to start   and end a glide immediately, halting your movement 
within the cubby. Now, perform a 1-tap spindash,   and try to jump right as you're reaching the exit. 
If you fail, there's little risk of a lattelock:   you can quickly turn right back around using 
the far wall and try again. It will definitely   take a few tries, but with a properly timed 
spindash jump you can just barely thread the   needle and get past the upper left wall, which 
you can glide onto and escape from the pit. The rest of the act, and most of Hill 
Top Act 2 feature no special roadblocks.   The one sticking point is the boss fight. Make 
very certain you have rings when hitting the   last checkpoint, there are none to be found 
after and I don't want to imagine how hard   this fight would be without 'em. A totally 
safe strat would be difficult to pull off,   so I instead recommend trying your luck on 
abusing invulnerability frames to mash up   Eggman in the lava.

When he submerges 
you can safely wait for him on the walls.   Once he's beaten, you can climb out of Hill Top 
and drop straight back down into Mystic Cave Zone. Mystic Cave doesn't have all the pretty flashing 
lights of Casino Night, but make no mistake,   it's a rival in latte consumption. The lowerable 
bridges aren't legally walls and thus can't be   climbed on. For most of the stage you can see 
these coming, but watch out near the end of Act 1:   if you fail to resist the temptation and jump down 
for that shield monitor, you'll be locked behind   an upcoming bridge. Also pay special attention 
to the pulleys that activate the bridges.   The game remembers whether Knuckles grabbed them 
while jumping or while grounded. If while jumping,   Knuckles is allowed to glide, no problem, but 
if while grounded, Knuckles will be permanently   stuck on the pulley, holding onto it with one 
hand while sipping a latte with the other.

In Act 2, I kept along the bottom path, mostly 
since that's the simplest. When you reach these   sliding boxes, jump into the middle. It looks 
like a major crushing hazard, but Knuckles will   miraculously be spat out the bottom. When 
the bottom path forces you to turn around,   dive into the first pit, rather than gliding 
across. Continuing past this spring wall   would have put you at risk of running into 
the backside of a bridge. From here you'll   reach Eggman without incident, who can be very 
easily cheesed with your invulnerability frames.

Oil Ocean Zone is a nice change of pace: if you 
just keep following the natural path forward   you should never encounter any trouble and 
won't need to consult a map. Casually propel   yourself to the end of both acts for the fight 
against Eggman. Just before reaching the fight,   however, there's an invincibility monitor to find. 
Turn yourself around on the little ledge ahead,   grab the monitor, about face on the oil slide, 
and run into the boss fight asap.

This will   let you get him most of the way dead without 
any risk. To finish him off, hug one of the   side walls and wait for him to resurface; he's 
completely incapable of attacking you down here. We're now nearing the endgame with Metropolis 
Zone. Paths get really difficult to follow based   on the map since the level loops vertically, but 
when it comes to actually playing there's still   generally a top, middle, and bottom path. In Act 
1, I recommend keeping up top, but be warned that   you can lattelock if you drop into the middle 
path at the wrong time.

Other than that, there   shouldn't be anything to watch out for: blindly 
glide forward through Acts 1, 2, and 3 to reach   the boss fight with Eggman, who requires almost no 
horizontal movement even in a casual playthrough. Sky Chase Zone is a dev-intended 
autoscroller freebie, so the next   real level is Wing Fortress Zone. Wing Fortress 
at first seemed absolutely literally impossible,   until I stumbled upon knowledge that is going to 
blow your friggin' mind. You know those rocket   jets? They're just background decorations, they 
don't actually hurt you. I am 99% certain that   I am the first human being in history to discover 
this fact, because I refuse to believe otherwise.   Less obscure is the cheese trick to skip most 
of the level, which is even easier with Knuckles   than with Sonic or Tails, d-pad or not. Dive 
face-first into this fan near the beginning,   invulnerability frame through it, and bam, you're 
now halfway through the level.

Get a low glide   from the falling platforms to avoid an upper 
air gust and skip the next platforming section,   then continue through the mostly 
uneventful remainder of the level.   Just one note: this cubby is a tight squeeze 
for Knuckles, so tight that he's not legally   allowed to jump once inside. If you can't 
jump, you can't glide; you can only *sip*. Along the way, I highly recommend obtaining almost 
100 rings before touching the final checkpoint.   I didn't manage it myself, but it would ensure 
you won't have to lose any lives during the Wing   Fortress boss. It's fought within two 
laser walls which can't be climbed on,   thus making it impossible to turn around once 
you've moved too far.

Enter the battle with   as little distance as possible. If done right, 
you can leave one or two rings on the ground as   insurance. Juggle yourself on the platforms as 
they fly by while jumping into the boss above.   You won't have enough time to kill it in one 
cycle, but with your invulnerability frames and   some properly timed jumps you can get it in two 
or three. It probably looks really confusing, but   don't worry, the floating platforms have a habit 
of catching you, just focus on hurting the laser. Once the laser is dead, steal Eggman's secret 
Knuckles and jump down to officially enter   the true final battle in Death Egg Zone. All that 
lives grinding we did back an hour ago was almost   entirely to prepare for the Death Egg, in which 
there are exactly 0 rings.

You'll need to defeat   two bosses in a row without getting hit once. The 
first is The Silver Robot Guy Who Looks Like Sonic   Whom We're Giving An Overly Long Name Both As A 
Matter Of Tradition But Also To Poke Subtle Fun   At The Multitude Of Ambiguously Named Metallic 
Hedgehogs. He always follows the same attack   pattern, so get enough hits on him fast enough and 
you can take him out the same way every time. Time   for the double final boss: Death Egg Robot. We 
have to hit him 12 times rather than the usual 8,   and it is absolutely impossible to turn around. 
If you reach the right edge of the screen,   you're dead. His openings for attack are 
small in a normal Knuckles playthrough,   and microscopic without horizontal input, and 
every piece of him that isn't a damageable hitbox   is an instant death hitbox, sending us to the 
beginning of Death Egg Zone. But with Eggman   approaching fast you'll have to throw caution 
out the airlock and jump into him without fear at   every opportunity. Spindash jump into his 
underside as soon as he reaches ground level   and before he starts moving.

You'll be launched 
backwards; jump and glide to position yourself   at a mid distance, and get ready to spindash back 
into his underside right at the moment when both   his arms are passing by the middle of his body. 
The hitboxes are super wonky and unintuitive,   so you'll need to aim a bit lower than 
I personally think looks safe. Do this   perfectly and you'll hit him 4 times before he 
stops moving. At that point, get ready again:   just as he's about to become fully centered, 
spindash into his underside twice in a row.   Note that after landing Knuckles has a winddown 
time before he's allowed to crouch and spindash,   so the timing on that sixth hit is trickier than 
it appears. On that sixth hit allow yourself   to be propelled backward into the edge of the 
screen. Eggman will try to drop on top of you:   wait for him to lock on, then glide forward just 
a little bit.

When he lands, jump into him twice,   and quickly make your escape with the tiniest baby 
step possible, jumping over both arms right before   they're fired. Since Eggman always locks on to us 
when falling, we're edging closer and closer to   the right edge of the screen to get away from him. 
You're going to lose a lot of lives undershooting   your mark here, but overshooting your mark is just 
as deadly. On this first escape, you want to aim   Knuckles so his sprite is fully contained within 
the background window. On the second lock-on,   get two more hits in as Eggman lands and proceed 
forward. This is going to be a huge baby step,   since Eggman is now walking forward towards us. 
Keep in mind that there's a little bit of room   where Knuckles' sprite can overlap with Death Egg 
Robot's boot without actually touching its hitbox.   Every pixel counts, so you're gonna want that 
overlap to happen.

With Death Egg Robot now at   2 HP and victory within reach, it's time for the 
absolute hardest trick in the entire friggin'   run. When Eggman lands, he'll be facing the left 
and lunge forward. This drops his jetpack down   and forward, whose flame has a damaging hitbox 
that will hit us if we're still standing close,   and on top of that he fires some bombs behind 
that will hit us if we're standing too far.   But just to the left of his jetpack is Eggman's 
barely accessible eggbutt.

We can hit this as he   falls but then we have to dodge the approaching 
jetpack. To do this, as you're falling from the   previous attack, just barely tap the glide button. 
This is an incredibly precise timing window both   on the initial jump and the glide: so precise, I 
can't even do it by sight, I just press the button   like I think I'm supposed to and hope the screen 
reflects what I'm envisioning. If done exactly   correctly, you'll be far enough to the right to 
dodge the jetpack AND far enough to the left that   the first set of bombs won't touch you. The SECOND 
set of bombs, though, absolutely will. Just as   Death Egg Robot leans forward to fire that second 
set, jump in the air and glide forward, again with   the smallest possible baby step in the hopes you 
just barely scrape past the bombs' hitboxes. If   you sufficiently minmaxed all prior baby steps, 
when Eggman locks on a fourth time you'll have   just barely enough space to edge past his feet. 
For this final jump, the timing doesn't need to   be as precise, since all his hitboxes disappear 
the moment his HP reaches zero.

With Knuckles   getting his revenge against Eggman for crashing 
the Death Egg onto Angel Island by dropping the   Death Egg out of orbit, the Sonic 2 & Knuckles 
Hold Right To Lose Run is Mission Complete! In retrospect, this just might 
be the most uniquely sadistic VG   Myths run ever. I heavily 
recommend it to all your friends,   though please avoid if you're 
worried about your caffeine intake. Before heading out, shoutout 
to Youtuber Billehbawb, who,   as previously mentioned made a video 
about the same challenge a few years back,   which I definitely must note I did 
watch before doing the run myself,   which probably shaved a couple hours I would 
have spent trying to figure out Death Egg Robot. And finally, special thanks to 
all Patreon backers including: Let me know how much this video sucks 
and how to improve in the comments below.   Your favorite flavor of latte for 
watching, and get out of my house!.



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